Into The Great Wide Open.....


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Scene Title Into The Great Wide Open
Synopsis The launch! Fun stuff. And…..Captain Troi.
Date May 15, 2380

Main Bridge

Bridge <Deck 1> [USS Redemption]

Recognizable by many throughout the galaxy, the Redemption's bridge is designed for efficiency and economy of space. Where walls are visible, they are a rich, warm beige, darkened by the deep blue carpeting uniform throughout the bridge. The port-aft turbolift is flanked by the doorway into the Observation Lounge and the large master systems display monitor that fills the aft wall, showing a cutaway image of the vessel. Also located against the aft wall are two engineering consoles. The port wall is filled by the two consoles for Sciences, along with others that are programmable for a multitude of functions.

The starboard-aft turbolift, like its portside mate, is flanked by the master systems display on the aft wall, and the closed door to the Captain's Ready Room along the starboard side. In front of the door, and behind and to the left of the command area, is the tactical/security control station (comprised of two consoles). Along the starboard wall are three fully-programmable multi-mission consoles.

Finally, in the center of the bridge and facing the large, holographic viewscreen, the raised dais of the rear of the bridge reaches a V point, upon which rests the maroon Captain's Chair. This stately seat is flanked off the dais by the Executive Officer's chair and a chair for whomever the Captain invites into it. The Flight Control Officer's seat is found directly fore of the captain, with the Operation Manager's console to port.

Among the first ships equipped with the newest upgrade, the fore wall of the Redemption's bridge is dominated by a holographic viewscreen, or a standard bulkhead when the screen is not activated.

In the mid-morning hours of the day, the bridge is alive and humming brightly. Around the ship the various departments are securing their stations and bringing their systems online. Starfleet Corp of Engineer personnel are clearing off the ship. Everything is in preparation for the ship to break orbit. Around the bridge itself, the various stations blink and chirp, displaying their assorted readouts. Among it all, the ship's holographic AI wanders aimlessly.

The lift doors open and a big lizard steps onto the bridge. He looks about a moment and then slowly lumbers toward the Tactical console. He seems to be taking extra care not to bump into people or things as the ship prepares for the shakedown. "Warrant Officer Sstak reporting for duty." He says as he mans the console and begins the diagnostics.

This.. is one of the times when the Andorian helm officer is… quite busy, as preflight checks commence between the conn and relevant systems and departments. She gives a glance to Galataea as she wanders by the next time, and says with a thin smile, "So, it's your big day, isn't it?"

Off in one corner of the Bridge is the ship's CMO. She's apparently checking some diagnostics, her head bent over the terminal. Her uniform is damned near spit shined, with creases that could slice cheese. Neschen taps at the console, considering it for just a moment, then dips her head decisively.

Callaghan exits the turbolift quietly, then moves toward the front of the bridge to settle at Ops. Once settled, he activates the console and starts bringing all its necessary subsystems online.

As the hour has approached, the ship's XO has arrived on the bridge - and with no one else present just yet to play commander-and-chief, claimed the center chair. But, despite the chair's comfort and newness, she doesn't look all that comfortable in it. Arms resting on the armrests provided, one hand is fisted, the fingers of that hand rubbing against its palm as if itching. At least with the ship still in dock, there isn't much to do. She watches Galatea with a smile, "Puck hasn't yet managed to find your shutoff, mmm?" This comes almost immediately after Taila's comment to the AI.

The Turbolift doors slide open and Lieutenant Lazlo walks out of it cautiously. Once Lazlo officially enters the Bridge, he takes a large sidestep to the right, having no particular station to report to. He clears his throat, not to indicate his presence, but rather just to do it. He brushes his uniform off and watches quietly.

As the turbodoors open again, Lieutenant O'Toole steps out on to the Bridge with his hands in the pockets of his teal labcoat and begins walking out on to the bridge and goes off to the side for the time being. He smiles a little bit as he waits for the departure of the ship. "I trust I'm not too late, right?"

Jyden slinks out of the same turbolift, giving a nod to anyone who might acknowledge his presence, but otherwise making a silent b-line for the tactical console. He nods to the saurian as he arrives, tapping the console a few times and running his hand along one control edge. After a moment, he nods in recognition of Sstak, "Excellent work, Warrant Officer. Everything looks fine. Hopefully, we won't need to spot-weld anything on our way out."

