Race Romulans
PC Catagory Restricted
Homeworld Romulus
Federation Membership Status NonMember
Famous Romulans NAMES

Playable Race: Yes, Restricted
Federation Member: No, Treaty Signed

Personality: Romulans are vibrantly passionate, yet controlled by self-
discipline. They can be honorable and tender, or cruel and treacherous. Many
Romulans are smug and arrogant to non-Romulans, and even the best of them can
be highly chauvinistic. Romulans enjoy duels and blood sports; some of them
would qualify as sadists in Federation eyes. Romulans do not fear death, and
positively welcome a death that serves the Empire.

Physical Description: Romulans are almost identical to Vulcans, often with a
slight cranial bulge. Their eyebrows posses a distinctive upward slant and
their ears have points. Their skin tones range from olive to dark brown, in
part because of the green cast imbued by their copper-based blood.

Homeworld: Although the Romulans originated on Vulcan, their current
homeworld is Romulus, a warm, Earthlike world. Remus, their second homeworld
sharing the central yellow sun, Ket-cheleb, is cooler, wetter, and cloudier.

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Romulan Culture: The ideology of D'era pervades Romulan culture. D'era means
"Endless Sky" in the Romulan tongue, and it embodies a concept similar to
"manifest destiny." Romulans see devotion, allegiance, discipline, and
fidelity as the core social virtues, and have constructed a regimented,
orderly culture to maintain them.

Romulan culture rewards dignity and authority; those who serve well gain
prestige and the power to lead. Romulans practice gender equality, although
more males hold high positions of political power in their society. Romulans
have a cultural fondness for elaborate plans involving clever subterfuge, and
their politics have a tendency to faction along family lines.

Language: Romulan

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Common Names: Some Romulans use only their family name, others a combination
of given first name and family surname.

Family Names: Barel, Dar, Gaius, Jarok, Kassus, Merek, Nanclus, Pardek,
R'Mor, Setal, Tebok, Thei, Tomalak, Tovan

Male Names: Alidar, Decius, Jollen, Morror, Tal, Telek, Varel

Female Names: Caithlin, Ionne, Sela, Seylar, Taris, Toreth

Additional Notes:

Keen Hearing: Romulans have especially keen hearing.

The Discipline of D'era: Trained from birth to devote themselves to the
Romulan state, Romulans work well in organizations and while under stress.

Glory: Romulans concern themselves with the glory of the empire. Those who
embrace the ideals of citizenship, and place the needs of the empire over
their own needs are celebrated. A Romulan recognized for his glory is more
likely to gain assistance from superiors, and aid from toadying citizens.

Surveillance: Romulan society is encouraged to watch their fellow citizens
for signs of disloyalty. Tal Shiar agents infiltrate all tiers of society,
individuals keep an eye on neighbors, and sub-commanders routinely inform on
superior officers. Romulans are good at watching body language and
registering voice stress to glean additional information.

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