Timelines Room

This is where we begin to really flesh out the character. It is recommended you do these steps in a word processor document for easier editing and faster referencing, prior to entering them into the game code.

Developing your timelines begin with your concept of the character. A concept is what brings your character to life. What gives your character a soul and presence. In chronicling your character's concept, you need to keep a few things in mind. Obviously, the first thing is the position your character is going to fill in the game. The second is the Race of your character. And the third is the Age of your character.

These factors all combine, along with a little creativity, to help you flesh out your character's background and service record.

The timelines you will need to develop are:

ED - Education Records
SR - Service Records
MR - Medical Records
PI - Public Information
CR - Confidential Records

Click on the record type for more information on each, including the command to enter it.

In addition, these record entries all require the use of Stardates, not normal, Terran dates. The game contains a command that allows you to translate them. The command is:
+td2sd <month> <day> <year>
Example: +td2sd Jan 01 2370

It is important to note, that some players prefer to do their background, or written history, first, and then enter these records to match. If you are one of those players, we suggest using a word document to coordinate all of your writings together, and entering them into the game when you are finished.

When you are finished, type N to continue to the next room, Personality.

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