Sstak continues to run the diagnostics, tapping his claw tips against the touch screen, as he looks to Jyden. "Thank you sir. Everything is green at the moment." The big lizard stands very still only his fingers moving as his faceted eyes watch the screens infront of him. "We should be ready on time."

Falrose steps out of the turbolift, tugging on his uniform as he does so. He's just a smidge late, having been in Main Engineering obsessing over some minute detail being just perfect. He walks confidently onto the bridge, giving only the Captain a quick nod, as he steps to the Engineering console, and powers it on, taking the seat in front of it. He licks his lips, this is his girls moment to take her first steps…

As the bridge comes to life with it's crew, the hum intensifies. Systems that had once been in standby are now seeing full power for the first time in a month. Galatea, of course, is monitoring it all. At Clough's comment she grins. "I suppose it's only a matter of time, but no. He hasn't." she says, glancing as the crew forms. She pauses at Lazlo. "I wondered when you'd finally run in to me, Lieutenant." It's said with sincereity and a smile.

Near the AI, the turbolift door swish open and just as voices are heard, Smythe and the person he is holding conversation with step out. "And then, there was this one time…that the CONN department teamed with Engineering to reprogram all of Captain Picard's PADDs to display in Naussican." Beside him, a tall man recognizable easily by the beard laughs. "Never did that when I served under him. I heard his new First Officer bought into my little misguided guidance." Yes, it's Captain Troi. Aka. Riker. As Smythe looks at the bridge in full swing, a broad grin comes across his face. "I'm glad everyone could make it." he says, glancing in Clough's direction. "Commander."

With a grin at Galatea, Callie remarks mildly, "If he gets close, let me know. I'll see if I can't find a different trail to set him on." And then, finally, the itch in Clough's hand seems to be controlled, what with an excuse to get up. Standing, she turns to the sound of the captains' voices and offers both a warm smile and nod. "Captains," she greets. "Welcome to the Redemption, Captain Troi. Systems are all checking out, Captain Smythe. No problems have been reported thus far." Stepping /away/ from the command chair, she instead moves to the side where her own waits.

Taila glances up, then, after a final verification, saying, 'Captain on the bridge,' she says, for any who might not be in range, The Captain gets one of those little nods that communicated there's no difficulties, and Riker gets a friendly smile.

Neschen continues to work quietly and glances over her shoulder as she hears the Captain's voice. Yes, she comes to attention just a tiny bit more, but there's a smile on her face, no matter how small it is. Ahh, Captain Troi. THE Captain Troi. The legend of Betazed.

Callaghan glances back over his shoulder, then returns his attention to the fore. Quietly working, yes he is.

The Gorn security officer continues to peck at the touchscreen with his claws producing a tic with each stroke. He works patiently till the test of systems and targeting in done and nods once with a quite hiss of satisfaction. "Everything checksss out asss long asss the engineers didn't get the settingsss wrong. I'm getting all the approriate sssightingsss and all are aligned." He reports to Jyden

Jyden turns his head, hearing the voices. He takes a step to one side, to give a professional and purposeful nod to the arriving officers, before turning back to his console, quietly mumbling something to himself. He glances to one side, towards Sstak, "Good, good. I'll double check that the safeties are enganged. Keep an eye on our proximity alarm. Make sure there aren't any pirates or rougish-types looking to raid the shipyards." He says, a in sarcastic good humor, as he taps the console a few more times.

No need for a traditional console at the moment, Lazlo takes a few small steps towards Galatea. "Yes," he quietly replies. "Behaving, I trust?" He returns the holographic smile before stepping back to his standing spot, near the aft consoles, out of the way of those with duties to perform.

Sitting down at one of the aft consoles and pulling up the science information, Devon O'Toole smiles a little bit as he sits there waiting. "Welcome aboard Captains." He says seriously.

Falrose finishes his final checks on the Engineering console, and looks to see there are two Captains on the bridge, not one. He smiles a bit to himself when he sees the second is Troi, and he leans a bit in the hopes a certain blind engineer might have also come. No luck. He leans back over his console, and then suddenly remembers, he's the Second Officer. Hitting a couple of quick buttons, he rises, to step over to the Captains and Commander Clough. Before he makes it there, he sees them all take their seats. Not sure if he screwed up, he just quietly sits back down, and resumes his monitoring of the console.

Reed steps onto the bridge at the moment, her freckled face trying to fight off a touch of flustering, probably whatever it was that prevented her getting here until now. She straightens her ponytail, centering it at skull's base, before finding herself a stray portion of carpet at bridge's aft. As Lazlo and O'Toole, the latter of whom she hasn't yet met, are situated there as well, Amanda smiles and offers a polite nod to the two of them.

