USS Redemption Technical Specs

Technical Specifications of Redemption-class Starship

Personnel Compliment: 1,200 officers and crew, 300 visiting personnel
Classification: Explorer (Explorer/Defensive/Diplomatic)
Location of Construction: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars
Current Starship Identification and Registration Numbers: USS Redemption NCC-80135
Development Project Started: 2375
Production Start Date: 2375
Production End Date: Still In Production
Current Status: In Service

1.0 Redemption-class-Class Introduction

1.1: Mission Objectives

In accordance with the objectives of her mother class, the Sovereign, the following objectives has been established for a Redemption-class-Class starship:

1: Provide a mobile platform for a wide range of research projects, both of scientific and cultural natures.
2: Update the Sovereign-class spaceframe with new advancements in computer, warp drive, weapons, and armor technology.
3: Provide defense of outlying Federation colonies and posts.
4: Act as a courier for diplomatic endeavors.
5: Act as a mobile command platform in the event of multi-starship battle.

1.2 General Overview

The Redemption-class class is an update and upgrade of the Sovereign-class starship. Although typically upgrades do not merit the naming of a new class, the Redemption-class changes technology throughout the entire vessel, from the computer core to the warp drive, from relays to weapons to hull plating. Keeping the Sovereign-class spaceframe and layout, SFCE has added technologies which were unavailable or less advanced 25 years ago. The class replaces its predecessor as the largest in the fleet; tritanium plating bring it 1.5 million metric tonnes over the Sovereign-class.

Much of the credit for the project goes to Vice Admiral Manke Rane, who began work on improving the design of the Sovereign-class after a year working on construction of the USS Enterprise-E. Originally meant to be submitted to SFCE to be used in the building of future ships, the project became something of a life's work for the Admiral. Much of the original proposal was a list of technologies to be used and people to be contacted; the Admiral had spent as much time noting what technologies should be put onto Starfleet's signature vessel as theorizing new ideas for the project. One such theory involves the warp drive structure. The Redemption-class has a new warp core design which is currently in production. This core is meant to not only allow the class faster speeds than its predecessor, but also to be more resistant to damage and allow for far greater speeds in low-density space than any current Starfleet vessel. This is hoped to allow the Redemption-class to explore further into the galactic halo than has been previously possible.

The Redemption-class weapons are greatly upgraded, using technologies created during the Dominion War and found in the Delta Quadrant. In addition, the computer core uses the bioneural technology previously only seen on Intrepid-class vessels. This has allowed for what may be the most acclaimed and controversial achievement of the Redemption-class project: a fully integrated artificial intelligence system. This system uses the computer core as humans use memory and the subconscious brain, the GalateaAI acting as a "consciousness" for the ship. Great lengths have been taken to ensure the A.I. cannot replace the Starfleet crew, but in truth, despite the advances of Dr. Soong and EMH technology, artificial intelligence on this scale is still in its infancy. The A.I. can "download" itself into an mobile holo-emitter, which has been named "Galatea". This project is hoped to bring an even greater level of comfort and efficiency to Starfleet ships, and if successful may be continued on future starships.

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