S01E01 - Deliver Us - Part 2


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Scene Title Deliver Us - Part 2
Synopsis With the abducted Boraalan's beamed aboard, the crew sets forth to aid them.
Date 29 May 2380

Cargo Bay One

After all the excitement on the bridge, one would think that things would calm down a bit. But not the case. The cargo bay is currently in the process of being converted into a medical triage center. Though, vastly undermanned at the moment and what little crew is here tries moving containers and boxes to the cargo transported to shift to Cargo Bay 2. The 'visitors' haven't arrived yet, as Ops on the bridge waits for clearance to beam them over.

After not too much consideration, Joed thought it would be good to head on down to the cargo bay and await the arrival of the Boraalans. This will be a scary time, for them. As well, it could be prudent to speak with Nikolai Rozhenko if he is among the people who arrive. So now she waits patiently, helping out in little pieces here and there to make the place suitable for the arrivals.

Reed follows Joed into the cargo bay and stands by one of the outer bulkheads, letting the cargo handlers shove things aside in order to make room. A look of concern creases her brow.

Ordered down to the cargo bay to meet the guests by the Captain, Lex had to make a brief stop to replicate up some portable medical equipment along the way. Making her way in, she looks about for a sign of anyone who might be injured … but they're not here yet. Hence, she waits.

Palomino wasn't ordered in by anyone, but as the shuttlecraft aren't in use currently and are all in fine and good shape, Honey's picked most of the best and burliest from this shift to come with her to go help lug things, leaving a skeleton crew up in Maintenance to call her if they need the team recalled Since the crew's still a little short, and all. She never minds a bit of heavy lifting, either. And is curious, of course.

Taila steps in, sporting a small tricorder as things are made ready for the arrival of the refugees, slightly keyed up from recent excitement, and looks over the bay, and glances to the Doctor, "It's likely they'll be… panicked, I suspect, Doctor."

As the last of the cargo containers are beamed out, the Petty Officer at the transporter console taps the comm button. 'Cargo Bay One to Ops. You're clear to transport at any time now.' 'Acknowledge, Cargo Bay One. Transporting now.' Queue the sound of Federation transporters. And queue the appearance of just over one hundred members of the Boraalan culture. Among them, there are about fifteen who are laying flat, not moving. But all wear the traditional clothing of their people. And they look a might bit confused and afraid.

Reed blinks and holds her hands up as the Boraalans beam in. "Oh dear. Lot of people." She glances to the others then holds up her hands. "Everyone, please… we are not affiliated with the people who were transporting you. We're here to help in any way we can."

Joed steps up towards the Boraalan people, slowly and cautiously. Holding her hands up, she says in a peaceful, non-confrontation tone, "Don't worry. I know you must be confused and frightened. I am Taleria Joed. These people you see around me?" She motions to everyone around in Starfleet uniforms, "Are here to help you. As I am. Don't be afraid. We come in peace."

Taila clicks her compin, holding back for the moment as she surveys the scene, with a look of concern. "Taila to bridge, it looks like we have them, I count… twelve or… make it more like fifteen unconscious." The tricorder comes into play, as she scans for anything out of the ordinary, if anything about the situation could be called ordinary."

"We're from the United Federation of Planets," Lex begins as she immediately steps amidst the crowd of Boraalans with tricorder in hand, "Nobody is going to hurt you. I'm a doctor … I'll heal your sick and injured." She speaks predominantly to the older male Boraalans present, obviously she's read some of the research reports from the outpost on Boraal II. She moves towards the ones who are lying on the deckplate, scanning them.

Palomino has outlived her usefulness as a lugger-of-boxes, so she just stands by, watching and looking friendly and nonthreatening.

The group of Boraalan's edge backwards just a bit as Lex starts to scan and approach some of the immobile members. Most seem apprehensive, some curious. But it's the voice that echoes out that sounds neither. It sounds more….certain. "Please, do not fear them." the male-sounding voice says, from somewhere amongst the crowd. "Remember what the Seer told us. That if ever bad things were to happen, there would be those who would help us. As has happened in our past." He's still unable to be seen, but many of the Boraalans are turning towards the owner of the voice.

Reed glances over to the voice that just spoke. She glances to the other Redemption officers, then tries to get a decent vantage point for a visual on the voice.

Joed looks around, trying to locate the source of the voice. She's learned well enough in her time to play use what little information she can glean to their advantage. "Yes…that's right. The Seer told you correctly. We are those that were spoke of. We are here to help you." She tries looking over the heads at the person who said that, to no help. "Please…who said that? Are you the leader? I'd like to be able to see you."