Galatea grins at Lazlo as she comes to a stop beside him. "Define behaving myself." she grins, shaking her head. "There have been no programming or computer errors reported. My program has been operational at peak efficiency since activation." As the two Captain's appear, she smiles to both of them. "Captains." she says, nodding.

"Commander." Captain Troi replies, tossing the woman a smile before following Smythe over to the center seat. "You know, the layout reminds me of the Enterprise bridge." he comments, as Smythe settles down in the chair. "Thank you, Commander." Smythe grins, nodding at Clough before glancing up at his fellow Captain. "They did decide to model it after the Sovereign class." Captain Troi nods. "I should let you get underway. Of course, the Titan will escort you out of the system." Captain Troi says, grinning and tapping his combadge. "Troi to the Titan. One to beam over. Smooth sailing, Captain." With that, the bearded man phases out. Smythe grins and turns back to his own crew. "What's say we get this show on the road. Mister Callaghan, full power to all systems. Mister Taila, signal the Titan that we are breaking orbit. Lieutenant Jyden, Sstack. Ensure deflectors are operational. Can't have rogue objects taking us out before we get to far." And lastly, he turns to Clough. "Would you like to give the order, Commander?"

Clough studies the visiting captain for a moment, curious. She turns her attention back to her console after a moment, however, powering it up now that she can take the far more preferrable chair. Surprised by the remaining captain's offer, she looks up and over to him, brow arched. "On such a momentous occasion?" she asks wryly. It's breaking orbit, not averting an apocalypse, after all. "Thank you, Captain." Looking ahead, commands perhaps more pleasantly than Jean-Luc could ever claim, "Take us out, please." It is, however, a command.

Taila nods, with a bit of a sympathetic wink to her fellow newlywed, a Riker beams out, and nods to the Captain, "Signaling Titan, already cleared for depature lane delta, breaking orbit, aye." she says, and passes a hand up the impulse controls, with the sound of the ship's massive engines barely palpable underfoot, as the great ship climbs for space.

"Full power, aye," is the brief reponse from Callaghan at Ops. "I am showing green across the board, Captain." He glances up to the viewscreen once again, apparently waiting for what's to come.

Setting the system on auto scan, and the deflectors to navigational setting, with a final few taps of his claws, Sstak takes a slow half step back from the console and stands with feet spread. His clawed hands make their way behind his as he takes an 'at ease' position to watch for developments. He stands still and quiet, the faceted lenses of his eyes making it hard to determin what he is looking at easily. One can be sure he is paying attention to things though. "Tactical is functional, ssscreensss up to ssstandard Captain." The Gorn reporsts in a hissing voice, still he is easily understood.

Lieutenant Jyden nods to the Saurien, before looking towards the cluster of command chairs, "Tactical systems standing by sir." He steps back and crosses his arms over his chest, eyes on the viewscreen.

Lazlo smiles faintly at Galatea. "We can discuss 'behaving' later, I suppose," he says with a nod. "After all, this is a big moment for you. We can discuss that later, too." Lazlo nods his head and watches the front of the bridge, falling quiet as commands start to get passed around. He takes a deep breath. His maiden voyage.

Falrose doesn't realize it, but he's holding his breath as the command is entered at flight control to head out. His eyes quickly dart across his own console, and he hits a few quick buttons to monitor the EPS flow through the ship, and then switches to check the warp drive as it begins to do its first real churning. He taps a few keys to send some adjustments to the warp drive engineers on the other end of the system, and slowly grins. Finally, he inhales. She's moving.

Reed grins as she takes in all the countenances of the bridge officers as Redemption powers forward. It's the first maiden launch she's been part of, so any psi-sensitives in the room can probably sense a great deal of lump-in-the-throat syndrome from her. Amanda opts to remain silent and simply take it all in, both the stars moving past them on the viewscreen, and the reactions from those she's sharing space with at the moment.

Galatea smiles and nods. "I would appreciate that opportunity, Lieutenant." she says, sliding along and moving towards the Captain's chair. "Captain, current velocity is one-half impulse power." On the viewscreen, the image of Earth fades away, as the ship starts to bank out into space. As it does, on the viewscreen the USS Titan pulls in just in front of the ship. Over the bridge speakers, Captain Troi's voice comes on. "Redemption, just follow us. We'll have you out in no time."

