S01E01 - Deliver Us - Part I


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Scene Title Deliver Us - Conclusion
Synopsis The Redemption arrives at Vacca VI. While the away team beams down, the Captain and bridge crew deal with some unexpected visitors.
Date 29 May 2380

Main Bridge

The bridge of the Redemption is large enough to be comfortable while maintaining maximum efficiency. Somewhat darkly colored, the bulkheads and exposed walls are a steele gray while the flooring is slate grey trimmed in a dark blue. The lighting is recessed near the ceiling, and again against the floor - in particular where a step on either side leads down into the command area. At the front, a large viewscreen reflects whatever is called for, or else the glittering darkness of space. Two consoles sit in steel grey housing a few feet back from the screen, chairs in a deep blue leathery upholstery waiting to be filled. The starboard console is reserved for the current helmsman while the port is the domain of the operations officer on duty. Further to port, and set against that wall, the engineering console is a large, l-shaped display just at the top of the step exiting the command center of the bridge.

Down the step, and in the exact center of the bridge, the stately command chair in deep blue hosts small control panels on each armrest for limited ship's control. To the right and left of this chair are two additional chairs with consoles set before them. Behind and to the starboard side of the captain's chair, at the top of the step, the tactical console is large enough for two officers to occupy simultaneously. And finally to the aft of the bridge, a trio of customizable workstations are fully programmable to any department, but generally are occupied by Sciences or Medical.

On either side of the aft console, doors lead elsewhere on the ship. To the starboard side of the console, a pair of doors provide access to the observation lounge and captain's ready room, while the door to port of the console opens into the turbolift.

Stepping off the lift, Flynn offers a cheery, "Evening Cap'n." He turns and heads for one of the Aux stations at the aft of the bridge. "Galaeta, please transfer the work from my quarters to this console."

"Transferring…" Galatea's voice responds, as the aft station comes alive with power. "Transfer complete. Enjoy, Commander." AS she finishes, Smythe looks up from the center seat. "Evening Commander." he replies, tapping a few buttons on his PADD.

Flynn nods, "Thanks Gal." Turning back to face Smythe he smiles. "It took some getting unsed to, but I find using her name rather than 'computer' is kind of fun."

"I don't know if I should take that as a complement or not." Gal's voice replies. "Good evening, gentlemen." she adds, as a chime over the bridge speakers indicates she is no longer actively monitoring conversation. "It took some getting used to, but I find she responds better to her name than just 'computer'." Smythe grins, nodding his head. "Pulling some extra clock hours tonight?"

Shaking his head slowly as he hears the chime. "I am sir. But rather than working in my quarters, I thought I'd work up here if that's okay. And my office still doesn't 'feel' quite right."

"Always takes some time to get used to a new office." Smythe replies, nodding his head understandably. "My ready room on the Archer was much smaller in comparison to here. Took me some time to get used to all the space."

"Aye sir." Flynn chuckles. Turning as he hears the lift doors he smiles at Reed. "Morning Lieutenant." The IntO greets as the clock on his panel indicates a new day.

Reed steps out of the turbolift, in the process of zipping up her uniform jacket and pulling her ponytail free from the collar as she does so. At Flynn's greeting, she smiles and replies, "And to you, Commander. Good morning, Captain." The redhead seats herself at the chair beside Smythe's not reserved for Clough.

Flynn follows Reed as she makes her way to her chair. "It would seem there's a large case of insomnia Counselor." He smiles at his lame attempt at an ice breaker. You'd think after all this time he'd be better at this. "Well. Back to work I guess." He turns a small shade of pink as he turns back to his analysis.

Smythe darts his head in the direction of the greeting and sees Reed. "Ah, hello Lieutenant." he offers, his gaze tracking her as she sets in the seat to his left. "Everything going well I trust?" he asks, querying the PADD he holds.

Reed grins to Flynn. "Let me know if there're bad dreams involved." To Smythe, Amanda replies, "All well thus far, sir… I thankfully have no major mental illnesses to report, at least nothing more severe than a nail-biting habit."

Flynn nods, "I'll be sure to do that Lieutanant. Thank you." Tapping some buttons on his console, Flynn nods at the data scrolling past.