Lex inclines her head to try and see where the voice came from but she doesn't go prowling about to find it's origin. She's more concerned with the injured Boraalans, continuing to scan them in an effort to find out the nature of their injuries.

Taila nods, at that, turning the tricorder to the man who spoke, nodding at the man who spoke up, and murmuring to the combadge, "Taila to bridge, it seems we've found Roschenko." Then to those who approach, "Please don't be alarmed. You're safe for the moment. We heard of your distress, and came as quickly as we could, first, let's tend to those most injured." There's a pause, "This all may take some time to explain, please be patient."

"I am not Seer Roshenko." the male voice states, as the crowd parts to let him through. He looks rather young, but wearing traditional robes and hood. "I am Vorlan. The village chronicle keeper." he states, nodding to Lex. "They will not bother you as you treat those that are injured." The rest of the Boraalans start to cluster themselves off to the side, allowing the injured to be in the open. They're reluctant to talk, instead letting Vorlan.

Joed nods at Taleria. "It is good to meet you, Vorlan. As I said, I am Taleria. Is Seer Roshenko not among you?" She asks curiously. "As the chronicle keeper, it is your job to record the village history, correct?" She says, remember that from what she read of them. "Are you able to tell us what happened to you?"

Reed approaches Vorlan alongside Joed, remaining silent for the moment, but smiling in a friendly manner to the young chronicle keeper. She briefly looks out to the crowd, seeing if she can recognize Rozhenko from his Federation file, but reverts her attention to Vorlan.

"Honey," Lex calls towards Palomino once she's completed her scans, focusing now on the more injured amongst the group, "It looks like a fight of some sort. Can some of your people help us move them up to the sickbay? I'll put in a call for stretchers." And she does just that, tapping her compin and chatting away with other medical personnel.

Palomino steps forward a little once the Boraalans seem to grow a little less antsy, then back, heading around toward Ana in case she needs any help of a mundane variety while waiting for the rest of the medics to arrive. She continues to listen to Vorlan and Joed, though, occasionally glancing to the chronicle keeper. And, what do you know, Ana does need some help, "Sure, Ana," she replies quietly, "Are there any who can walk if we help them?" she asks.

Taila nods and then says, into her commpin "Scratch that last, bridge, it's not him, but someone who was told to expect someone like us. It's all right to send the medical teams in, now, they've calmed." She makes her way over to stoop to start helping with triage.

Vorlan nods politely to Joed and Reed as they approach him. "On behalf of my people, I extend our thanks." he says, glancing briefly back to the others, and injured as calls are made. "We were attacked. Some type of crystalline beings. We could not understand their language." For a medieval-era people, he seems awfully knowledgeable in more 'advanced' topics. "The last I saw of Seer Roshenko, he was leading a group of our elders towards the caves."

"I'm not sure," Lex admits, looking over the wounded, "I've only read a little about Boraalan physiology. I think stretchers and getting them to sickbay as soon as possible would be the best course of action for now. Anyone that isn't lying on the deck could be considered walking wounded."

Joed bows her head. "We are happy to help." Glancing to Reed, she says, "I am sure that our captain would like to speak with you at some point." She thinks for a moment. "How far are these caves from your village? And how long ago did these…crystalline beings come to your village? What did they look like?"

Palomino nods quietly, "Okay," she replies, "I'll leave the posse here to help with the stretchers," she murmurs, resting a hand briefly on Ana's back and then standing up again, looking toward those who are still standing, then toward Joed, heading closer to her again, looking to her and then toward Vorlan, smiling, "Sorry to interrupt, but Ana thinks you all could do with a check-up, just in case," she indicates Ana with a tip of her head, "Is there anyone who wants to come with me to our sickbay? Or do we all want to start migrating in that direction?" she asks gently, not trying to freak out those who might still be scared with the prospect of separating them any further.

Taila frowns slightly as she looks up from whoever she's next comforting, antennae straying somewhat toward the new information. That…. has distressing implications to the Andorian, apparently, but she looks to the next person she is preparing for the medics. "Rest easy for a moment, healers are coming," she says, to one that seems to be half-coming around.

Reed nods once to Joed, "And I think Commander Clough needs to know about the caves so as to know where to look for their missing." She looks sympathetically to Vorlan, also interested in what Vorlan has to say about the crystalline abductors.

"They were…almost like ice. But…moving." Vorlan explains, clearly looking for the right words. "I…I can't explain it well. It still confuses me." he admits, starting to fluster just a bit. Until the word 'captain' is mention. "The captain. Yes. I remember now!" he says, reaching into the pocket of his robe. Pulling it out, he produces three isolinear memory chips. "Seer Roshenko said I was to give these directly to your captain."