Smythe nods in acknowledgement as each of his orders are followed. Followed by a grin at his XO's order to break orbit. "I couldn't have said it better myself, Commander. Out into the great expanse of the universe we go." he replies, a hint of humor on his voice. As the Titan's CO's voice comes on the speakers, he taps his own armrest. "Lead the way, Captain." There's a quick glance over his shoulder at Galatea. "Thank you, Galatea. Helm, match the Titan's course and speed."

Clough settles back to watch the show. She smiles, gaze on the viewscreen. She says nothing, fingers rubbing her palm again, the itch returning.

Taila nods, "Aye, sir, matching course and speed, moving to standard echelon formation…" Titan's impulse drives brighten as Redemption's escort increases velocity, and Taila matches, "Accelerating to full impulse," she reports, and has a brief glance back, in case captain Riker chances to feel be feeling impish.

Neschen doesn't have a whole lot to do at the Aft Console, so she ends up straightening, arms crossing low over her stomach as she looks ahead. There's an air of anticipation about her - this IS a momentous occasion. But there also seems to be a bit of sadness. Rather than dwell on it, though, she seems to focus on Smythe.

Callaghan keeps his hands moving over the operations console, still quiet for the moment.

Sstak stands still as a lizard on a rock as the ship breaks into her own movement. He divides his attention between the outside view and the reports comeing across the console infront of him. This is a new thing, a new ship, but old in it's way. He trust the engineers and crew to do their jobs, just as he keeps a close eye on his own. "May ssshe fly true and with honor." He murmurs in his own hissing dialect that is translated for the others.

Jyden's eyes take their turns, bobbing up and down from the viewscreen to his console, and back to the viewscreen. He was reminded why he liked duty on Starbases. But even he couldn't dismiss the pomp of the moment, as the ship started moveing, previously still and lifeless in Stardock. With a final look to the viewscreen, he goes back to his console, moving one hand from where it sits in his crossed arms. He moves the deflector's to a side screen to keep an eye on them, while queing up security patrol status, ensuring everyone was still reporting all-clear.

Falrose continues to monitor his station. Once they are on course, he closes his eyes, and just gently lays the palm of his hand on the bulkhead next to his screen. He just sits there, feeling her move.

Lazlo folds his arms across his chest and watches the bridge. His eyes glance over to Galatea every once in a while, but otherwise he just remains. He has a slight smile on his face, along with his typical expression of intense worry.

Reed's eyes fall over to Neschen, where the percentage of sorrow in her demeanor is something noticeable to her. The redheaded Aussie makes her way over, politely saying, "Latinum slip for your thoughts?"

On the viewscreen, the planets of the Sol system cruise by at a good clip. After all, full impulse is speedy. At least for sub-light speeds. The Titan takes almost a slalom course though, as if putting the Redemption's crew through it's paces. Galatea doesn't notice the looks in her direction, instead standing quietly behind the captain's chair. Her eyes flicker, almost as though she's reviewing all the data from the systems as they go. Smythe watches the course taken with a hint of a smirk. "I do think Captain Troi is trying to shake us." he says, giving a chuckle right afterward. "Let's keep up with them, people."

Taila smirks a little, murmuring to the Ops officer, "Give me tac-nav," and her eyes take on a bit of the game-face that war veterans may remember, as she moves to match Titan's maneuvers as tightly as possible, "Time to see if this big girl can move like in the sims…"

"Tac-nav, aye." Callaghan's fingers move over the appropriate controls. "Retasking lateral sensor array."

Neschen glances over at Reed and offers her a small smile. "Alek would have loved this," she tells the counselor quietly. "This…was one of his dreams. He always wanted to take a ship out, from beginning to the first cruise. Plus, this is a rather historic occasion. How are you doing?"

Sstak steps forward and begins to tap at the controls again routing more detailed and accurate info to the helm. He keeps close track of the bodies that the Titan skirts making sure the speeds and trajectories are absolutely correct before sending them on to the other stations. "Tracking nearby objectsss. Ssscanning for anomiliesss." It is hard to tell what a gorn is thinking or feeling by reading his face or body, but the hiss he emits is somehow satisfied and warm in content.

"Can't be simple with these folks." Jyden mumers to himself, taking a look to Sstak, and nodding approvingly, "Well, you're making me question while I'm even here." He smirks, looking back towards his console, revewing some of the data going out.

Falrose takes his hand from the bulkhead, checks his readings once more, and then turns his chair to watch the viewscreen.

