This is a list of ships which have been established in people's backgrounds. Some are canon; most are not. Cannon vessels are marked with an *

Ship Registry Class Character's Using
USS Abraham Lincoln* NCC-1502A Intrepid Falrose
USS Benton* NCC-69130 Galaxy Falrose
USS Mynos NCC-2308 Steamrunner Falrose
IKS Tor'Cha IKS-326 Ktinga Battle Cruiser Falrose
USS Archer* NCC-44278 Akira Smythe, Taila
Adelaide Al-Batini Archer Ares Baghdad
Bellerophon (canon) Benton Callendor Cairo (canon) Challenger Cleisthenes
Dakota Dauntless Discovery Dublin Endeavor Enterprise (canon)
Exeter (canon) Farragut (canon) Faulkner Fearless (canon) Galaxy (canon) Galileo
Gemini Ithaca Indianapolis Indignation Intrepid (canon) Johannes
Kirin Kirov Liberty Majestic (canon) Menos Nakashi
Nautilus Normandy Odyssey (canon) Philadelphia Qu'Apelle Reprisal
Resolution Roosevelt (canon) Santa Cruz Sovereign (canon) S'tivak Sutherland
Thomas Paine (canon) Thunderchild (canon) Trudeau Valdemar Vanguard Vengeance
Starbase 001 (canon) Starbase 12 Starbase 74 (canon) Starbase 103 Station 419-Epsilon
Lyret (Romulan) Nerual (Romulan) Theirr (Romulan) IKS Tor'Cha
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