The turbolift doors swish open and Medes steps off, reading something off of her PADD. One hand rises and tugs at her ear as she looks up, and she moves over to an Engineering console in order to begin signing in and setting up said console. "Sir," offered simply to Smythe.

Smythe grins at Reed. "I suppose I should count that as a blessing. Let me know though if you come across anything less 'mild'." he replies, glancing in the direction of the turbolift. "Ah, evening Lieutenant." he offers just as simply back.

Reed nods once to Smythe affirmatively. "Of course, sir." Medes gets a silent but friendly nod.

Glancing again at the lift as the doors open, Flynn nods at the Engineer as she arrives, and goes back to his work….briefly.

Lex steps out of the turbolift with a PADD in hand, looking critically at the contents for a moment. Soon, however, she looks up and takes in the interior of the Bridge with a partially awestruck expression. She resists the urge to lean over the shoulders of various officers at their posts, however - there is work to do.

"Evening, Lieutenant," Medes notes to Reed, considering Flynn likewise for a moment before she considers her LCARS again. She frowns down at the display a little, pulling up previous scans and maps and going over them.

As the activity on the bridge continues, there's activity from the two consoles at the fore of the bridge. "Captain, we're approaching Vacca VI." the Chief Petty Officer at CONN reports.

Smythe nods quickly. "Standard orbit, Chief." he replies, watching as the commands are executed. "Viewscreen on." As he orders, the front panel of the bridge disappears, and the main viewscreen is revealed, displaying the brown planet, speckled with green they are orbiting.

Turning at his station to look at Vacca VI, Flyn simply stands silently for now, his hands clasped behind his back.

Her fingers tap at the LCARS, and Medes brings the viewscreen online. Someone has to, it might as well be the little bald human.

Reed straightens in her chair, looking out at the visual display of the planet that's caught their attention.

Lex lowers the PADD when the planet appears on screen, unable to keep herself from pausing in what she's doing to watch.

"Ops, are we still negative on lifesign scans?" Smythe asks, glancing over and giving Medes a nod. "Thank you, Lieutenant." As the Ensign at Ops scans, she shakes her head. 'No lifesigns, sir.' Smythe frowns, tapping his combadge. "Smythe to Clough." he states, watching the viewscreen. 'Clough here, sir.' Lazily, a moon of Vacca VI floats by on the screen, a slight shimmer around it's edges. "Commander, I need you to gather an away team and head down. Let me know if you find anything on significance." 'Understood sir, Clough out.'

Squinting at the screen Flynn offers, "Um…sir? Is the moon supposed to…shimmer…like that?"

"They generally don't," Medes offers thoughtfully, "But I'm no expert on moons."

Reed blinks and nods. "Must admit that doesn't look all that normal…" she muses.

Lex has a look at the moon as well and, since everyone else is throwing in their two cents, says, "It doesn't look normal at all, no."

Smythe glances at the other officers making comments on the moon. "Lieutenant," he starts, glancing over at Medes. "Can you enhance the port and aft sensor arrays? Maybe we can get a more detailed scan of the moon." 'Transporter Room Two acknowledges confirmation of the away team's transport, sir.' the Ops Ensign replies. "Thank you, Ensign." His gaze darts to Reed and Lex at their comments.

"Enhancing port and aft sensor arrays, sir," Medes agrees, frowning a little as her stubby scarred fingers flick over the LCARS in front of her.

Reed glances to Smythe, her cheeks flushing a bit. "Apologies if I spoke out of turn, Captain."

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Smythe grins and nods to Medes. "No apologies, Lieutenant. I value the opinions of my officers." he adds, turning his attention to the science station. "Ensign, coordinate with Lieutenant Medes so that we can fine tune the sensors and get a detailed scan of that moon." 'Aye sir.' is the response, as the Ensign sets to work scanning to moon, while at the same time shifting the calibration data over to the engineering station. 'Sir, I'm getting some odd readings from the moon. Almost as if it's….a reflection.' the science Ensign responsed.

About that moment, as the image of the moon on the viewscreen is being tracked, it disappears. In it's place, a ship appears, with some sort of transport container in a tractor beam.

