Race Orions
PC Catagory Restricted
Homeworld Rigel System
Federation Membership Status NonMember
Famous Orions NAMES


Playable Race: Yes, Restricted
Federation Member: Yes

Personality: Orions have made a name for themselves in treachery. While Orions
do not particularly work or train at it, treachery is often a side effect of
their peculiar and self-centered way of looking at things. The Orion mind is
complicated because Orions think in complicated ways. There are five basic
facets to their way of thinking: opportunism, egocentricity, materialism,
hedonism, and barbarity. Added together, these traits make Orions maddeningly
difficult to get along with, let alone understand. The wise reader should also
remember there are those Orions who do not necessarily follow these traits;
whether for their own reasons, or just to be additionally difficult none may

Physical Description:

As a humanoid species, Orions greatly resemble Homo sapiens. Males average 1.7
meters in height, and weigh around 70 kilograms, while females average 1.5
meters in height and with approximately 60 kilograms. They live approximately
150 standard years.

The Orions’ distinctive difference is their colors. Constituting about three-
fifths of the Orion population, Ruddy Orions have skin tones ranging from
ruddy orange and yellow to Terran Caucasian or red-brown. Their skin is
sensitive to strong sunlight (such as that from Rigel), which can deepen their
color or cause an unsightly purple burn. Ruddy eye colors range from yellow to
sea-blue, violet, or occasionally black. Ruddy Orions are also naturally
hairless, but wigs and various hairpieces are often worn by Ruddies as status
symbols. The more highly-placed the Ruddy Orion, the more ornate the wig,
including encrusted jewels. Ruddy wig fashions are constantly changing, and
new colors and trends often turn up on Orion worlds-some rather startling.
Ruddy Orions tend to be slender, and some can be quite delicate. The fat Ruddy
is a rarity. By Human standards, their proportions and features are pleasing,
even beautiful. Judging by physical standards, it is perhaps easy to see how
Ruddies claim their racial (and socio-economic) superiority.

Green Orions often seem coarse compared to Ruddy Orions. Green Orions skin
tones range from grass-green to deep pine, and their coloration deepens nicely
in strong sunlight. Their eye colors are not as varied as Ruddies, with black
being most common, and lighter shades of green making up the remaining
variety. Some Greens (referred to as ‘erratics’) have very different eye
colors: blue, brown, gold, yellow, silver, and even pink. Physically, Green
Orions tend to have powerful and fleshy builds. Most are as tall as Ruddies,
but they are generally more muscular as a result of manual labor, and are also
apt to be more obese than slender. Greens differ from Ruddies in two very
important ways; first Green Orions tend to be very hairy, though baldness may
occur in older adulthood. Green Orions generally have thick black hair with
metallic green highlights. Body hair is also common among both males and
females, and is considered a mark of distinction among Green Orions. Green
Orions for the most part, hold the ‘smoothness’ of Ruddies in contempt.
Ruddies for their part, consider body hair disgusting, and no subject for
polite company. Secondly, Green Orions tend to smell. Although uninformed
Ruddies and other non-Orions believe this is the result of insufficient
hygiene, the scent of Green Orion is a natural function. Green Orion skin is
noticeably oilier and shinier than that of Ruddies. The scent is not
unpleasant to humanoid races, but can prove irritable to canine or feline
races, or other races with strong olfactory abilities. The scent is
unnoticeable to humanoids after about five minutes. Pleasant or not, the scent
is definitely not innocuous. It is heavily laden with pheromones, or chemical
agents that affect the subconscious of most humanoid races. The effect is
comforting, even soothing. Ten minutes among any sizable group of Greens
drains tension, and even proves tranquilizing upon the recipient. This applies
with equal effect should the group of Greens be feeling fear, anger, or
desire, which alters the scent. While this pheromonal scent does not compel
bystanders to share a particular mood, it does make them susceptible to it.

