Intel and Counseling and AI's Oh My!


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Scene Title Intel and Counseling and AI's Oh My!
Synopsis The new Chief Intel and Counseling officers are greeted. Galatea makes her first appearance.
Date May 04, 2380


Bridge <Deck 1> [USS Redemption]

Recognizable by many throughout the galaxy, the Redemption's bridge is designed for efficiency and economy of space. Where walls are visible, they are a rich, warm beige, darkened by the deep blue carpeting uniform throughout the bridge. The port-aft turbolift is flanked by the doorway into the Observation Lounge and the large master systems display monitor that fills the aft wall, showing a cutaway image of the vessel. Also located against the aft wall are two engineering consoles. The port wall is filled by the two consoles for Sciences, along with others that are programmable for a multitude of functions.

The starboard-aft turbolift, like its portside mate, is flanked by the master systems display on the aft wall, and the closed door to the Captain's Ready Room along the starboard side. In front of the door, and behind and to the left of the command area, is the tactical/security control station (comprised of two consoles). Along the starboard wall are three fully-programmable multi-mission consoles.

Finally, in the center of the bridge and facing the large, holographic viewscreen, the raised dais of the rear of the bridge reaches a V point, upon which rests the maroon Captain's Chair. This stately seat is flanked off the dais by the Executive Officer's chair and a chair for whomever the Captain invites into it. The Flight Control Officer's seat is found directly fore of the captain, with the Operation Manager's console to port.

Among the first ships equipped with the newest upgrade, the fore wall of the Redemption's bridge is dominated by a holographic viewscreen, or a standard bulkhead when the screen is not activated.

Flynn snaps to attention as the doors open. "Captain on the Deck."

Smythe steps out of the turbolift, PADD in hand, not expecting to see much more than the skeleton crew they've had while the waiting for the crew to fully arrive. So of course, the sound off catches a bit by surprise. "At ease, Commander." he says, glancing at the man's collar for his rank. "And the rest of you as well." he adds, for the other crewman who stopped and came to attention.

Shortly after Smythe's entrance onto the bridge, the turbolift doors open a second time, allowing Reed to exit the liftcar. Her expressive eyes glance around at the activity on the bridge, not sure if any of the individuals to whom she's required to report in are present.

Flynn nods, at the Captain. "Just the man I was looking for actually sir." Extending his rights hand, "Lt. Commander Justin Flynn. Your new Chief of Intelligence." He looks his CO right in the eye.

Accepting the hand in a shake, Smythe releases and nods. "Starfleet Command just sent over your file a few moments ago." he states, glancing behind him as he hears the lift open again. "Lieutenant." he greets, looking back towards Flynn. "I trust your trip here was uneventful?"

The fore-port turbolift opens onto the bridge, and out steps a young human woman. Probably looking to be in about her mid to late 20's. Wearing a Starfleet uniform with no rank insignia, Galatea steps out of the lift and onto the bridge. Attached to one of her arms is a small, triangular-shaped device.

Spying the gentleman with the four pips on his collar, Reed makes her way nearby, though he refrains from interrupting his conversation with Flynn. Galatea's arrival catches her momentary notice, as does the device on her arm.

Turning to face the new arrival with no rank, Flynn nods in greeting. Back to the Captain now. "It's a pleasure to be aboard sir."

Smythe nods and tosses the man a smile. "I'm glad. From what I've been hearing from Command, we're going to be needing some Intel on some of the missions they have lined up for us." His eyes glance to the front of the bridge and a grin is tossed in Galatea's direction. He doesn't say anything as he turns back towards Flynn. "We're still waiting on a few members of the crew to arrive. Notably our ship's counselor."

Galatea returns the grin with one of her own and meanders her way over to the Engineering station which is currently unoccupied. Her path brings her near the group as she does. Standing over the console, she begins to pull up random system status reports.

