Suggestions and Conversations


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Scene Title Suggestions and Conversations
Synopsis Smythe greets the new Chief Engineer, Falrose, and the two eventually make their way to the bridge where they meet up with Taila. Eventually Devon and the new XO Clough arrive.
Date May 02, 2380

Captain's Ready Room

Like the bridge, the Captain's Ready Room is carpeted in a rich, royal blue that is softened by the warm beige of walls that appear panelled in suede. Between each rectangular panel are open slats, through which the soft glow of artificial illumination radiates. Additional lighting is recessed near the ceiling. With alert runners surrounding the doorway.

A rich faux-wood desk shaped much as a boomerang might be sits before the far wall, a matching shelf resting against the wall behind it. Atop the desk is an integrated LCARS display terminal and several knick-knacks accumulated by the captain from various locales. The captain's chair behind the desk is a rich maroon leather, sitting stately and tall. Near the entrance is a long couch of maroon leather to match the captain's chair. The other side of the door is more open and holds a small table that matches the captain's desk, settled directly before the replicator niche. A set of shelves along the same wall hold additional sentimental objects collected by the captain.

The overall effect of the room is one of quiet peace, even in times of chaos, where the captain can come to gather his thoughts before being called to face his duties.


Recognizable by many throughout the galaxy, the Redemption's bridge is designed for efficiency and economy of space. Where walls are visible, they are a rich, warm beige, darkened by the deep blue carpeting uniform throughout the bridge. The port-aft turbolift is flanked by the doorway into the Observation Lounge and the large master systems display monitor that fills the aft wall, showing a cutaway image of the vessel. Also located against the aft wall are two engineering consoles. The port wall is filled by the two consoles for Sciences, along with others that are programmable for a multitude of functions.

The starboard-aft turbolift, like its portside mate, is flanked by the master systems display on the aft wall, and the closed door to the Captain's Ready Room along the starboard side. In front of the door, and behind and to the left of the command area, is the tactical/security control station (comprised of two consoles). Along the starboard wall are three fully-programmable multi-mission consoles.

Finally, in the center of the bridge and facing the large, holographic viewscreen, the raised dais of the rear of the bridge reaches a V point, upon which rests the maroon Captain's Chair. This stately seat is flanked off the dais by the Executive Officer's chair and a chair for whomever the Captain invites into it. The Flight Control Officer's seat is found directly fore of the captain, with the Operation Manager's console to port.

Among the first ships equipped with the newest upgrade, the fore wall of the Redemption's bridge is dominated by a holographic viewscreen, or a standard bulkhead when the screen is not activated.

Despite the entire ship's compliment not being on board yet, there's still plenty for a starship captain to do. As is evident by the multitude of PADD's strewn across the desk in front of the man. The viewscreen built into the desk is raised up as if in use. "Understood, Admiral." Smythe says, nodding towards the screen. Slowly it descends back into the desk as he look up. "Ah, come in Commander." Standing up, he offers out his hand.

Falrose enters the room, stepping just a few steps in, before standing at attention, his hands folded behind his back, chin high. His hair is just a touch tousled, not uncommon for an Orion (they're hair tends to be unruly), but his uniform is impeccable. "Lieutenant Commander Falrose reporting for duty, sir," he says, with a slight, proud smirk.

"At ease, Commander." Smythe grins, leaving the hand extended should the offer be taken. "I try not to run that tight of a ship." As if that wasn't evident enough by the disarry of stuff on his desk. "I trust the trip here was uneventful?"

Falrose then indeed steps forward, grasping the Captain's hand firmly and giving it a solid shake. "It was, sir," he says, still grinning. "I actually ran into our Chief Science Officer last night in a bar planetside, but aside from that coincidence, the week shore was good."

Smythe grins and settles back down into his chair. "Good." he says, reaching over to set the cold cup of tea in the replicator for recycling. "Hopefully not Ga'Tok's bar? I've hear rumors they still have bloody brawls like they did when I was a cadet." A small grin twists the sides of his mouth at the memory.

