Trill Joined
Race Trill (Joined)
PC Catagory Restricted
Homeworld Trill
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Joined Trill Jadzia Dax


Playable Race: Yes, Restricted
Federation Member: Uknown

Personality: Unlike Vulcans or Klingons, Trill do not really possess a
stereotypical personality. As with Humans, their personalities span the
spectrum from kindness to curmudgeonliness, openness to introspection. Like
most other Federation members, they are generally optimistic, open to new
ideas, and willing to help those in need.

Physical Description: Trill have the same average height and weight as
Humans. Their skin tones range from pale pink to olive, but no darker; their
hair, on the other hand, tends to be brown, black, or other dark shades. They
have two rows of dark brown spots running from their foreheads down their
bodies to their heels. Each Trill's spots are as distinctive to him as
fingerprints are to Humans.

Homeworld: Trill, a beautiful world orbiting the star of the same name.

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Trill Culture: The Trill possess a rich trove of literature, music, and art.
Thanks to the symbionts and joined Trill, they have detailed historical
records back to the time of the First Joining and a deep appreciation for the
importance of history and tradition. Although most Trill do not follow a
religion, they honor their ancestors during certain holidays.

Most Trill believe that only one in a thousand Trill can join, though almost
half of all Trill can. The Trill Symbiosis Commission suppresses this fact
because so few symbionts are available. A Trill considered eligible to join
undergoes rigorous training and preparation (though most fail to qualify). If
joined, he undergoes physical and psychological changes as his personality
merges with the symbiont's. He may change the favored hand, come to hate
foods or places he once loved, and so forth. He gains the memories of the
symbiont's previous lives. Because the symbiont's live for centuries, passing
from one host to another, a host's memories may contain the experiences of
many Trill.

Trill have a strong taboo against reassociation—fraternization with the
spouse and relatives of a previous host. Joined Trill who violate this custom
are ostracized, and when they die their symbiont's are allowed to die as well.

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Languages: Trill, Federation Standard

Common Names: Trill place the given name before the family name. Joined
Trill substitute the symbiont's name for the family name.

Family Names: Belar, Otner, Peers, Pren, Tigan

Male Names: Arjin, Bejal, Curzon, Hanor, Joran, Malko, Selin, Timor,
Tobin, Torias, Verad, Yedrin

Female Names: Audrid, Azala, Emony, Ezri, Jadzia, Kareel, Lenara,
Nilani, Reeza, Zharaina

Additional notes:

Players applying for a joined Trill character will need to give details on
each of the host's previous lives.

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