Race Regulans
PC Catagory General
Homeworld Regulus V
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Regulans NAMES

Playable Race: Yes
Federation Member: Yes

Personality: The average Regulan is calm, collected, and strongly
individualistic. Regulans dislike crowding, dirt, noise, and
disputatiousness. Some Regulans can seem finicky or prickly to outsiders,
and they remain non-demonstrative of even strong friendships. However, many
Regulans put a veneer of flirtatiousness or banter over this private core,
especially when dealing with non-Regulans

Physical Description: Regulans are slightly slimmer in the hips and chest
than Humans, but well-muscled on their lighter frames. Regulans closely
resemble Terran felines, with flat noses, fore-mounted eyes, tufted ears,
prominent canine teeth, long tails, and sleek fur ranging from deep black to
tawny. Female Regulans tend to have longer manes than males.

Homeworld: From their home planet of Regulus V, Regulans have settled a
number of colony worlds, including Asref IV, 15 Lyncis II, Regulus III, and
La'ven III. Regulans from any of these worlds can serve in Starfleet.

Culture: Regulans evolved from arboreal predators with many similarities to
the smaller Earth feline species such as ocelots or jaguars. Early Regulans
spent their whole lives on the move, prowling across hundreds of square
kilometers of forest and plain. Regulan society evolved as a loose
confederation of matrilineal clans, meeting at specific locations for mining,
government, and other relatively fixed functions. Regulan civilization
advanced much slower than Earth's, since Regulans lacked the "trooping
instinct" that Earthly primates had. The Regulans acquired star drives from
a failed invasion by an aggressive species millennia ago, during their late
industrial era. Although it killed hundreds of thousands of Regulans, the war
with the Kodom allowed them to bootstrap their technology without
overpopulating and devastating their planet's ecosystem.

Their cultural insistence on on low population densities (and the fear of a
follow-up attack) caused the Regulans to spread out over a number of planets
almost immediately after the war; Regulans made first contact with a number
of races, including the Orion and the Ferengi, during this exciting "frontier
era." When Regulan and Federation ships met in 2249, it only took a few
years of discussion for seventeen of the twenty Regulan colony worlds to
accompany Regulan VI into full Federation membership. Regulans merged their
Regulan Sky Navy with the Federation's Starfleet, and have continued to
provide a disproportionate number of Starfleet's most intrepid explorers and
fighting captains ever since.

Languages: Regulan Standard, Federation Standard.

Common Names: Regulan names do not follow gender patterns, although they are
traditionally passed down through family lines. A Regulan son might be named
for his mother, or a daughter for her great-uncle.

Regulan Names: F'rras, K'rrurr, M'morr, P'kyrr, R'kurul, R'ruul, S'rrel.

Favored Profession: Starship officer, especially security and communications
work. Regulans also enjoy the challenge of science, reveling in the hunt for
new information and knowledge. Regulans also work well in intelligence
branches. Except for commando units, Regulans make only fair soldiers.
Regulan culture has its share of mystics, since individual communication with
the divine is a key tenet of Regulan belief.

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