Remaining standing, Mackenzie shakes his head, "No… If I had known, I woulda…" He trails off, "No sir, it was just some sports bar on the west side." He watches the Captain for a moment, "I've not been to Main Engineering yet. Has everything come online like it should? I read the shakedown reports…"

Casually, Smythe slides one of the medium-sized PADDs in front of him. "Trust me, you wouldn't have wanted to go there. They have this huge Naussican bouncer…unless someone's taken him out by now." Falrose is given a nod at the mention of the ship's status. "Everything is currently online and running at peak efficiency. Or so the last report I received this morning stated. You should find it in fine condition." A tap to the PADD. "I did have the chance to review your record before you came aboard. It definitely captured my attention."

Falrose grins at the mention of the Nausican. The smile fades, however, when the Captain brings up his record. There's a flicker of uncertainty on his face before he just says, "Oh?"

"Nothing to be to overly apprehensive about, Commander." Smythe says, doing his best to put enough reassurance in his voice to ease the officer's concern. "Just a few things that caught my eye. One being the notable entries for these 'fights'." His index finger scrolls down the display of the PADD. "Quite a few. And while I won't bother going into each one, I would just say that I don't exactly stand for petty fighting on my ship."

Falrose exhales very slowly, his gaze shifting to out the windows. He's heard this before, of course. In fact, he got a 'this is your chance' speech before he left the Lincoln. He looks back at the Captain, and nods, "Understood." There's the briefest of teeth grinding at the end of the word, and his stance stiffens a bit more towards attention.

Smythe watches with a curious eye. He's had officers like Falrose under his command before. And each one always reacts differently to the speech. "I'm not saying you can't fight. Just make sure the reason is one that won't land you a reprimand or brig time. Don't let Johnny Ensign's drunken jabs get you in trouble is all I'm saying." The display on the PADD is darkened. "Now, that being said and out of the way…welcome aboard." The last is said with a grin in hopes to loosen the Orion up a bit.

Falrose gives another nod, and answers flatly. "Thank you, Captain." He chews on his bottom lip for a moment, and then asks, "When are we expecting to be underway? I'd like to stretch her out a bit as soon as we're able."

"The word on the street is that our last few remaining staff are enroute and should be here within a week." Smythe replies, intertwining his fingers together on the desk in front of him. "After they arrive, we'll be enroute to whatever our first mission assigned to us is." Briefly his eyes dart to a smaller PADD on his desk before back to Falrose. "That is unless things escalate with the Romulan-Federation talks. But either way, you'll definitely get your chance. Though, you're not the only one." There's that grin again. "I've been wanting to push the new warp drive to see what the new upper limit is."

Falrose slowly grins, it's the charming, confident grin that only Orion's can seem to pull off without seeming over the top. "Well, I know what the report says she tops out at." He scratches his forearm absently, relaxing. "But that just seems…," he rolls his head just a bit, thinking, "…slow…" Then his grin becomes a full smile.

Smythe stands up from the chair, chuckling as he does. "Come now, Commander." he says, starting to move around the desk. Maybe he's planning to head onto the bridge? "We're pushing the close to the Warp 10 theoretical barrier with this new system. According to General Electric's specs, it puts us the fastest ship in the fleet." He pauses for a second. "Well, save for the Voyager when it was under Admiral Janeway's command and they crossed what would have taken them almost 50 years to get home in a matter of minutes? I don't think we'll ever break that record."

Falrose turns, following Smythe with his whole body, facing the man. His smile remains, "Specs are meant to be safety zones and starting blocks, Captain Smythe." He begins to move alongside the Captain, though a half step behind. "And frankly, she cheated."

"Don't say that in front of her." Smythe laughs, shaking his head. "And you're right. Spec are safety zones. But I do know that during the trial shakedown runs they pushed her pretty hard. So I think the specs might be a little more than a buffer on this one." As he talks, he moves towards the door. "I'm sure you got a brief glance at the bridge on your way here. Care for a better look?" he asks, not waiting for the response as he steps through and onto the bridge.

