Race Vulcans
PC Catagory General
Homeworld Vulcan
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Vulcans Spock, Sarek

Playable Race: Yes
Federation Member: Founding Race

Personality: Vulcans suppress their emotions is favor of a rigidly logical
approach to life. They frown upon displaying or relying on emotion. They
often have difficulty relating to emotional species.

Physical Description: Vulcans have the same average height and weight as
Humans. Their eyebrows possess a distinctive upward slant, and their ears
have points. Their skin tones range from olive to dark brown, in part because
of the green cast provided by their copper-based blood.

Homeworld: Vulcan, the second of six planets orbiting Vulcanis A (40 Eridani
A), a harsh, desert world of scorched plains, rough mountain ranges, and stark

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Vulcan Culture: The Vulcans possess a sophisticated, ancient culture with
customs dictated by their devotion to logic. Vulcan art forms are formal and
precise, intended not to evoke an emotional response but to stimulate thought
or help induce a meditative mindset.

Vulcans also enjoy strategy games, formal debates, and similar activities. A
Vulcan must apply logic to all situations he encounters and never give in to
emotion (including violent emotions). If he fails, he suffers the scorn of
other Vulcans.

Vulcans see violence as a waste of resources, time, and lives, and therefore
illogical. If a Vulcan practices a martial art, he does so to hone his
physique and discipline his mind. Above all else, Vulcans value peace and
prefer to resolve differenceslogicallythrough meditation. They are not
fools, however, and when a Vulcan concludes that force must be met with
forces, he makes a formidable adversary.

Every seven years, beginning at age 14, Vulcan males experience Pon farr, in
which the mating urge emerges with irresistible force. A Vulcan who does not
mate suffers a fatal neurochemical imbalance. He may also experience plak-
tow, the "blood fever", when he loses all control of his emotions and can
fight and kill without hesitation. Occasionally, Starfleet physicians have
developed elaborate chemical and psychological, or holodeck-based "cures" for
Pon farr episodes.

Languages: Vulcan, Federation Standard

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Common Names: Vulcans use only given names, though in ritual greetings they
add their parent's name (and sometimes more), as in Spock, son of Sarek, son
of Solkar.

Male Names: Delvok, Lojal, Sakar, Sakkath, Sarek, Satelk, Satok, Savar, Skon,
Solkar, Solok, Sonak, Soral, Spock, Stonn, Surak, Sybok, Tuvok, Vorik

Female Names: Saavik, Sakonna, Selar, Senva, Sitak, T'Lar, T'Lara, T'Pan,
T'Para, T'pau, T'Pel, T'Penna, T'Pera, T'plana-hath, T'pring, T'Shanik

Additional Notes:

Enhanced Rapid Healing: When injured, Vulcans concentrate their strength,
blood, and antibodies onto injured organs by a type of self-induced hypnosis.

Mind-Meld: This Vulcan discipline allows them to share memories with another
character. Both participants in a meld know the origins of their new
memories, and melding does not cause identity loss or confusion.

Nerve Pinch: Vulcans can perform a combat maneuver, the nerve pinch, on any
vertebrate by gripping it at the base of the neck (or an equivalent nerve
center) and applying pressure in a special way.

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