What Am I Thinking?


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Scene Title What Am I Thinking?
Synopsis Falrose puts his moves on the Second in Command, and finally gets his kiss
Date May 23, 2380

Holodeck Five

The holodeck's yellow-on-black grid is gone, and in its place is a lush landscape of thick grass, blue sky, and brilliant sunlight. Not far in the distance, there is a small lake (or really, pond) with softly rippling waters. On one side, there is a row of trees that could be twins to Earth's weeping willows. The other 'shore' is a fine, pale sand several feet deep over smooth rock. The air is warm and a gentle breeze mists across the setting. At first glance she is perhaps difficult to see, but on the beach by the lake a thin black blanket has been spread, and a scantily-clad XO is reclining on it, her head pillowed on her hands and her eyes closed against the sunlight.

The archway whooshes into existance not far up the beach from the Commander. The door opens to reveal Mackenzie, and he cocks his head to the side. "Um… Why…" He takes a step inside, with a confused look on his face. "Computer, who is using this holodeck?" The computer responds, flatly, "Holodeck Five is currently not in use." He drops the heavy duffel onto the sand. "Shit." He sighs, and then looks around, and sees the Commander. His jaw hangs open just slightly for a moment, and then he slowly smiles, leering a bit. "…Commander Falrose reporting for duty, ma'am." He says, with a cocky smirk.

Clough isn't surprised by the Orion's arrival. After all, she has that damnedable third eye that doesn't allow many to sneak up on her. Instead, when the bag drops and then Puck approaches, she simply squints open one eye to a slit and offers a grin. "So, have you found a bug in the wiring, or is Galatea just pulling your leg?" At the moment, even beyond her current state of dress, she seems utterly relaxed and at ease.

Falrose chuckles, and there's no need to be psychic to have a pretty good idea of what he's thinking. In fact, his Orion scent even begins to change, ever so subtly. He scratches the back of his neck, shrugging, which lifts the whole jersey with the padding beneath it. "I dunnow. Could be either, though, if it's not a malfunction, that's gonna add a whole new level of concern to my Galatea issues." He looks around a bit, and then asks, "Where is this? And…. um… Sorry I'm over dressed."

Clough pushes herself up onto her elbows, then has to balance on one so she can hide a yawn behind her hand. She her slow smile is very 'cat that ate the canary', although she doesn't explain why. With a languid stretch, she points off to the east. "About five kilometers that way is my parents' home. It's actually not in the programming, but that's where it would be. This is Medara on Betazed, and my favorite lake. I think I probably spent more time /here/ in my youth than I did at home." She shrugs and shakes her head. "You can feel free to make yourself more comfortable." She turns her head so she can study him more thoroughly. "And if you'd like to skate…I think…I can head back to my quarters. What time is it, anyway?"

Falrose shakes his head, maybe a touch too eagerly, "No no… This is… You know… Really, I wouldn't have bothered you if I had known you were in here." He smiles, "Honest, you're fine." Damn fine, he thinks. "It's only like one thirty. I can… I can skate, you know… there are more holodecks than this one. Unless you want the company. I spread a mean suntan lotion on chick's backs," he says, with a playful smirk.

Clough laughs warmly, gesturing to the blanket that is easily large enough for two. "You can feel free to join me if you'd like, Puck. I'll always welcome the company. She settles back to her elbows again, looking out over the water. "And you're not interrupting. Or, no more than I'm willing to allow. I should've been up and gone an hour ago anyway. I must have dozed off. It was only eleven the last time I checked." She shoots a grin toward him, "You can spread lotion if you'd like to, but you can't get a tan on the holodeck. Unfortunate as that is. It's just the act of laying out that I enjoy."

Falrose smiles, and gives the duffle a little kick. "Well, we could turn the first safety levels off, if you really wanted tan." He shrugs, and then says, "Computer, Falrose beachware." There's a whish as his hockey uniform dematerializes and is replaced with a square cut style, trunk swimwear. He then strolls confidently towards her. "So, you grew up not far from here?" he asks, as he kneels down beside her in the sand.

Clough considers that, looking thoughtful and serious for the moment. "You know, I hadn't really thought about it, but that /would/ work." She turns a brilliant smile up at the Orion, her eyes bright, "Thank you for reminding me." Looking around, she brings her attention back to the current time, not what might be. "Oh, yes. I did." She smiles, "It's a beautiful place. Or, it was before the war. It will be again." She sounds confident in this, and turns her attention to the new change of ensemble.

