Current Roster

The following roster is a guideline and reference to the types of characters that inhabit, or are needed, on the USS Redemption. Just because it is not listed, does not mean it doesn't exist, and for many of the non-department head positions, it is common to have more than a single person in the position.

USS Redemption Command Department

command-captain.jpg Captain Darren Smythe Commanding Officer
command-commander.jpg Commander Callisandra Clough Executive Officer
secops-ltcommander.jpg Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie Falrose Second Officer
command-scpo.jpg Senior Chief Petty Officer Chief of the Boat
No Rank Galatea Ship's AI
Captain's Yeoman
command-ensign.jpg Ensign XO's Yeoman

USS Redemption Intelligence Department

command-ltcommander.jpg Lieutenant Commander Justin Flynn Chief Intelligence Officer
command-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant J.G. Gaila Carvon Intelligence Officer

USS Redemption Diplomatic Department

medsci-ltcommander.jpg Lieutenant Commander Elisabetta Hunter Chief Diplomatic Officer
medsci-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant JG Taleria Joed Diplomatic Aide

USS Redemption Flight Control Department (CONN)

command-lieutenant.jpg Lieutenant Taila Birev Chief CONN Officer
command-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant JG John Callaghan CONN Officer
Shuttle Pilot

USS Redemption Security Department

secops-lieutenant.jpg Lieutenant Ray Jyden Chief Security Officer
secops-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant JG Asst. Chief Security Officer
secops-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant JG Mia Essa Security Officer
secops-ensign.jpg Ensign Security Officer
Brig Officer
VIP Bodyguard Officer

USS Redemption Engineering Department

secops-ltcommander.jpg Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie Falrose Chief Engineering Officer
Engineering Officer
Communications Engineer
Matter/Energy Engineer
secops-ensign.jpg Ensign Warp Drive Engineer
secops-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant JG Structural & Environmental Engineer
Sensor Maintenance Engineer
secops-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant JG Shuttlecraft Maintenance Engineer
secops-lieutenant.jpg Lieutenant Spencer Lazlo Computer Engineer
Engineer's Mate

USS Redemption Operations Department

secops-ltcommander.jpg Lieutenant Commander Chief Operations Officer
secops-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant JG Operations Officer
secops-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant JG Flight Deck Operations Officer
secops-ensign.jpg Ensign Materials Officer
Boatswain (aka Bosun)

USS Redemption Medical Department

medsci-ltcommander.jpg Lieutenant Commander Elia Neschen Chief Medical Officer
medsci-ltcommander.jpg Lieutenant Commander Aaron Park Chief Surgeon
medsci-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant JG Medical Officer
Head Nurse
Not Applicable EMH
medsci-lieutenant.jpg Lieutenant Layadorma Cinyd Counsellor
Physician's Mate

USS Redemption Science Department

medsci-lieutenant.jpg Lieutenant Devon O'Toole Chief Science Officer
Science Officer
Stellar Cartographer
Language Specialist
medsci-ltjg.jpg Lieutenant JG T'grr Astrometrics Officer
medsci-ensign.jpg Ensign Alien Anthropologist
Scientist's Mate

USS Redemption Civilian Department

Ambassador Lux Ambassador
Civilian Bar/Lounge Manager
Civilian Bartender
Civilian Bartender
Civilian Wait Staff (Waiter/Waitress)
Civilian Schoolteacher
Civilian Civilian
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