The Boraalan that Taila is near is only conscious long enough to give a wide-eyed expression at the blue-skinned person before he passes out again.

Lex waits by the wounded Boraalans for the stretchers to arrive, doing what she can using a small dermal regenerator retrieved from her kit.

Joed smiles kindly in understanding. "You're doing fine. I know, this is all confusing. I'd feel the same in your place." She nods at Reed. "Right. I've got to talk to the Commander about that then. I should go down with her if she's planning on going." She smiles at Vorlan. "If you would like, I can deliver that to the captain while you all go have a check up to make sure you're healthy if you would like."

Palomino looks from Vorlan to Taleria and back, giving him a friendly smile, her invitation still good, even with the stamp of approval of their diplomat, now.

Reed says to Joed, "Better hurry, last I'd heard the Captain was having her take an away team down." Otherwise, she remains out of the conversation, allowing Joed to continue her dialogue with Vorlan.

Vorlan quickly withdraws his hand containing the chips. "I cannot." he states quickly. "Seer Roshenko was very clear in stating these must be delivered directly to the captain. And I assure you, I feel fine. Though I fear for some of my people. I told them not to resist. But some did not listen." he adds, sadness on his face as he glances over the injured. "Will you take me to the captain?"

Joed nods to Reed. "Of course. I'll talk to her right away." Looking back to Vorlan, she smiles softly. "We'd like it if you got checked out by our medical staff first, if that is alright with you. We just want to make sure you're alright. I'm sure you're perfectly healthy, but we'd like to double check and make sure. And then you can go straight from there to the Captain. Is that acceptable?" If it's not…well, she's sure she can make arrangements.

Palomino looks to the group clustered together with a look of sympathy, "Or we can all just chill here," she tells them, "No problem," she adds, stepping carefully back toward Ana, "We might just want to get more medical teams up here for the rest of them," she murmurs quietly. "I don't think they're going anywhere." It's not a condemnation, just a fact.

Taila frees herself up, somewhat, as the medical teams make their way in, and comes over, with a bow "I'm sure the Captain will wish to speak directly to the lorekeeper directly, under the circumstances. Perhaps we could bring him directly?" She addresses Vorlan, saying, "If any of your people who are able know those caves well, it might help us to find your elders if we could make a map."

"Well, the walking wounded can be treated here," says Lex, looking around at the Boraalans, "But these ones have injuries that need to be treated in sickbay."

Palomino nods quietly to Ana, looking up when the med teams come, and standing again to go meet them, only to decide it's probably best she keep out of the way. She can lift and carry along with the next person, but these are trained professionals.

Reed looks to Joed. "Well, Dr. Lex is here to give him a cursory onceover." She looks to Vorlan, "Would you allow our healer here to check you for injuries briefly? Afterwards, we'd be honored to arrange a meeting with our captain."

Vorlan frowns, as this clearly against what Nikolai told him. But, he has no choice but to go along with it if he wishes to deliver the chips to the Captain. "I suppose that will have to do." he nods, in Joed's direction before glancing at Reed. "That would be accceptable as well."

Joed waves Lex over. "Doctor? Would you mind coming over here for a moment? We'd like you to check Vorlan here over quickly. He need to get him up to talk with the Captain."

Lex runs the scanner over Vorlan as requested, looking at the Boraalan curiously for a long moment. Finally, she shakes her head, "He's fine. There's an elevated heartrate but I'd contribute that to nerves rather than anything else."

Taila nods, "Perhaps, then, we shouldn't make our guest wait?"

Reed nods to Taila in agreement. "Clean bill of health it is then." She looks to Joed then again to Vorlan, "Shall we?"

Palomino lingers by the exit, watching Ana at work on the Chronicleer, and then scoots out with her posse, stopping her gawkage and letting he medicos and diplomats work.

Lex nods to Reed before she returns her attentions to the injured members of the Boraalan party, dermal regenerator in hand.

Vorlan watches as he's scanned, and is given a clean bill of health. A courteous nod is given to Lex as the scan concludes. "Thank you for being understanding." he says, glancing between Reed and Joed as he prepares to be led to meet the Captain.

Joed smiles to Lex. "Thank you, Doctor." She gives Reed a nod. "I do believe it's time to see the Captain." Nodding to Vorlan, she says, "You'll see some strange things on our way up to the Captain. If at any time you have a question, just ask it. Don't be afraid to. No matter how ridiculous it may sound."

Taila nods, and looks over to Palomino, "Lieutenant, if you'd see to these people's food and water needs, see them brought in, if you would."

Lex looks at the remaining, injured Boraalans with a furrowed brow as the medicos arrive with the stretchers, "I'm transferring them up to sickbay. They should be fine but they can be better looked after up there."

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