Most races have specific naming conventions, or certain prominent sounds and looks to their names. For instance, many Vulcan names begin with T or S, and contain a V in the middle. They also often end with a hard K. Klingon males sometimes have a K' or L' prefix. Every species is different. Races will give some example names for most of the species listed there.

We ask that your character name be the last name of your character. You can set your @alias to your first name or nickname if you prefer, but we would like your main name to be your last name. This helps other players be able to get your name correct if posing in at a duty station (for example, referring to you as Commander Yourlastname). There is one exception. In the event you are playing one of the few races who reverse their family and given name (such as the Bajorans, please use the family name as your Name (For example, a Bajoran named Kira Nerys would use Kira as their name, instead of Nerys).

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