Logs for December 2008

Anyone can add logs. In fact, we encourage you to post any and all RP you have here. This helps others see what goes on during gameplay, and allows us to find potential plot hooks to use down the line in episodes.

Stardate Terran Date Title Particpants
57329.6 May 01, 2380 Bar Flies Devon and Falrose
57330.8 May 02, 2380 Suggestions and Conversation Smythe, Falrose, Taila, O'Toole, and Clough
57338.9 May 04, 2380 Intel and Counseling and AI's Oh My! Smythe, Taila, Falrose, Reed. Clough, and Galatea
57350.4 May 08, 2380 Hockey Check-ing In Lazlo, Falrose
57350.7 May 09, 2380 Regulations Falrose, Jyden, Clough, Neschen, and Lazlo
57355.2 May 10, 2380 Breakfast Conversations Neschen, Taila, Smythe
57358.4 May 11, 2380 Doctor's New Bed Falrose, Crayn, Galatea, Neschen
57364.2 May 13, 2380 Naked Weddings and Mac & Cheese Falrose and Clough
57367.4 May 15, 2380 Into The Great Wide Open Far too many people to list
57370.7 May 16, 2380 Engineering Breakfast Corder and Falrose
57380.9 May 20, 2380 Fishes and Kids Medes and Hunter
57389.6 May 23, 2380 What Am I Thinking? Clough and Falrose
57394.0 May 24, 2380 Laughter Is The Best Medicine Neschen and Smythe
57402.9 May 27, 2380 Tea and...Crumpets, Anyone? Neschen and Smythe
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