Personality Room

This is where you'll store information about your character's personality, from the perspective of a Starfleet Counselor who evaluates your character, and writes a report. Your personality assessment is confidential, and will be viewed only by Starfleet Medical Officers with the proper clearance.

Starfleet officers undergo a PA every time they transfer, are promoted or are disciplined, and receive a standard PA once a year. The PA you enter here should be the most recent PA your character has received, probably given just prior to being assigned to the Redemption. Many characters have their PA on their wiki page, feel free to read a few for examples.

To set your personality assessment: '+cg/pa <name of counselor>/<facility where assessment was made>/<personality assessment>'

Example: '+cg/pa Lieutenant James Cozzens/Starfleet Academy/Cadet Stevenson seems to be of sound body and mind, overall. Though he has some confidence issues, he seems capable of overcoming them…(and so on)'

When you are finished, type N to continue to the next room, Background.

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