Reed grins and watches the Titan attempting to evade the Redemption. "Little bashful for getting here late, but otherwise wonderful. Last appointment ran a bit long. Think I emptied my office's replicator of facial tissues, poor dear. Remind me to send Crewman Anatolova your direction in the next couple days." That last bit is said in hushed tones.

On the screen, Pluto is coming up fast as the two ships near the edge of the system. The Titan starts to make a lazy swing around the planet, but at the last minute moves to make it sharp turn to come inside the Redemption. The Redemption, keeps her course, it's helmsman working to follow the Titan's maneuvers. "Commander." Galatea says, turning to make her way over toward the Engineering station. "I'm detecting a slight variation in the plasma flow for the number four injector."

"What is he doing?" Smythe muses, glancing over at Clough, perhaps she has some inspiration as to what the other Captain is up to. OR maybe not. "Don't let them get the better of you, Mister Taila."

Clough tilts her head, her brows drawing together very slightly at the sudden maneuver. However, she settled comfortably again. "I sincerely hope no threats have come this close to Earth. But unfortunately, it wouldn't be the first time." Still, if there's a threat, she's awfully calm. Not that panic really helps.

Taila looks over again, antennae rising a bit at Galataea's words, "Taking us free-stick, I need full military power to ventral ECS and SIF, she says, as her hands play across the board, sweeping the bigger ship into an approximation of a barrel roll, through some contrivance of thruster power… "Now." Thrusters beneath the vessel flare to bring the vessel around in a tighter arc behind the Titan than was likely-expected of the big vessel, staying in Titan's the aft quarter.

Callaghan eyes the viewscreen as the ship comes around, then shakes his head as he turns his attention back to his readouts.

Neschen tilts her head a bit toward Reed, then nods, once, a bit of concern in her eyes. "That can be done fairly easily," she murmurs. "Thank you for bringing it up. Is this your first launch, as well?"

Sstak continues to track the objects near-by and to send the info on. He is intent on his work and keeps his maw shut as he works. The trash and sudden turns near Pluto keeping him busy with the spotting. The saurien listens for any suggestions or orders Jyden may give from his superior knowledge of these systems.

Jyden frowns, stepping forward to his console, and uncrossing his arms, both hands manipulating the tactical station. He turns his head towards the Saurian, "Keep an eye on the Planetoid, start plotting a few solutions in case she's gotten track of something we're about to." He glances towards O'Toole, giving a look as if to say, 'see anything?'

Falrose tosses Galatea an annoyed look after her EPS comment. "Don't get your holoemiters all in a bunch, princess, it's all well within expected tolerances." He turns and checks his monitor once more. He chews his lip a moment. Yeah, it's bugging him, too, even if it's just a perfectionist issue. He taps a few keys, adjusting for it.

Reed nods, the smile returning. "Sure is. Quite the bustle of activity, this. The giddiness in the room's thick enough to cut with a phaser beam."

The large ship turns, following it's helmsman's commands. She flies like a bird. Just a very /large/ bird. Managing to stay with the Titan, which levels out as it makes a partial slingshot around Pluto. But nearing the edge of the Sol System, the Titan slows to a stop and the viewscreen changes to Captain Troi's image. "I must admit, Captain. She performs better than I thought she would. Or else you have a talented pilot. But, this is as far as we go. Command want to debrief me on the Romulan talks." The Titan's CO give a nod towards the viewscreen. "Safe travels. Titan out."

As the ship completes it's manuevers, Smythe raises a brow at Clough. "I hope you didn't know something I didn't, Commander." he says with a grin before turning towards the two front stations. "Full stop." And then the image comes on with his fellow Captain. "I think it's a mixture of both, Captain. And I appreciate the compliment. Give my regards to Admiral Janeway and the others at Command." he replies, watching as the viewscreen cuts off and the other ship starts to depart back into the heart of the system. Standing, he glances around at those gathered on the bridge. "In my time as a Captain in Starfleet, I've had the honor of serving with a number of officers. EVery command is different. With both challenges and rewards. I hope, that together, we can prove ourselves worth of the new ship that Starfleet has entrusted us with. And overcome any challenge presented to us."

Clough says nothing to the captain's remark directed to her. She simply arches an eyebrow - a very Spock-like gesture from the Betazoid. The captain continues, and she nods in response to the impromptu speech. She smiles, responding quietly, "Hear hear, Captain."

