• Starfleet: Cadet, Ensign, Lieutenant J.G., Lieutenant, Lt. Commander, Commander, Captain, Fleet Captain, Commodore, Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral, Fleet Admiral, and AI
  • Starfleet Warrant Officers: WO, CWO1, CWO2, and CWO3
  • Starfleet Non-Commissioned Officers: Crewman Recruit, Crewman Apprentice, Crewman, Petty Officer 3rd, Petty Officer 2nd, Petty Officer 1st, Chief P.O., Senior C.P.O., and Master C.P.O.
  • Civilian: Civilian
  • Klingon: Klingon Civvie, Klingon Ensign, Klingon JG, and ra'wl' Sogh
  • Cardassian: Cadet, D'ja, Kara, Glen, Gil, Glinn, Gul, Ri'ta Gul, Ri'en Gul, Vi'kar Gul, Vi'ria Gul, and Fi'ta Gul
  • Romulan: Eredh, Erein, erei'Arrain, Arrain, khre'Arrain, erei'Riov, Riov, khre'Riov, and enriov

ents officer

Education: Starfleet Academy (4 years)

Your stock officer typically is enrolled in the Starfleet Academy Officer's
Track. This track is designed for those wishing to become commissioned
officers in Starfleet. Additionally, after graduation from the Academy there
is the option for the officer to attend a number of specialty schools.
Examples include: Advanced Tactical Training, Starfleet Special Operations
Training, Starfleet Medical School, etc.

nts enlisted

Enlisting in Starfleet is an easy process. Recruiting facilities across the
Federation accept applications throughout the year, and new recruits are
never in short supply. Admission depends on both written and oral aptitude
examinations. Though not nearly as extensive as the examinations for
officers, these tests still require a degree of competence.

Upon acceptance, new recruits arrive at Starfleet Academy to begin their
training. The process lasts for one year, and begins with basic procedures
and protocols. After learning the essentials of life in Starfleet, training
continues with rudimentary communication skills for non-human species, and
with Starfleet regulations for everyone. Basic fighting skills and small
equipment usage round out this introductory training. Recruits then attend
their specialist schools, where they learn the necessary skills to perform
their future duties.

ents medical

Education: Starfleet Academy (4 years), Starfleet Medical School (4 years)

Based on canon information, anyone wanting to apply for a character with
'Doctor' status must have the appropriate information in their application.
Additional training is required to obtain the title of 'Doctor'. Basically,
you'll complete Starfleet Academy's medical officer training program and
graduate as Ensign. From there it's off to Starfleet Medical's Training
program for an additional 4 years. Unpon completion of that course, you'll be
promoted to Lieutenant J.G. and awarded the title of 'Doctor'.

What does this mean for someone applying to be a Medical Officer and Ensign?
It means that you will /not/ be able to say you are a doctor.

ents command

Education: Starfleet Academy (4 years), Starfleet Command School

Service Record: Must include entries for all assignments which gained command

uirements dh


Department Head - Any officer or non-commissioned officer designated to be in
charge of a certain department or group.


Department Heads - As a department head, you are a figure of authority for
your people. Your duties on the game will include meeting and greeting your
new crew assigned to your department (after the Counselor has gotten them
settled), conducting reviews of your staff and submitting those review via
ICMail to the senior staff, and working with the members of your department to
come up with RP that involves your staff.

Expectations -

Department Heads:

Minimum Logins: One a week. (These cannot be log in/log outs.)

RP Requirements: Of the minimum 4 logins in a month, two should contain active
RP and submitted to the Wiki

Idle: Department Heads who have been idle for over a month (and do NOT have
their vacation flags set) will be emailed and @decompiled. ICly, there will be
an excuse made up for their absence. If the character does not return to the
game after two months, the character will be freezered, the position opened
for a new player or promoted player, and a reason will be generated for the

uirements ss

Commanding Officer - The Commanding Officer has the ultimate responsibility
for the safety and well being of his ship and crew and to ensure that the
ship's current mission is being satisfactorily executed. The CO's immediate
staff are the First Officer and the chiefs of the other departments (the
Department Heads), but is, in reality, the entire ship's complement. The CO
has no set duty shift and is always considered to be on call. On larger
starships the CO usually has his own office, and this office is sometimes very
close to the bridge, offering quick and easy access in emergency situations.
The CO is also responsible for meting out punishment for crew members found
guilty of breaking major regulations. The Commanding Officer is also
traditionally the member of the crew who performs such duties as marrying crew
members under his command and serving as the host at all official functions
held aboard his ship.

First Officer - Sometimes called the Executive Officer (XO) the First
Officer's main responsibility is to ensure the smooth operation of the ship
and her crew. In this regard, he is usually authorized (unless specifically
limited by the CO in any respect) to make decisions without the CO's prior
approval. He is considered, for all practical purposes, a "captain in
training," and, in the absence of the CO, is the ship's commanding officer. He
must be a jack-of-all-trades, able to answer almost any question or offer a
solution to any problem. All department heads report directly to the First
Officer. The FO is usually the leader of most away teams (especially
potentially hazardous missions) and may choose members of those teams as long
as his choices are not detrimental to the mission or the safety of the ship.
For all practical purposes, the FO's staff is also comprised of the bridge
crew and is also always on call. On larger starships, the FO usually has his
own office. On smaller ships, he may be required to share his office with the
CO or the Second Officer, or use a conference/meeting room for this purpose.
The FO is also responsible for maintaining discipline and determining
punishment for members of the crew found guilty of breaking minor regulations.

Second Officer - A somewhat unique position usually found only on larger
starships, the Second Officer takes command in the event that both the CO and
FO are away from the ship or are unable to perform their duties. Again, the
duties of the SO, if used, may be combined with other duties (such as a Con or
Ops officer), and smaller ships will not even have an SO. The SO usually does
not have an office of his own, and any staff he may have is generally
determined by his normal duties.

Expectations -

Command Staff:

Commanding Officer:
Minimum Logins: Twice a week. (These cannot be log in/log outs.)

RP Requirements: Of the minimum 8 logins in a month, three should contain
active RP and submitted to the Wiki

Idle: Same as Department Heads

First Officer:
Minimum Logins: Twice a week. (These cannot be log in/log outs.)

RP Requirements: Of the minimum 8 logins in a month, three should contain
active RP and submitted to the Wiki

Idle: Same as Department Heads

rements line

The following is information about Line Officer Qualification:

Line Officers are officers who have been qualified to lead departments or

Battery of tests required in order to qualify to serve as a line officer in
the Federation Starfleet. The examination is a requirement to earn the rankof full Commander. The tests include qualifications in diplomatic law,
first-contact procedures, bridge operations, and engineering. Unbeknownst
to candidates, the exam also included measures of command ability, including
the ability to order personnel into situations where they might be killed.
An officer must pass this test in order to serve as commander or duty
officer aboard a starship.

ents academy


irements tis

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