Season One Overview

About Season One

Season One will bring about many challenges for the crew of the USS Redemption. As well as many changes for the Federation and the Alpha Quadrant. Once strong allies will become bitter rivals while ambassadors work to ally ourselves with the Romulans. And every department will have itself tested in ways it could not have imagined. The new warp drive will be pushed to it's limits when the crew finds themselves in the middle of an interstellar 'drag race' thanks to Q. Science systems utilized to the max as the crew tries to convince the inhabitants of a planet that their civilization is on the brink of extinction. Operations and Engineering systems brought into action by a region of space that seems to suck power from the ship. Even Medical will have their hands in the mix as they work to save a planet's inhabitants from a deadly plague that could destroy all life on the planet, and….the ship.

Season One will also set the groundwork for the Federation-Klingon war.

Episode Titles for Season One:

"From The Beginning"
"In The Hands of Q"
"Certain Death"
"The Plague"
"Peculiar Anomalies"
"The Path of the Righteous"
"The Prophets"
"A Host for a Host"

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