Meet the DA (Diplomatic Aide)


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Scene Title Meet the DA (Diplomatic Aide)
Synopsis Meet n' Greet with the new Diplomatic Aide
Date 29 May 2380

Captain's Ready Room

Like the bridge, the Captain's Ready Room is carpeted in a rich, royal blue that is softened by the warm beige of walls that appear panelled in suede. Between each rectangular panel are open slats, through which the soft glow of artificial illumination radiates. Additional lighting is recessed near the ceiling. With alert runners surrounding the doorway.

A rich faux-wood desk shaped much as a boomerang might be sits before the far wall, a matching shelf resting against the wall behind it. Atop the desk is an integrated LCARS display terminal and several knick-knacks accumulated by the captain from various locales. The captain's chair behind the desk is a rich maroon leather, sitting stately and tall. Near the entrance is a long couch of maroon leather to match the captain's chair. The other side of the door is more open and holds a small table that matches the captain's desk, settled directly before the replicator niche. A set of shelves along the same wall hold additional sentimental objects collected by the captain.

The overall effect of the room is one of quiet peace, even in times of chaos, where the captain can come to gather his thoughts before being called to face his duties.

Sitting at his desk when the door chimes, Smythe doesn't issue the customary 'come' command. Instead, taps a button on his desk to issue the answering chirp. "Visitor, Captain?" comes the sound of a woman's voice from the side of the viewscreen facing him. As Joed enters, Smythe nods. "If memory serves, Admiral, our new diplomatic aide." he responds. The man on the screen chuckles. "I'll let you get to it then. Brand out." The screen fade blank. Smythe grins and taps the button to retract the display into the desktop. "Come in, Lieutenant. Have a seat." Probably a bit less formal than most officers are used to.

Joed enters into the Ready Room with quiet comfort and plenty of ease and calmness. "I surely hope I'm not interrupting anything, Captain." She says kindly, with a little smile. "Thank you for seeing me, Captain. I thought it might be prudent to meet with you." She says with a slight nod, taking the seat across from the Captain. This may be a bit less formal for most officers, but if it is for Joed, she doesn't seem to show any signs of it.

Smythe chuckles and shakes his head. There's a humorous glint in his eyes as he does. "Absolutely not. That was just Admiral Brand at Starfleet Academy. Giving me an update on my sister's progression for graduation." he admits, settling back in his chair. "And the Admiral loves to talk, so I welcome the interruption that saves me from that. So, what is so prudent that you wish to discuss, Lieutenant?"

Joed chuckles ever so slightly, grinning. "Ah, Admiral Brand…I do believe I remember the Admiral from my Academy days. Quite an interesting person, eh?" She smiles. "I'm sure if my brother were in the Academy, I would be doing checks on his progress there." She says casually. "It isn't so much one thing in particular that I wished to speak to you of. But I wanted to introduce myself, face to face." She adds with a nod. "As much as I might digress in admitting it, I'm not as young as some in the crew, and I've been around the galaxy. I just want to make sure that you know I'm always available to assist you. And I've seen many different species in my time. If there are any you're unsure of, give me a call. Chances are, more likely than not, that I've run into them more than once."

"Actually, Lieutenant, it was Admiral Brand who mentioned your posting to me." Smythe admits, cracking a grin. "More specifically for that reason. She felt that….with you background and experience with many different cultures and species, that I might find you a valuable addition to the crew." he starts, nodding his head. "And I appreciate you taking the time to come introduce yourself. Some of the 'younger' members of the crew I've sort of had to track down to meet."

Joed chuckles, shaking her head in slight disbelief. "Well, I'd have never guessed that the Admiral still kept a tab on my Starfleet career. It has certainly been a while." She sighs lightly. "It is an honor to serve aboard such a vessel, actually. The first of it's kind in the fleet. It is certainly a fine ship to be aboard. I am impressed." She says, nodding and looking around the Ready Room. "I am sure that I can offer you some assistance with a few species you are yet to meet. I am aware that Starfleet has begun to search the Gamma Quadrant, but I doubt we'll go there just yet. But with matters of the Alpha, Delta, and Beta quadrants I can certainly help. Though should we venture to the Gamma quadrant, I'd be more than happy to assist there as well." She smiles, with a light shrug. "You do need a bit of patience with the 'younger' crew members, I've found. But given time, they will come around. They are all good people, I'm sure." She says with a slight tilting-nod of the head.

Smythe widens the grin at Joes. "The Admiral is one that likes to keep her eye on promising cadets. Even after graduation sometimes." Smythe confirms, shifting some of the PADDs around on his desk. "Well, I've not heard of anything yet about exploring the Gamma quadrant. However, our first mission will likely be in need of some extra diplomacy."

Joed smiles slightly. "Well, that's good to know for the next time I meet the Admiral." She says lightly. "Hmm…I thought I'd heard of missions to the Gamma quadrant. But maybe I'm just jumping to conclusions. I can do that sometimes." She says smiling. "Oh? What would this first mission of ours be? I am always happy to assist in anyway possible, especially in ways of diplomacy." She says, chuckling.

"It wouldn't surprise me if we do get some." Smythe replies, nodding. "But none that I'm aware of yet on our docket." As she questions the first mission, he grins. "Tell me, Lieutenant. Have you heard of the Boraalans?"