Falrose smiles, and he moves beside her, laying down on his back, propped up on his own elbows. "No prob. I turn 'em off all the time. Hockey kind of sucks if you can't go home bruised." He looks across the water at the trees. "I was only on Betazed once, after the war. So… I'm sorry I don't remember it looking like this. Was only there a day, though."

Clough looks just a touch sad, though not deeply. She nods and smiles, her eyes distant. "So am I. It was quite a sight to see some years ago." She shakes her head, "But as I said, it will be again. It's just going to take time." She watches him settle back on the sand, and lays back herself, settling once more onto her blanket and pillowing her hands beneath her head. Smiling again, she regains some of her earlier humor. "Do you enjoy the bruises, or just enjoy giving the doctors something to do?"

Falrose glances at her, "Oh, man… Honest? Not a fan of doctors. I mean, I don't HATE them or anything, just… I dunnow… They get all up in your business…" He sighs. "I think the bruises help remind me I'm gonna be okay, ya know? That I can control what—" Then he cocks his head a bit, and asks, "You're doin' that thing, aren't you?"

Clough's brows both arch in surprise, and she turns her head so she can squint through the sunlight at the Orion. "That depends on what 'thing' you're talking about. I'm chatting." She chuckles, "If I'm doing anything else, I'm not aware of it."

Falrose nods a little, "Okay… I just… You know…" He looks back at the trees on the other side of the water. "Just wanted to make sure you were chattin' and not Counselin'." He chuckles, "Shrinks really drive me insane."

Clough laughs at that easily, settling back and letting her eyes close again. "Considering I never /was/ a counselor, I think I'd have a…challenging…time trying to counsel you. I'm a physician, but my specialties are in microbiology and genetics. I didn't even /enjoy/ the psychology I had to take."

Falrose nods once more, "Good." He then lays back as well, and turns his head to look at her. "Your parents make it through the occupation, Callie?" he asks, with a softness that is more sensitive than his normal demeanor would make one think he's capable of.

Clough nods, sighing. "They did. We were very, very fortunate. Both of my parents survived, and my brother. My sister has lived on Earth for several years, so she wasn't there. Baelyn was the…most changed…after the occupation, but we all did survive." She shrugs mildly, eyes never opening as she speaks. "I think I had the easiest time of it. I was /inserted/ on the planet to help with the resistance. I was prepared and /able/ to fight back, and I suppose I'd seen enough by then that I had very little reluctance to use my…talents…offensively."

Falrose rolls onto his side, "Whoah. Seriously? Like, you can kill people with your MIND!?!" Yeah. Dumb jock engineer.

Clough finally opens her eyes, but reliving the story has taken any laughter from them. They are instead dark, dark, empty pools. "No," she counters without inflection. "I can make them want to die. To the point that they do."

Falrose slowly raises his eyebrows, "Damn…" He grins, but it's an awkward, uncomfortable one. "Just killing them would be less sucky." He rolls back onto his back, and says, looking skyward, "I've felt that way. It's not a good place."

Clough sighs softly, shaking her head, "Neither is taking my home and torturing the people in it. Typically, I don't go for the 'eye for an eye' mode of justice. But I was /there/, and I saw first-hand what was happening." She closes her eyes again. "I hope I'm never in that situation again."

Falrose shakes his head, "No, I… I didn't mean… You know, I GET what you did. I mean, well…" He sighs, "I saw all my action aboard a Klingon Battle Cruiser. I know what it's like to be so… well… cold."

Clough smiles slowly, but there is still a lingering sadness in the lines of her brow. "It isn't a natural state for Betazoids. We were forced into a situation where we had to be what we /weren't/. A great many are still suffering with that."

"Sorry. The war sucked for a lot of people," Mackenzie says. "We've got a chance to do some great stuff here on the Redeption, though. Maybe you can work off anything you still carry with you from that?"

Clough's smile eases, and when she cracks open her eyes, most of the sadness and emptiness has been chased away. "I sincerely hope so. Thus far, it's been exactly the assignment I've needed." Her smile shifts toward a grin, and she nods, "And the crew has been well beyond that."

Falrose looks over at her. "Yeah? I mean, I guess I am pretty great." He grins.

Clough laughs, nodding her agreement. "Of course you are. The best Starfleet had to offer. At the moment." She is teasing, and it's obvious, her humor returning with the glint in her eye.

Falrose grins, a little flirtatiously. "Yeah. So, at the moment then, what's the deal?" he asks leaning a little towards her. "You give any thought to those regulations?"