The Captain steps out of the ready room, and following one step behind him, is the new Orion Chief Engineer Mackenzie Falrose. "It's very impressive. I read the holographic viewscreen had some color issues at install. Has it been adjusted yet?" he asks, walking out onto the Bridge like he owns it, stepping down towards the view screen, giving the emitters a discerning look.

Smythe steps out into the bridge area, nodding at Falrose's question. "Turned out some junior project engineer has the optical relay network wired opposite." Turning a glance towards the viewscreen, he smiles. "Computer, activate viewscreen." What looked like paneling on the front wall of the bridge fades out and is replaced by the main viewscreen that offers a fabulous view of Earth orbit.

Falrose smiles as it ignites, and he kneels next to the emitter, tinkering. "We'll get it fixed. Figuring out what's wrong's the hard part. Sounds like that's been done." The image squiggles a bit, as he messes with something. He stands, and steps back from it, taking a good look. "Wonder how it stands up to a good beating." Then he looks at the Captain, "Hopefully, we won't have to find out."

"Starfleet was supposed to be sending a different crew out to repair it." Smythe replies, glancing at the fabulous image. If by fabulous you mean almost a negative image of what's really supposed to be there. "But, they tell me they got swamped with a last minute request from some Admiral. So, if you can get a team to fix it…I'm sure they wouldn't mind." Casually he leans against the Ops console, watching the new Chief Engineer do what he does best.

Taila steps down onto the bridge, carrying a datapad and, with a usual scan of the room, steps down with a bit of frustration at the screen's rendering, her mouth already opening slightly with a slight glance toward the bulkheads, as she often does when calling on the ship's AI… when she spots the Captain and the other officers about. "Still a reverse rendering, captain?" she queries, instead.

Falrose looks at the Andorian and smiles, answering the Captain, "I don't need a team, sir. I can grab my tools and do it myself. I'd like to get dirty as soon as I can."

Tilting his gaze in the direction of the new voice, Smythe tosses the Andorian a smile. "Unfortunately, yeah." he nods, titling again in the direction of Falrose. "However, our new Chief Engineer here says he can fix it in a jiffy." Another nod is given. "By all means. The sooner it gets fixed, the sooner I can check one less item off my list of things to follow up on." he replies towards Falrose.

Taila ahs, and nods, in greeting, a bit of Andorian formality creeping into her easy motions, "Commander," she says, and glances to the Captain in the events he wants to do the introductions.

Falrose doesn't wait, and steps up to Taila, holding out his hand. "Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie Falrose."

Smythe lets the two officers introduce themselves, taking a moment to glance over at the few project engineers installing an updated display panel into the science station before turning back. "The Commander comes to us from the Lincoln. A good ship, and good captain as well."

Taila nods, taking Falrose's hand, "Lieutenant Taila Birev. Flight control," and, as the Captain speaks, nods, "And the Captain would know," she smiles, affirming the compliment.

Falrose cocks his head, "Oh? Were you on the Lincoln at some point, sir?" he asks, intrigued.

"The Lieutenant served with me on the Archer." Smythe acknowledges given Taila a nod. "Best CONN officer I've had in my career. So much that I requested her transfer with me." Swivel of the eyes to Falrose. "I wasn't personally on the Lincoln. But I've had conversations with Captain Suder on many occasions."

Taila tilts her head slightly, at the compliment, though there's a bit of an involuntarily-proud arch of her antennae at that. "The Captain is known to many within the Fleet. It seems to bring us interesting assignments."

Falrose nods, and grins, "Captain Sudor is pretty alright." He is standing near the viewscreen, which is projecting in negative colors, and in front of him is the Captain and Taila.

Smythe chuckles at mention of his prestigiousness. "Really, I'm not that famous." he says, shaking his head. "I just happened to be stationed at good assignments. I call that luck." Shifting himself as he leans against the edge of the Ops console, the Captain nods. "He's a fine captain, and the Lincoln is a fine ship. Of course, so was the Archer. I'm just hoping this will be just as fine." Of course, how could it not be with a ship loaded full of the latest technology.