Upon hearing her position mentioned, Reed smiles a bit nervously and finally speaks from her position behind the Captain, her voice notably accented with an Australian dialect. "Begging the Captain's pardon, sir, that'll be one position you needn't wait further on." A hand is extended to him. "Lt. Amanda Reed, reporting as assigned, sir."

Flynn turns, extending his hand to Reed. "Welcome aboard. Justin Flynn."

Caught in the crossfire of extending hands, Smythe quickly shifts himself out of the way, while giving Reed's hand a firm shake. "Well, then, glad to finally have you aboard Lieutenant." he grins, making a gesture towards the command chair and it's two flanking chairs. "Perhaps we should all take a seat, or we can stand if you prefer."

Standing up from the Engineering station, Galatea moves to the Master Systems Display. Fingers tapping the display the panel starts running a deck by analysis of the ship.

Reed accepts the handshakes, first from Smythe then from Flynn. At the offer of a sit-down, she replies with a smile, "C.O.'s discretion. And thank you, sir," befor making her way to one of the flanking chairs, flipping her wavy ponytail over one shoulder so as not to squish it between her back and the chair.

Following Reed to the bridge chairs, Flynn takes a seat in what would more than likely be the XO's chair a little later. Watching Galatea move from station to station, Flynn speaks up, "Um. Excuse me…why are you not wearing any rank pips? How should we address you?"

Smythe follows the two officers down the the command center and takes up his own seat in the center chair. "This beats standing in my book." he states, watching Flynn's observation of Galatea and subsequent question. He'll let her field this one. "I read your file, Lieutenant. It was, shall we say, interesting. Even more when the computer returned an article saying 'Deadliest Counselor'."

Galatea quirks her head away from the display as Flynn poses his question. As she's the only one without rank insignia, she's sure it's addressed to her. "That depends, Commander." she starts, coming to stand directly behind the captain's chair. "Most simply choose to call me Computer. But a few, such as the Captain here, use my chosen name of Galatea." She doesn't yet elaborate as to further details.

Reed blinks at Galatea's explanation as to her lack of rank adornment. Directed towards Galatea, "Pardon me asking… are you a representation of the ship's artificial intelligence then? I couldn't help but notice the device on your sleeve."

Flynn nods slowly, "I've heard about this project. Computer is too common. Galatea it is then." He blinks suddenly at Smythe's last comment and chuckles at Reed, "Deadliest heh?"

"Seems our Counselor single-handedly came out victorious at the Academy Martial Arts Tournament." Smythe explains, casting a grin to Reed. "I never made it past the semi-finals. I prefer rock-climbing to martial arts." Galatea's explain draws a nod from him. "I found Computer to be…well, frankly, insulting to what Galatea has become. She is far more than a simple computer."

"You would be correct, Lieutenant." Galatea smiles, towards Reed as she looks at the mobile emitter. "That, would be the mobile emitter that was created to allow me access to go off-ship if needed, or areas of the ship that are not equipped with holo-emitters." Yes, there are still a few.

Reed smiles abashedly. "That's gonna follow me all over the galaxy, I imagine. Admittedly, my opponents were at something of a disadvantage. I'd competed in mixed martial arts tournaments for three years as a teenager. Won two championships." She sighs wistfully. "Would've been three if I didn't get my arm broken in the '68 finals."

Flynn chuckles to himself. "Well, at least we know she can kick our butts if she has to."

Smythe grins as Galatea explains about her mobile emitter. "So far Galatea's been a wonderful asset to both myself and the ship. Never had another like her on any of my other ships." The man chuckles at both Reed and Flynn's comments. "Almost makes me question why you didn't go for Security instead. But, regardless, we're glad to have you on board. Both of you."

Galatea gives the Captain a wide grin. "Of course you have, sir. I am the first of my kind." She speaks not as though she's a computer, but more a sentient being. "If any of you should need anything, I am connected to the entire ship. All you have to do is ask."

Reed nods to Galatea then says to Flynn and Smythe with a grin from her position at one of the chairs flanking the Captain's, "Much as I enjoy the rush from it, cagefighting's just a hobby. Understanding the sentient mind's my career. No worries that you'll come in my office to find one of my patients in a triangle choke." A pause. "Hopefully."

