Second Officer

At times the XO must assume command of a Starship or base, when this happens the XO needs the help of another officer to assume his/her role as XO. The second officer is not a stand alone position, but a role given to the highest ranked and trusted officer aboard. When required the Second Officer will assume the role of XO, or if needed CO, and performs there duties as listed, for as long as required.

A somewhat unique position usually found only on larger starships, the Second Officer takes command in the event that both the CO and FO are away from the ship or are unable to perform their duties. Again, the duties of the SO, if used, may be combined with other duties (such as a Con or Ops officer), and smaller ships will not even have an SO. The SO usually does not have an office of his own, and any staff he may have is generally determined by his normal duties.

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