Clough arches a brow, her lips pulling into a wry smile. "The regulations? I've not come up with a way to keep Ray from tossing us in the brig from breaking them, if that's what you mean."

Falrose narrows his eyes deviously. "Can you tell what I'm thinking? Right now?" he asks her.

Clough restrains a grin with obvious difficulty, shaking her head. "I imagine I could if I tried. Is that an encouragement /to/ try?"

You say, "Just askin', is all." He smiles a little wider. "I can't read you. What are YOU thinking?""

Clough laughs softly turning to her side so she is facing Puck and propping her head up on a raised hand. "Do I have to be thinking anything at all?"

Falrose shrugs, "I dunnow. Prolly not. But…" He smiles, "You're a woman. Doesn't matter the species. You're all always thinkin' something."

Clough shifts to be more comfortable on her side, the hand not propping her head resting in front of her as a brace. She laughs, "Well in that case, I'm thinking the holodecks have no security monitoring."

Falrose leans just a little closer. "Not that'll see…" And then he leans even closer, and if she lets him, he kisses her. It's a gentle kiss, not evasive, and it's short, but he's feeling the water.

Clough doesn't draw away from the kiss, and returns it as she is given it - a gentle brush of lips on lips. Her own are soft, curved in a smile.

Falrose smirks, staying near enough she can smell his Orion scent. He looks at her confidently, and asks, quietly, "First time kissin' someone green?"

Clough thinks back over that, drawing in a slow sigh that takes in his scent. She smiles, her eyes slitted although that doesn't hide the twinkle in them. "Possibly," she allows, finally.

Falrose holds his smile, "Well… Hopefully," he says, as he pushes himself off the sand, and stands up, "You won't want it to be the last."

Clough watches him stand, chuckling wryly. "Maybe not. There's certainly something to be said for a wiry green body to stimulate that hope."

Falrose grins, "You aren't so bad yourself, Clough." His gaze drifts down her body, and then back up to her face. "Not bad at all." He scratches the back of his neck, "Dinner. My quarters. Tomorow night at 1800 hours?"

Clough draws herself to her feet, dusting away the few flakes of sand that wound up on her despite the blanket. She picks up the blanket to shake it out and looks up to grin. "Assuming we've not reached Vacca VI by then, I think that sounds reasonable." She begins to fold the blanket, then turns and bends again to tuck it into the black bag lying nearby.

Falrose watches her. If she's still reading him, it's all very locker room, but favorable of her. "Great. I'll cook. You just bring that smile of yours." He watches a second more, and then heads back towards his duffel bag. "Computer, Arch." He bends over and picks up the bag. "Return the Craters uniform, Falrose 003." There is a whoosh again, as his swimming trunks are replaced with the hockey gear once more.

Clough, while packing away her blanket, also removes two gauzy black pieces of clothing. When she straightens again, she turns to face Puck as she steps into he pants and then slips the shirt on her arms, leaving it open in the front. "Just promise not to drug me. I have the bridge the next morning."

Falrose grins, "Drug you? Wow. Please. I've never had to drug a woman in my life." He chuckles, "Charm is way more successful than medicine. Besides, if I drugged you, it might make the food I cook you take funny." He shakes his head, "We can't have that."

Clough hefts the bag onto her shoulder and steps back into her sandals. Striding across the sand toward the arch, she laughs. "Well then, I'll look forward to an excellent meal and utterly delightful company. I always enjoy being charmed. Particularly when I know it's happening." Reaching the arch, she speaks for the benefit of the computer, "Computer, end program." With a simple fade-out, the lovely program ends and the yellow-on-black grid of the holodeck returns. She glances around, uttering a mild sigh.

Falrose laughs, and sits, pulling his shoes off and grabbing the skates. "See you then." He smiles at her, and says, "Computer. Begin program Falrose 3, game 6." The room explodes into the giant expanse of the New Berlin Ice Stadium. The place is packed with people, and the roar of the crowd fills the air. Two teams are skating casually on the ice, and the temperature is chilly and crisp. "Freeze program," he then says, and it all just stops. "See you tomorow, Callie."

Clough looks around in surprise. There are few situations where she truly has /no/ experience, but hockey is one of them. The wildness of the typical hockey fan catches her interest, but she shakes herself loose as gooseflesh rises on her arms and she shivers with cold. "Tomorrow," she agrees, laughing as she heads out into the warmer corridor.

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