Service Records

Your service record is an official document of your career in Starfleet. Service records list assignments, promotions, inter-departmental transfers, medals and honors received, reprimands, and resignations. Before beginning to write your SR, be sure to have read the Age entry, to ensure the correct minimum length of time falls between your promotions, and that your schooling is represented taking up accurate lengths of time.

Service record entries are stored using standard phrasing. The following are examples of standard phrase formats:

  • ENROLLED in Starfleet Academy.
  • GRADUATED from Starfleet Academy, class of 23XX.
  • ASSIGNED to USS <Shipname>, NCC-XXXXXX, as <Title>.
  • PROMOTION: <Rank or Title>.
  • AWARD: <Medal> for <reason>.
  • REPRIMAND: <reason>.
  • DEMOTION: <Rank> for <reason>.
  • COMMENDATION: <reason>.

Sample Record

Here is an example of a Starfleet Service Record:

45580.8: ENROLLED in Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth - Assigned to Beta Squadron
49452.1: GRADUATED Starfleet Academy
49452.2: COMMISSIONED Ensign
49479.5: ASSIGNED USS Mynos, NCC-2308, Engineering Officer, Cadet Cruise
50423.2: ASSIGNED to USS Benton, NCC-3209 - Engineering Officer
50452.1: PROMOTION: Lieutenant JG
50915.1: AWARD: Starfleet Commendation for service aboard USS Benton during Borg cube attack on Earth.
51131.5: REPRIMAND: Fist fight in crew lounge
52808.2: ASSIGNED to USS Lincoln, NCC 1502A - Engineering Officer
52813.7: AWARD: Dominion Conflict Service Medal: Serving aboard the Lincoln during several battles during the Dominion war
52937.0: PROMOTION: Lieutenant
54219.2: REPRIMAND: Fist fight on DS9 in bar
55912.3: REPRIMAND: Fist fight in crew lounge
55912.4: DEMOTION: Lieutenant JG - for recurring Reprimands of similar incidents
57328.8: ASSIGNED to USS Redemption, NCC-80135: Engineering Officer

Entering the Record

To set a service record entry: '+cg/SR <stardate>=<entry>'
To view your service record: '+cg/SR'
To clear a service record entry: '+cg/SR <stardate>='

Example: +cg/SR 57328.8=ASSIGNED to USS Redemption, NCC-80135: Engineering Officer

Remember, these record entries all require the use of Stardates, not normal, Terran dates. The game contains a command that allows you to translate them. The command is:
+td2sd <month> <day> <year>
Example: +td2sd Jan 01 2370

Advanced Training Programs

You may wish to have had your character go through an advanced training program, because of his Career choice, or perhaps one was required because of his Rank. Here are the programs, along with how long they take, so that you may add them to your Service Record. Remember, these may also affect your minimum Age. Unless your Career or Rank requires one, these are optional for your character.

  • Advanced Legal Training - Duration: 3 weeks
  • Advanced Medical Training - Duration: 5 weeks
  • Advanced Tactical Training - Duration: 12 weeks
  • Branch Officer Training - Duration: 6 weeks
  • Bridge Certification Training - Duration: 3 weeks
  • Command School - Duration: 14 weeks
  • Daystrom Institute - Duration: 8 weeks
  • Exocultural Relations School - Duration: 6 weeks
  • Officer Candidate School - Duration: 8 weeks
  • Officer Exchange Program - Duration: 12 weeks
  • School of Diplomacy - Duration: 4 weeks
  • Starfleet Medical School - Duration: 4 years
  • Strategic Operations Training - Duration: 6 weeks
  • Vulcan Science Academy - Duration: 12 weeks
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