Lex squints at the image on the viewscreen, leaning forward slightly as she tries to get a better idea of what sort of ship it might be. Her concentration doesn't stop her from murmuring to herself, however, "Well, that certainly explains that."

From the science station, the Ensign turns towards the bridge, and Captain. "Sir, I'm reading lifesigns aboard the….container." he says, turning back to the data.

Reed frowns, then her eyes widen. "Captain, just a shot in the dark, but is someone trying to RE-relocate the Boraalans..?" She peers at the container, then looks towards Smythe.

Medes begins to scan the container, but then stops when the Ensign beats her to it. She frowns mildly, goes back to monitoring systems.

Stepping off the turbolift and onto the bridge is none other than Taleria Joed. Nothing special about that, other than the diplomatic aide not usually spending any time on the bridge. She frowns.

"It would appear that way, Lieutenant." Smythe replies, eyeing the ship on the screen carefully. The design faintly resembles a Romulan warbird….but….crystalline in nature. "Strange design." he comments quietly, before glancing at Medes over at Engineering. "Lieutenant, can you try hailing the vessel? All frequencies." He hears the doors open, and glance back over his shoulder to give Joed a nod.

"It would appear that way, Lieutenant." Smythe replies, eyeing the ship on the screen carefully. The design faintly resembles a Romulan warbird….but….crystalline in nature. "Strange design." he comments quietly, before glancing back at the Ensign at science. "Ensign, can you try hailing the vessel? All frequencies." He hears the doors open, and glance back over his shoulder to give Joed a nod.

The Ensign nods and begins to transmit the hail. As soon as the signal starts, the ship on the screen starts to glow brightly.

"Romulans don't build ships like that," Lex murmurs curiously to herself, tilting her head as ancient memories of a lifetime not devoted to medicine come bubbling to the surface, "At least I don't think they do." But then the news of people aboard the container sinks in and she cannot help but move towards the science station to look over the Ensign's shoulder, "Wait, there are people in there? In a transport container?"

Reed winces a little as the unidentified vessel begins to light up like a Christmas tree. "Bloody hell…" she mutters to herself.

Joed shakes her head, frowning still more. "That is certainly not a Romulan design, Captain." She stares at the ship which begins to glow. "First of all, Romulan ships don't glow. There's something different about them." Turning to the ensign in charge of hailing the ship, she asks, "Any response?" Sure, that's usually the captain's job, but she wants to know.

The Ensign glances over to Joed and shakes his head. 'No Lieutenant' he says, failing to notice the activity on the screen as he responds to Lex. 'Yes, Lieutenant. Reading over one hundred biosigns."

But Smythe does, and is immediately on his feet. "Shields." he orders, watching the screen intently. The ship glows brightly for a moment longer before the light disharges in a flash. The ship rocks, and red alert klaxons sound.

Lex wasn't exactly expecting the ship to be rocked suddenly so she stumbles backwards a few feet, managing to steady herself against a bulkhead before taking a careful and prolonged look around the Bridge. As much as she wants to know how the one hundred plus biosigns out in space are doing, the crew are foremost in her duty of care, "Is anyone injured?"

Galatea's voice comes over the speakers. "Scanning….." she says, pausing for a moment. "No injuries reported yet, Lieutenant."

Turning back to his console, Flynn taps a few keys. "Working on a signature for that flash, weapon…whatever!" He blinks as his eyes adjust to the flashing mood lighting but he works quickly.

Joed has to steady herself on a railing to stop herself from falling down. If anything, she falls half onto the railing just to make sure she doesn't fall anywhere else. "What readings have we gotten from the ship? Do we know /anything/ other than the number of life signs?"

Reed squishes herself into the chair's upholstery in preparation for the shockwave, enough that it prevents her from being thrown out of it, but just barely. She swallows a bit, the level of annoyance on her face rising just a touch. Amanda shakes her head in response to Ana's question.

Flynn watches as the readouts scroll past quite quickly. "Slow down Gal…just a bit." Nodding as they continue to scroll, "Thanks." He turns now to the command pit. "Modified EMP. Nothing like it on record."

