Redemption Project History
Starfleet Contract # 80135
Class Redemption


Stardate Terran Date Project Notes
53060.3 Jan 23 2376 After discussion with the Federation Council, Starfleet Command is given the 'go-ahead' to design a new class of starship's to prepare the Federation should they be challenged any further by what is out there. The design for the Redemption starship class was presented and approved.
53087.7 Feb 02 2376 General Electric issued contract (SFCE Contract# 80135) to construct new warp core and warp intermix chambers for the Redemption project. New subspace field coils and plasma injectors to follow.
53208.2 Mar 18 2376 Deck numbers revised from the initial thirty-six decks, to forty-two. This increases the length of the ship to 836 meters.
53468.5 Jun 21 2376 Internal sketches, designed to revamp the entire interior design are dismissed in favor of retaining the design of the Sovereign class.
53695.9 Sep 12 2376 Hull geometry revised to account for General Electric's preliminary results that show the new core design will near the Warp 10 barrier.
53887.7 Nov 21 2376 Project design completed and finalized. Requisition of supplies for construction begins.


Stardate Terran Date Project Notes
54060.3 Jan 23 2377 The keel was laid in a massive ceremony at Utopia Planitia. After a year on the drawing board, the project was under construction.
54474.0 Jun 23 2377 Initial spaceframe completed. Construction begins on the outer hull.
54783.6 Oct 14 2377 Outer and inner hulls completed. Installation of interior sections begins.
54997.3 Dec 31 2377 In a late night work shift, engineers celebrate not only the new year, but also the completion of the ship's interior sections.


Stardate Terran Date Project Notes
55002.7 Jan 02 2378 Crews begin installing wiring and conduits for the ship.
55202.7 Mar 16 2378 Wiring completed, the rest of the ship's systems arrive via convoy of freighters.
55312.3 Apr 25 2378 Installation of systems begin, starting with the bridge systems.
55345.2 May 07 2378 Primary and secondary computer cores installed. Preparation begins to linking them to the ship's systems as the remaining systems are installed.
55791.8 Oct 17 2378 Systems installation and computer linkup completed.
55797.3 Oct 19 2378 During computer core power initialization, a problem in the computer's subroutines caused the system to open all the airlocks aboard the ship. 28 Starfleet Officer's lost their lives that day before the Engineers were able to reroute the system manually and close the hatches.
55991.8 Dec 29 2378 Starfleet Research and Design findings conclude that a massive cascading subroutine failure was the cause of the malfunction. However, to resolve the problem, the subroutines must be rewritten from scratch. Estimated time of completion: 8-9 months.


Stardate Terran Date Project Notes
56002.7 Jan 02 2379 Work begins at Starfleet R&D to rewrite the computer subroutines.
56002.8 Jan 03 2379 Interior cosmetics are started on the Redemption project.
56504.1 Jul 04 2379 Interior cosmetics completed.
56663.0 Aug 31 2379 The new computer core, the MARK-XII, is completed and arrives via freighter.
56704.1 Sep 15 2379 Power up of the new core commences via remote link. System analysis show all systems functioning and online.
56709.6 Sep 17 2379 General Electric's new warp core arrives via the USS Titan, commanded by Captain William T. Riker.
56934.2 Dec 08 2379 Installation, configuration, and testing of the new warp core is completed.


Stardate Terran Date Project Notes
57019.2 Jan 08 2380 The first Redemption class starship, NX-80135, leaves Utopia Planitia under her own power for a 3 month flight and systems test.
57052.1 Jan 20 2380 Variance in the warp reactor is noticed and corrected.
57287.7 Apr 16 2380 After a successful test flight, the NX-80135 returns to Utopia drydocks for final exterior completion. Hull paint is applied and all the data gathered on the test run is downloaded and compiled.
57298.6 Apr 20 2380 Starfleet Corps of Engineers recommissions the NX-80135 as the USS Redemption NCC-80135.
57304.1 Apr 22 2380 Deliberations begin over who the Captain of the Redemption will be.
57309.6 Apr 24 2380 Captain Jean-Luc Picard is chosen, however he declines the position preferring to remain on the Enterprise. However, he does put in a sparkling recommendation for his former CONN Officer and fellow Captain Darren Smythe.
57320.5 Apr 28 2380 Captain Darren Smythe is named Commanding Officer of the USS Redemption. Orders are transmitted via subspace to the USS Archer, which returns with the Captain.
57326.0 Apr 30 2380 Captain Smythe arrive on Utopia
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