Grey Orions are a special case when discussing the various Orion races. Grey
Orions are a small third subrace, constituting no more than 1-3% of the
population of any given Orion world or colony. Grey Orions are completely
hairless, as Ruddies are. Skin tones range from light charcoal, to ebony. Eye
colors tend toward some shade of blue, violet, pink, or an occasional silver.
Due to extended exposure to the mutating virus (whose name has since been
forgotten by Orions) all Greys have some medical ailment. These ailments range
from the serious; one or multiple missing or deformed limbs and blindness,
cystic fibrosis, neutrofibromatosis, to the relatively benign; various
psychological problems such as manic depression, anxiety, narcolepsy, and
paranoia, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. This naturally affects the
physical appearance of Grey Orions. Assuming an individual has all limbs and
stands relatively erect, average height is 1 meter for both males and females.

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Orion Culture: The Orions have the most stratified spacefaring society in the
known galaxy. Besides discriminating between people on the basis of color,
sex, income, family, and profession, they care greatly about social class and
status, titles, rank, and whether or not one’s past is honorable. Between
nobility and the slaves are myriad distinctions. It is better to be male
instead of female, Ruddy instead of Green, rich instead of poor, a member of a
large and prosperous family instead of a small, poor, or disreputable one, and
it always helps to have connections.

The Ruddy race is dominant; they are the nobility, the executives, the
captains of ships, the owners of plantations and factories. The Greens are the
workers, the field hands, the soldiers and former slaves. Although the lines
between the two are firm, they are not absolute. Many ships, particularly if
considered elite, have all-Ruddy crews, and a Green with intelligence and
persistence can rise to be a foreman or give orders to Ruddies. Ruddy Orions
regard Green social climbing with disdain, but reserve their contempt for
Ruddies who become so wretched that they forfeit their social standing. Though
it is not necessarily degrading to work for a Green, it is rather sordid to
spend all of one’s time with them.

Orion society is unselfconsciously male-dominated. Men command every level of
Orion life, and the line between the sexes is drawn very surely. The only
place where women have any say is in their home life, and even there it is a
matter of compromise and negotiation. Though there are very few exceptions,
Orion females who rise to positions of authority tend to be very good at what
they do. All Orions are adept at wielding power behind the scenes, and there
is no reason to believe that Orion women are any less effective than the men.

Respecting wealth and power, Orions particularly admire those whose vocations
let them wield both: archexecutives, the eldest son of distinguished families,
bankers, shipowners, and merchants. They also greatly respect the rare
individual who breaks out of poverty and obscurity to gain authority and
riches. Everyone dreams of doing the same thing, if he (or she) can only make
that lucky break.

Space grips the Orion imagination like nothing else. For centuries, they key
to wealth and power was voyaging into the unknown beyond the rim of Orion
Space to find new worlds with which to trade-or to loot. Even though Orion
Space has contracted and in spite of (or because of) Starfleet persecution,
Orion pirates have a mystique that everyone craves. An industrialist employing
millions of beings is still flattered to be acquainted with the captain of a
single small ship. There are plenty of opportunities for young men in space-
even if they wind up sweeping a dock, loading crates, or dead. Orions look up
to a spacer, whatever his stripe.

To a great extent, Orions depend on personal leadership. They revere anyone
who stands for an ideal and makes other people work toward it with him. Such
leaders are rare among the Orions, who can usually find a way to undermine the
strongest opponent. The man who cannot be swayed, bought, or shamed wins over
even his enemies with his demonstrated virtue. Such an Orion can be trusted,
and Orions work wonders for such as him. Unfortunately, such leadership is
fleeting; a slip, a mistake of judgment, or a lapse of virtue crumbles the
power to dust. Relying on charismatic people, the Orions have no faith in
organizations or impersonal authority. When the leader goes, the Orions revert
to plotting and selfish behavior until another finds the strength to lead them

Attempts to perpetuate power structures have been unsuccessful. Only three
types of Orion organizations have any longevity, and they can only be
described in gradually more precise terms: family, corporations, government,
and the revenge society.

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