S01E01 - Deliver Us
Season No. 01
Episode No. 01
Director Neutron
Asst Director -
Story By Neutron

Episode Summary

Dispatched to Vacca VI, the Redemption encounters an alien race never seen before that seems to be set on relocating the Boraalan people.


List of participants

Associated Logs

Stardate Terran Date Title Description
57410.7 29 May 2380 Deliver Us - Part 1 The Redemption arrives at Vacca VI. While the away team beams down, the Captain and bridge crew deal with some unexpected visitors.
57410.7 29 May 2380 Deliver Us - Part 2 With the abducted Boraalan's beamed aboard, the crew sets forth to aid them.
57410.7 29 May 2380 Deliver Us - Conclusion The away team arrives on the surface of Vacca VI and encounters Nikolai Roshenko.
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