Newbie Guide

The following commands are only the ones that are most immediately useful. Other commands are explained in 'help command list'. Don't worry if the 'help' files seem confusing, many players get along fine never reading them. Anything in quotes ('') is a command. Anything in angular brackets (<>), enter whatever you want, don't include the <>'s.

'say <whatever>' - People in the room with you will see your character say <whatever>.

'pose <whatever>' - People in the room with you will see your character do <whatever>.

'pose/nospace <whatever>' - People in the room with you will see your character do <whatever> without a space after your name.

Examples for 'say', 'pose' ';'

Command: 'say Hi.'
Everyone sees: Willy says, "Hi."

Command: ':dances.'
Everyone sees: Willy dances.

Command: ';'s eyes narrow.'
Everyone sees: Willy's eyes narrow.

'p <name>=<whatever>' - Sends a private message to <name>. ':' and ';' work in pages.
'p <name> <name>=<whatever>'

'p' - Shows you who you last paged. 'p <whatever>' will page that person.

'home' - Should you get lost while wandering around, typing this will bring you back to your 'home', originally the Beginning.

'who' - Shows you who is online.

'+finger <name>' - Shows you more information about <name>.

'@name me=<Whatever>' - Changes your name.

'look' or 'l' - Look at the room you're in.

'l <name>' or 'l me' - Look at something, someone, or yourself.

'<exit name>' - Move through an exit, listed in the room description when you 'look'.

'@lock me=me' - Keeps you from being picked up, basically.
'@lock/use me=me'

'+help' - Help on the global commands unique to this MUSH.

'help' - Help on MUSH commands. You needn't read through them now, or ever, if you don't want to. Just know they're there.

The Mail system (basically, like email):

'+mail' - Shows you the subject and sender of all your messages.

'@mail/read <#>' - Shows you the contents of message <#>.

'+mail <name>=<subject>' - Begins a message to <name>.
'+mail <name> <name>=<subject>'

'- <whatever>' - Writes <whatever> as your message.

'+proof' - Shows you the message you're writing.

'—' or '+send'- Sends the message.

'+toss' - Cancels and deletes the message you're writing.

The +bboard system (like a corkboard):

'+bblist' - Lists the names and numbers of all the boards.

'+bbscan' - Tells you how many unread posts in each board.

'+bbread <#>' - Lists the subject and poster of messages on that board.
'+bbread <name>'

'+bbread <board #>/<message #>' - Shows you that message.

'+bbread <#>/u' - Shows you the contents of all unread messages on board <#>.

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