Taila nods, standing by the Captain at the forward consoles. "Pretty agile for her size, by the simulations, at least. Plenty of power for the delta vee, …and space. "

The doors of the turbolift hiss open, and a leggy brunette exits. Dark eyes and hair identify her as most likely Betazoid, and the red in her uniform and trio of gold pips probably identify her as the new Executive Officer. The smile she assumes when spotting the crowd on the bridge is a mild and polite one, but it only /just/ reaches her eyes and does nothing to completely banish the sadness in them. A woman who has seen too much, in too short a time. She approaches, but doesn't look to intrude immediately.

Falrose's eyes immediately gravitate to Clough, and he smiles, warmly. "Hi there." He ignores the others and steps forward, holding out his hand. "Lt. Commander Falrose, Chief Engineer."

"All aspects we'll have to put to the test for ourselves once we get outside the solar system." Smythe nods, making it clear by the look on his face he can't wait to get out and see what the ship is capable of. As Falrose greets new arrivals to the bridge, he glances in Clough's direction noting the pips and coloring. "I'll bet that's our new First Officer." he says, grinning at the woman. "Commander."

Taila glances back as the others react to Clough's arrival,with another nod, …there's a slightly, casual, social air about the conversation, for all it's on the bridge, …various busy-work in progress, in general. She nods, and repeats, 'Commander."

Clough approaches the gathering, giving a more genuine smile to Falrose when he greets her directly. She offers her hand out to take his, shaking with a comfortable grip. Her head dips slightly in greeting, and she speaks in a smooth alto, "Good evening, Commander. Commander Callisandra Clough, though I generally prefer Callie, or Callisandra." She chuckles quietly, releasing the Orion's hand, "They can add pips until they circle my neck, but they'll never get me to prefer my title to my name." Turning to the Captain, then, she inclines her head in acknowledgement. "You would surmise correctly, then. It's a pleasure to make it on board, Captain. I'll report officially tomorrow, but I thought to get a feel for the ship immediately. First impressions." She adds Taila to her smile, her gaze moving to the Andorian woman. "Lieutenant," she greets pleasantly.

There's a slight hiss of the turbolift doors as a tall young man steps onto the bridge, the teal of his uniform and the lab coat moving a little bit as he walks on to the bridge. Devon glances towards Falrose first and flashes a smile in the man's direction as he walks towards the Captain and Executive office, his eyes flicker over the people collected. The pips on his collar mark him as Lieutenant.

Falrose smiles even wider at the First Officer, "Callie…" he repeats, feeling it out. "If it suits you, my friends call me Puck," he offers back. Then he sees Devon arrive, and he jerks his head up to him. "Lieutenant!" he calls. "Welcome aboard."

Smythe straightens himself up from his leaning perch. Might as well make himself presentable. "So that makes me two for two today, I think." he recounts, indicating that he's at least correctly guessed another officer at some point. Maybe earlier in the day? "Take your time, Commander." And yes, for now he's gonna call her Commander until he gets acclimated to his crew. "I spent nearly all of my first day aboard exploring the ship from bow to stern." His eyes dart over at more movement and spot Devon. "Lieutenant."

Taila nods, as Callie approaches, and makes introductions. "Taila Birev, chief of Conn, this is Commander ..Falrose, our chief engineer, and of course, this is Captain Smythe."

Clough's eyes glint and finally, the sadness in them begins to recede. She nods to Falrose and flashes a brief grin, "I don't know how it suits me, but it definitely suits you. 'Give me your hands, if we be friends…'" She nods gratefully to Smythe. "I appreciate it, Captain. I'll see what can be seen this evening and tomorrow, but I'll report in the morning, nonetheless. We've a little time yet before we're underway, I believe?" She turns her smile to Taila and nods, "It's nice to meet you, Lieutenant Birev." She looks to the newest arrival, then, offering him a smile as well.

"Captain." Devon says towards Smythe,"Nice to see you again Puck. I told you that I would be coming here." He says smiling pleasantly. His eyes go to Taila and then to Clough,"Hello Lieutenant and Commander." He says affiably a slight hint of a brogue colouring his voice as he speak. Slipping his hands into the pockets of his labcoat, "I am Lieutenant O'Toole." He says pleasantly.