Taila nods her head aslightly, as the ship glides to a relative stop, forgoing the usual 'Answering all stop,' as she relaxes somewhat, and says quietly to Callaghan, "Sheh, she'll do," with a slight smirk.

"I think we may have to pry the pilots out of their seats," Neschen asides to Reed quietly, eyes twinkling a bit. "They'll be fighting over duty shifts." But then the Captain speaks up, which means her attention goes there. Her answer is nothing more than a smile.

Callaghan nods in quiet agreement as he busies himself with his console.

"Aye Aye" Sstak acknowledges and begins to confine his own work to a more narrow goal and lets Lt Jyden begin to work. Quickly, for a gorn, he starts to tag and plot objects for tactical mapping. Noted for consideration are possible routs the Redemption might use. As the communications are exchanged he continues to work, as ordered, but holds the info for review by Jyden. He pauses and slowly turns his head to his section officer for new orders. At the captains words the faceted eyes go to him and the words are taken in.

Jyden removes his hands from the console, slowly, as the skippers exchange words. At the end of Smythe's speech, he simply nods, glancing back down to his console, "Good plotting. Glad we didn't need it." He rolls his neck this way and that, "Hopefully, this'll be about the speed of things here." He says to his subordinate.

Falrose turns and listens to the Captain. He smiles when the commanding officer is finished, and then he taps his console to dark, standing. He gives the Captain a nod, and heads for the turbolift. Time to go see how things went in Engineering.

There weren't really any abnormalities that he saw, so there was no reason to respond. If there had been something that he thought people needed to know, O'Toole would have said something. He does smile a little bit at the Captain's comments,"Let's hope things do stay this smooth." He says nodding his head.

Reed smiles to Elia. "I'll make a note to hold group therapy sessions for flight control addiction."

Galatea gives a smile to the Captain and inclines her head. "If I may, Captain. I must say this will be my fist interaction with a 'crew' in the sense it is known. But I do agree with the sentiment." she says, glancing over at Lazlo. The Lieutenant has remained somewhat quiet. But as far as she can tell from internal sensors, he's still breathing.

Smythe tosses smiles to both Clough and Galatea as she makes her statement. "Galatea brings up a good point. We're the first ship in the fleet to employ an intelligence like her. And I'm sure, as you all can tell, she seems much more than just a computer program." His eyes gaze around the bridge as he speaks. "I expect each of you, and pass the word on, that she is to be treated just as you would your fellow crewman. Understood?" Turning back around, he glances towards Taila and Callaghan. "Mister Callaghan, Mister Taila. Set course for the Vaccan system. Maximum warp."

Clough inclines her head again. "Of course, Captain." She rises, then. "Captain, if you will excuse me, please." She nods, then looks around the rest of the bridge. "Good evening to you all. Lieutenant Taila, Lieuenant Callaghan, good flying. Thank you."

Taila nods, "Vacca system, aye, sir. Than you, Commander." She lays in a course, and accelerates the vessel to warp.

"You'll have to hold them on the Bridge, I'm afraid," Lia murmurs, lips quirking slightly. "Better attendance. Either that, or you can ask Galatea to lock the ones who need it most out until we get them detoxed. Of course, I've heard that piloting tends to be a lifestyle, not simply a vocation."

"All systems remain green," Callaghan reports quietly as the ship accelerates. "Retasking lateral sensor array."

The large lizard looks around and nods to Jyden. "Thank you. Permissssion to leave the bridge?" He asks his senior. "I am at the end of my watch." He informs Jyden who doubtless knows. "Your people build differently than we do. Still the work is very good."

"Yes, yes, of course. I was here to relieve you anyway." He smiles, nodding, "You stand relieved. Have a good night, Warrant Officer, I'll see you in the morning." He taps a few of the controls, and heaves a deep breath, "And, here we are."

Lazlo tilts his head to the side, giving the large lizard a curious look before approaching the center of the Bridge. "Captain," he begins. "If you won't be needing me, I think I'll retire to my quarters. If any of the crew have any troubles or questions with Galatea, my door is always open to them." He pauses, considering the nature of the doors. "Metaphorically, of course."

Lazlo glances at Galatea for a moment. "And if you're having any issues with the crew, I'm all ears," he says to her with an added nod.

Reed grins. "Reminds me of this Welsh bloke I knew from the Academy. Couldn't pry him off the console, pour soul. Nice bum, though." She grins playfully. "Well, I'd better go finish up the day's session reports. See you in the morning." Amanda tosses a wave in Elia's direction, before turning and heading to the lift.

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