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Scene Title Regulations
Synopsis Clough falls victim to more Falrose flirting in 10-Forward.
Date May 9, 2380


Falrose wanders into Ten Forward. He's clearly off duty, judging from his clothing and his floppy, old-European style hat. He looks around, with an annoyed look on his face, and makes his way to the bar, where he sits. He gives the Tellarite bartender a nod, "Hey, Gurgee." The Tellarite makes some kind of a grunt of acknowlegement, and then asks, "Normal death?" Falrose nods, and a moment later, the Tellarite places a large metal stein of Klingon Blood Wine in front of him.

Clough turns an amused smile to the security chief, shaking her head. "It's a start, but that's as far as I'm willing to go tonight. Welcome on board, Lieutenant. Relax. Pretend like we're going to be friends serving together for several years." She's serious, too, and her smile is genuine despite the amusement. She glances at the occupants of the table Jyden was near, her smile growing a fraction as it settles on the CMO. "Good to see you again, Elia. I hope you found your way back to quarters last night?" A nod and "Lieutenant," is offered to Lazlo. She catches Falrose entering, but doesn't turn to him just yet. She does, however, grin when she overhears the 'normal death' remark.

Neschen glances over at Falrose as he enters, still smiling a bit. It's a nice, polite smile. She almost manages to hide the surprise at seeing the Orion. It's only a flicker, really, visible on her face. "I can see that I'm going to need to make sure Lieutenant Reed arranges for the weekly boxing matches in the Fitness Center. Callie, would you be interested in the first title bout," she asks, quirking a brow at the XO, lips twitching. "I figure you and Lieutenant Lazlo for the first title bout, then two weeks later, Lieutenant Jyden can take on the winner."

Lazlo takes a deep, solemn breath and stands to extend a hand towards Clough. "Indeed," he says. "I'm sure we haven't met. Lieutenant Spencer Lazlo. I'll be serving as the ship's computer engineer." He nods his head slightly and then looks in Neschen's direction, tilting his head to the side, clearly missing the point of her boxing remark.

Jyden nods to Clough, "I'll do my best, but, I'm the Chief Security Officer. Relaxed demeanor wasn't in my past psychological assessment. A new post is always a bit stressful. So much to do." He motions to the table, "Would you like to join us?" His eyes lay on the Orion entering the ship, and they narrow slightly, before he shakes that feeling off, moving to take a seat at the table, glancing to Elia, "Well, that'd hardly be fair."

Falrose leans his elbows on the table, and sighs. He takes a drink of the thick liquid, and swallows hard, a gentle smile curling the very corners of his mouth in enjoyment of the taste. He sits the stein down, and cocks his head a little. Then he lays his hands flat on the bar, feeling very gently, and he closes his eyes, like he's trying to mind meld with the counter.

Clough considers Elia's suggestion for a long moment. Finally, she shakes her head and grins. "There has to be some perk of being XO, right? Shouldn't /I/ get to take the winner?" Her lips twitch in the corners, obviously entertained by the conversation. "But as the person in charge of keeping us functional, I'll leave final decisions to you, of course." She tilts her head, gaze sliding back to Jyden. Chuckling, she remarks, "C-Sec doesn't mean you can't be at ease on occasion. /Particularly/ here. Trust me. One of my closest friends is C-Sec at one of my past assignments. Or was, at least." She dips her head, "And thank you. Perhaps in a moment." With that remark made, she turns to track the Orion in the lounge. "Puck!" she greets with a grin. "How now, spirit? Whither wander you?"

Neschen just shakes her head and laughs quietly, then leans toward Lazlo slightly, as if to aside. Her voice is loud enough to be heard by the others. "I get the distinct impression that things are going to be quite interesting," she tells him. "I promise not to get any betting pools started. As CMO, I'm not allowed."

Lazlo smiles faintly. "Well, we can all take comfort in that," he replies softly. After biting his lip for a moment, Lazlo nods his head. "Well, I think I should be off. I have a number of, er, things I'd like to accomplish before turning in for the evening," he proclaims. Lazlo looks over at everyone wearily. "I'm sure it will be a pleasure working with you all." He manages a smile and stands from his seat.

The C-Sec nods to Lazlo, "A pleasure meeting you, Lieutenant. I'm sure you'll be very busy, what with the advanced… 'interface' this ship's supposed to be using." He looks to Neschen, "I would strongly discourage betting, but… I'm sure that reaction is predictable." He leans forward, "/That/ man is our Chief Engineer?" He asks Neschen, in a low tone.