Falrose is all smiles, "Toole's and I met last night planetside," he explains, about Devon. He looks back to the Captain. "Almost the full command crew. That's good. Maybe we can get a drink together before we break dock, get a feel for each other." He gives Callie the slightest glance as he says the last. That's two entendres at her in five minutes.

Watching the interaction between your officers. One of the many things they teach you in Command School. But the observation is broken by Clough's voice. "My ready room, then tomorrow morning." he acknowledges, nodding. "We have a short time, yes. Last report I had from Starfleet Command was a week until we're turned loose. However, they want us on standby should there be more issues at the Romulan-Federation talks." His gaze darts to Devon. "Our new Chief Science Officer. I read your file before you came on board. Welcome."

Taila nods, smiling thinly, "I'm sure we can fit something in …there's always the forward lounge, at least, if we can get an hour," She glances to the engineer for a hint at whether that viewscreen might be corrected soon.

Clough bows her head, attention returning to the Captain. "Certainly, Captain. I'm fairly sure I can, at least, find my way there with little difficulty. Never a dull moment in diplomacy," she remarks wryly. She smiles for Devon, greeting, "Pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant. I'd say welcome aboard, but as I've just arrived, I doubt I really have the right." Turning a nod to Falrose, she agrees, "A drink would be welcomed, and far beats unpacking. I never seem to manage that until at least two weeks after arriving anywhere. Which makes two or three day shore leaves interesting, to say the least." Her lips quirk at Taila, and she shrugs, gaze drifting toward the viewscreen. "I don't know, it adds something of a film noir feel to the bridge."

"O'Toole, Not Toole." Devon says correctly Falrose's use of his name,"Or you can call me Dev. I've been working on my unpacking already. It should be an interesting trip this time. I've never really gotten to do the full on explorative mission before. My work has mostly been in ships that are observing specific phenomenons."

Falrose nods at Devon, "Sure, Dev," he says, with just enough sincerity that he might even mean it. "No worries on the exploration. It just means more action, adventure and excitement," he reassures the Lieutenant, with a tone that marks him as yearnful of those dangers. He chuckles about the viewscreen, "Just gives me a headache," he says, maybe meaning it hurts his eyes, or maybe meaning having to waste his time on fixing a stupid mistake is a headache. "We'll be ready when we need to be, Captain," he assures his XO, before nodding farewell to the others. "I need to get my hands on an engineering tricorder and the electrostatic decoupler to take care of that." He smiles once more, "It's good to meet all of you." Then he heads for the turbolift.

Taila nods, with a bit of a smile for Devon, "I think we'll be seeing some pretty spectacular things, soon enough… Perhaps, with the Engineer's note of confidence, we could even spare a few minutes for that drink, I could use a synth, myself."

Clough tilts her head, watching Falrose depart with a thoughtful smile. "Not used to having people to order around yet, is he?" she comments to the remaining crowd. "That was, perhaps, the hardest lesson for me to learn. I still have the inclination to help out in sickbay. I tend to, as well, until I get a handslap for butting in." Her lips quirk toward a grin, "It gets better the longer I wear the red, though. But old habits…"

"I'd expect nothing less, Commander. Pleasure meeting you and again, welcome aboard." Smythe directs towards Falrose as the officer heads for the lift. Clough is given a warm smile and nod. "I would hope so, Commander. If not, I'm sure the Galatea can give you directions. Or even an escort." A humorous grin twists his lips. "Are hard to break." he adds, finishing Clough's comment. "Oh, you'll have plenty of things to do on here, Lieutenant." he says toward Dev.

"Oh! I am not worried at all. Actually I'm rather excited about the whole thing right now." Devon says with a light laugh,"I'm hoping we can find interesting things for my department to do. There's not always new things for the Science department to explore." He says shaking his head a little bit and keeping his hands in the pocket of his lab coat.

Falrose steps into the turbolift, and raises his hand at the others in one final farewell, before the doors slip shut.

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