Fingers fly over the science console as the Ensign responds to Joed. "I'm having trouble getting a full scan on the container. It appears as though there's a dampening field in effect."

Smythe glances at Flynn with a raised brow. "Nothing?" he asks, turning back to the screen. Obviously shield were raised in time, as systems are still online. "Tactical. Target location of the tractor beam and fire." Regulations be damned. They fired first. As the phasers light up, the area of the alien ship glows red. But the beam doesn't drop. "Damn."

Lex has little to add since nobody is wounded and as such she remains quiet, dwelling still near the science station so she can keep getting a look at those biosign readouts.

Flynn shakes his head. "None sir. and I've checked all the databases I can find." Another window pops open on his display. "Might I suggest rotating shield frequencies. Maybe we'll get lucky and set up a harmonic in that tracotr beam."

Joed listens to the jabber back and forth, nodding to the answers to the questions she asked. "Thank you." She says in response. "It's a strange design to me to. Nothing I've ever encountered in all my travels. It is completely new to me, that ship design." She shakes her head.

"Excellent idea, Commander." Smythe says, nodding towards Flynn. When Joed mentions not recognizing it, he glances at her with a raised brow. "Nothing at all, Lieutenant." he asks, turning his head towards the CONN station. "Helm, edge us in a bit closer, try to get our shields to overlap the vessel. Ops, when we're in position, rotate harmonics. Maybe we'll get lucky." Both stations go to work, as the Ensign at Science frowns. 'Captain, as we get closer, I'm getting clearer readings. It's the Boraalans. Most appear ok. But there's a few that are reading faint lifesigns.'

"No wonder they're faint," Lex says, peering over the Science officer's shoulder and shaking her head, "Floating around in a glorified cargo crate isn't going to do anyone any favors. Captain, can you do anything to get them out of that container and over here? I'm sure they could use treatment."

Joed shakes her head. "Not at all, Captain. I mean…I could probably list of species who have a similar kind of technology, but none of them have ships that look anything like this." She is silent for a moment. "Perhaps the are moving the Boraalans for a reason? Maybe there was something wrong with them? Or the planet?"

Reed frowns. "They did take initial hostilities, but they could think us a threat to the Boraalans. The fact that they're refusing communication and that some of the Boraalans in there are injured, however…" She trails off, but the implication is grim.

As the Redemption edges closer and closer to the alien ship, it begins to pulsate. Slow at first but faster as the starship edges closer. When the Redemption's shields are in place, Ops starts the rotation. At that moment, there is a high pitched screeching heard for a few seconds, and then in a flash, the ship is gone. Over at Science, the Ensign gasps. 'Captain! I have clear lifesigns. Dampening field is no longer active.' Over at Tactical, the Lieutant nods. 'Confirmed. No sign of the alien vessel either.'

After regaining his composure from the screech, Smythe glances over at both the Science and Tactical stations. "Ensign, Lieutenant, let's get those people off that container." It's a silent order to transport them to the ship. Green eyes dart over to Lex. "Lieutenant, would you be so kind as to see to our guests? They might be a little disoriented."

Reed looks to Smythe. "I believe my services may be in need as well, sir, if you've no objection..?"

"Of course, Captain," comes Lex's reply, tucking the PADD away before she takes off at a jog towards the turbolift.

Joed shakes her head. "That is different." She says, though she doesn't seemed phased at all by the fact that the ship just disappeared. Looking up at Smythe she says, "Captain, if I may? I'd like to go down to help the Boraalans. Help ease their transition."

Smythe settles back down in his command chair and swivels it around. "Absolutely." he agrees, nodding to both Reed and Joed. "Keep me apprised of what transpires. Obviously, the Prime Directive has already been broken, so don't worry about facial reconstruction. And keep an eye out for a Nikolai Roshenko. He's our contact."

Reed nods once. "On it, Captain. I've looked over his file, I should be able to recognize him on sight." She rises from her seat to join Lex on her path to the lift.

Joed nods a bit. "Nikolai Roshenko. Of course Captain. I'm sure me and the counselor shall be able to have a good talk with him." She smiles, following her fellow crew-mates onto the turbolift.

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