Public Information

Public information is information about your character that other people may be able to relatively easily find out. For instance, your character's reputations, ex-husbands or ex-wives, if your character used to be a member of the Federation Council, or was a prominent scientist in some field, or previously won a wrestling competition, or was in prison, etc. etc.

Public information entries are each assigned a loose 'investigation level,' to detail how hard it is to find out this sort of information. 1 would be something that is very easy to find out (i.e., your character was a member of the Federation Council, or is a known and notorious felon). 5 would be very difficult (i.e., your character had an illegimate child with an Orion slave girl).

Public information entries are numbered.

To set a public information entry: '+cg/PI #=<Investigation Level>/<Entry>'
To view your public information entries: '+cg/PI'
To clear a public information entry: '+cg/PI <#>='

Example: +cg/PI 1=3/He had a criminal record as a juvenile, for vandalism and breaking and entering.

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