Joed shakes her head at the question. "I can't say that the Boraalans are a people that I've actually run into in the course of my travels, I'm afraid. I haven't even heard of them, to be honest. Are we off to see them?"

Smythe nods, more in response to both the statement and question. "The Boraalans are a non-technologic race that could best be compared to Earth during the Middle Ages, if not a bit before that. Their planet was in danger. In 2370, the Enterprise participated in a mission to move them to another planet. After which, they were flagged as 'protected' by the Federation Council. Monitoring stations were disguised on the planet near settlements so we could make sure that nothing we did interfered or broke the Prime Directive." There's a pause in the explanation, before he finishes. "But yes, we are off to their new planet. Vacca VI. But to discover why the monitoring stations were destroyed and we've lost contact with our only operative under cover there."

Joed nods ever so slightly as the comments are made. "I have read a bit about the Earth Middle ages." She says slightly, letting the Captain to continue. "Monitoring stations are often put in place to keep an eye on planets, especially those the Federation deems protected." She says, nodding. "I do have experience with planets that have yet to achieve space travel. I would be happy to help with this one, to help finding the operative. It must be difficult. Is there only one settlement on the planet, then?"

Smythe shakes his head. "Last we were able to ascertain, there were two settlements." he says, frowning. "Both were affected. However, we're concentrating on the primary settlement as it was the largest. We could definitely use whatever help we can get."

Joed nods. "Of course. It won't be that easy, since they are still at a young point of development, Captain. It will be important to learn what they think might have happened. From that, we can try to figure out what really happened. Have you had any experience with a pre-warp society?"

"Only during observation missions." Smythe admits, nodding quietly. "I don't know what we'll have to deal with diplomacy-wise with the Boraalans. If it helps to understand the situation, a long range probe was dispatched after the stations went offline. Scans of the surface don't show any humanoid lifeforms. Though there are a system of nearby caves that are masked to sensors. They may be in there."

Joed nods a little. "Hmm. The people are often quite different when you end up talking to them in person than when you only observe them." She says, smiling. Though she knows he probably knows this little piece of information. "It is likely that, if something happened, they could have retreated to the caves for shelter. Do we know anything of the Boraalans other than how they were moved? Titles that they place upon members of villages perhaps?"

Smythe did indeed know that bit of information, but he lets it be explained anyhow. Courtesy. He has it. "That what we're hoping." he adds, shaking his head at the final question. "All we know is that they record their history on a scroll called the 'chronicle'. If we can find that, it might give us valuable information as to what happened in the time leading up to their disappearance."

Joed nods ever so slightly. "Hopefully they chronicle is available for our viewing. If not, it's with people who are still alive and that we are able to speak of." She nods. "Hopefully I can provide some assistance when it comes time to speak with these people."

Out of the blue, Galatea's voice comes over the com system. "Captain, we're approaching the edge of the Vaccan system." Smythe grins. "Thank you, Galatea. Smythe to the bridge." 'Lieutenant Daniels here, sir.' "Lieutenant, drop us out of warp but maintain full impulse. I want to scan the system slowly as we approach." 'Aye sir. Daniels out.' Finally he gets a chance to nod to Joed. "I dearly hope so. If not, then perhaps clues left will help us determine what happened."

Joed bows her head. "I do believe I can help. If they're alive, more specifically. As I mentioned, I believe, I've visited pre-warp societies. This was long before I joined Starfleet, and I've know it can be hard to not tell them who you really are. But I believe I can provide much assistance. Will you be wanting me to join an away team to the planet? If so…I am sure we'll be going to the doctors to get our appearances changed to that of the Boraalan's." She smiles.

Smythe smiles, a look of appreciation floating across his face. "I appreciate the offer. And will likely take you up on it." he says, nodding. "There will be facial reconstruction only. Aside from that, they are typical humanoid. That's whenever we send the away team. Which you will likely be a part of."

Joed smiles kindly at the Captain, her calm, collected, age wise eyes, gazing at Smythe as if studying him silently. "Well of course, it is my pleasure, Captain. Anyway to help. That is what I'm here for, isn't it? To help, to be a diplomat? It is my pleasure to assist in anyway that I am able to." She says with a little nod.

"Oh, trust me Lieutenant." Smythe grins, nodding his head lightly. "I suspect there will be quite a bit of opportunity to put your skills to use."

Joed shakes her head. "No more than anyone else's skills, I suspect. I'm here mostly as an advisor, I feel. But I'm glad to be here. So I will be sure to not disappoint."

Smythe stands up from his chair, smiling from ear to ear. "Believe me when I say I'm glad to have someone with an extensive history like yours on board." Extended one hand out in offering to Joed, he picks up a PADD with the other one. "I know I've held you up long enough, Lieutenant. And I should probably get this response back down to Sickbay."

Joed bows her head, standing up along with Smythe. "Well, I'm glad to be aboard, then, Captain. I hope I can come to be seen as a good advisor to yourself and others aboard this vessel." She says, with a smile. Shaking Smythe's hand, she shakes her head. "No, it seems it is I who has help yourself up too long, Captain. I do hope to see more of you sir. Have a good day."

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