This is the last room of chargen. Please be sure to review all aspects of your application. You will view your application here in the same way as our staff will be viewing it during the approvals process, so if it doesn't look right to you, then it won't look right to our staff.

To view your fields: '+cg/fields'
To view your service record: '+cg/sr'
To view your medical record: '+cg/mr'
To view your public information: '+cg/pi'
To view your confidential record: '+cg/cr'
To view your personality assessment: '+cg/pa'
To view your background table of contents: '+bg'
To view a specific background entry: '+bg/<#>'
To view your description: '+cg/desc'

Once you have reviewed everything, and you feel you are ready to submit your application, type '+cg/submit'.

And that's the end!

It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours for a character to receive a response from staff, whether it is approval, or a request for adjustments. This is because all applications are reviewed by at least two staffers. Star Trek is a giant universe, with many themes, and it's more common than not for something to require some tinkering, especially when dealing with service records and stardate conversions. Don't be alarmed if your application is returned with a few staff notes, nearly every character is, and nearly every character is approved on the second try!

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