Falrose opens his eyes, and looks towards the voice calling to him. It takes only a moment for his bright greens to land on Clough, and he smiles, "Spirits is right, anyway," he says, holding his stein up in greeting. "Out making friends?"

Clough half-listens to the conversation behind her as she approaches the Orion. She grins to his greeting, eyes glinting with mischief. "Something like that, anyway. It's good to see you out. No more sparks, or collapsing ceiling tiles?" She pauses a beat, then adds, "Or Executive Officers making inopportune use of the turbolifts?"

Neschen glances over toward where Jyden is looking then offers a small smile and a nod. "If I'm not mistaken, yes," she tells him quietly. "Of course, I haven't had a chance to meet him yet. Most folks I know by face from their briefings." She then looks up at Lazlo, the smile gentling. "Have a good evening, Lieutenant," she says quietly. "I apologize if I startled you."

Lazlo manages a soft chuckle at Jyden's comment. "Yeah," he replies. "I hear the 'interface' is quite nice." He smiles and pushes in his chair. "Oh, no, you didn't startle me," he replies to Neschen, nodding his head as a confirmation. As Lazlo moves for the exit, he offers a nod of recognition towards Falrose before passing through the threshold and into the corridor.

Jyden just gives a raise of his eyebrow and a raise of his drink to Lazlo as he departs, before turning back towards Neschen, "From what I've read, he's an…. intereasting character."

Falrose pulls his head a bit, with a coy smirk, as he says, flirtatiously, "Oh, there's sparks, Callie." He winks, "Definitely feeling sparks." He turns a bit, and takes another drink, sitting the heavy stein back onto the counter. "And…" He looks back at her, saying with a suave confidence, "…if you REALLY want to make inopportune use of the turbolifts later, have a drink with me." His smirk grows to a full grin.

Clough's eyes crinkle in the corners. Laughing, she shakes her head. "I think it's a bit early in the tour yet to be breaking /every/ regulation. But the offer isn't unappreciated." She nods toward the bloodwine he's drinking. "You don't do much by half measures, do you?" She grins, "Not a complaint, mind."

Elia gives Jyden a little smile and laughs softly. "I do believe that can be said for most all of us," she murmurs quietly. "So, how are you liking the ship so far?" She leaves the private conversation, well, private.

"I mean intereasting from /my/ professional standpoint." Elia seems to head away from the subject though, so Jyden follows along, "I just arrived a few hours ago. I've been combing public areas since then. She seems well proportioned." He leans back in his chair, "To be honest, its my first posting on a ship like this. I haven't even been /assigned/ to a Starship since the war."

"Well," Mackenzie says with a grin, "You just let me know which ones we CAN break." He looks at his drink, and shrugs, saying with just the slightest hint of unease, "Now you sound like my Father." He takes a heavy drink, returning the glass to it's rest, and looking back at the Commander. "Did a tour aboard a Battle Cruiser during the Dominion war. Old habits, I guess…" He makes a kind of yucky face, "Though the synthohol version could use some work."

Clough chuckles gently, shaking her head. "I know I have a lower voice than some, but I hope I don't sound /much/ like yor father." She grins, "And yes, I've heard that from a few Klingons I've met. But in general, most things are better as the original." She grins, "And I'll take a look at what regulations are the weakest. But, I suspect our CSec would take me to task even for considering."

Elia settles back in her seat, chatting quietly with Jyden for the moment, keeping half an eye on Clough and Falrose. She seems comfortable. Mostly.

Falrose nods, "Jyden seems stiff." He shrugs, "Haven't met him, just, based on his records." He smiles at her once more, "Tell you what. You take a look at the regulations, and when you figured it out, we'll have dinner. You can fill me in."

Clough laughs softly, nodding. "I think that sounds like an excellent offer. And incentive to work it all out quickly." Her smile softens, but looks a bit regretful. "Unfortunately, I was only stopping in for a moment, though, and I'm afraid I need to be heading on. I hope you enjoy your bloodwine, though. And your night."

Falrose nods, "You too, Commander." He smiles, and turns back to his drink.

There was more to this scene, before and after. This is all I have logged, unfortunately. If anyone else has it and wants to add it, I'd love that.

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