Flynn nods, "Good to know counsellor. I'd hate to think we'd get put in a choke hold for not taking your advice."

Smythe laughs at mention of a choke hold. "Some might consider that agression therapy. Which could have some theraputic value." Crossing his arms, Smythe glances between both of the officers. "On a different note, I'll likely need both of your skills on our first mission." he says, tapping the armrest on his chair. "Starfleet Command wants us to investigate Vacca VI. Seems one of our reporting stations on planet has stopped reporting. We're going to investigate why." Behind him, Galatea drifts back towards the Master Systems Display.

Watching as the CO taps his console, "I'll try to see what I can dig up about the planet before we go sir."

Reed blinks at Smythe's explanation. "What was the station surveying?"

"It was reporting back geometric data about the planet. Temps. Conditions. Weather patterns." Smythe explains, shaking his head. "Three days ago it stopped reporting. Command thinks it may just be a malfunction in the station, but they want to use the opportunity as a chance to put the crew to a real working test." The rest of the story he'll explain in a staff briefing.

Galatea moves away from the master display over to the Science station. sitting down, she pulls up a few screens of data, scrolling it by at a rate faster than just about anyone can read.

Reed flips her ponytail over the opposite shoulder, deciding it isn't in a comfortable position where it is. "Hopefully it *is* a comms breakdown. Doesn't sound like an outpost anyone would want to attack or sabotage."

Flynn glances over at Reed as she flips her hair, a smile coming to his face…for the first time in a long time. "Agreed. I'd hate to think we were going to be putting this thing through ALL the paces our first day out."

From over at the science station, Galatea pips in, "It won't be our first day out, Commander. At maximum warp it will take us 3.425 days to reach Vacca VI." She does this without even looking away from the data on the screen. Smythe cracks a grin and then nods to both Reed and Flynn. "That's what I'm hoping as well. All the weapons systems and shielding check out, but I'd rather not make my first mission a combat mission."

Reed listens to what Galatea has to say then nods affirmingly to Smythe. "That's a hope we share, Captain. In any case, it appears we'll have ample preparation time. I don't suppose we'd have access to the last outgoing transmissions from this outpost. If so, I'd love a look."

Flynn nods as Reed speaks, then looks to Smythe as well. "I wouldn't mind a copy of those as well…" then back to Reed, "Unless you care to team up Cousellor?"

"Actually," Smythe starts, glancing back and forth between the two. "I was going to ask just that. I'll have the information ready for you both after the rest of the senior staff arrive. I'd like to brief everyone at once on the full details." There's a hint that there might be more information, but he's executing captain's discretion and waiting for the rest of the staff to hear it.

Reed grins and nods to the two of them. "Count me in then. Bouncing to roll 'em up and get to work."

Flynn grins. Standing from his chair, "Excuse me Captain." Looking at Reed, "Counsellor." Turning at last to the AI, "Galatea….it was a long day, and I need some sleep."

Smythe stands up and extends his hand out again towards Flynn. "Absolutely, Commander. If you should need anything, my door is always open." he says, tossing a sideways grin towards Reed. "That's the spirit, Lieutenant."

Galatea swivels around and gives Flynn a grin. "Pleasant dreams, Commander." she offers, getting up and moving to the Ops console at the fore of the bridge.

Reed nods to Flynn as he departs. "I should be making my way to my office to get it set up. Can't imagine I've many appointments this early in the tour, but it's good to be prepped."

Clough steps off the turbolift in time to watch the stranger in red with Lieutenant Commander pips disappear. She watches him until the doors hiss closed, then gives a hint of a shrug and steps away from the lift and toward the assemlbled group. She is once more in uniform, ready to work despite not having much work to do as yet. "So is this the super-secret clubhouse with the password and special knock?" she asks with an amused smirk.

Just after Clough steps out of the car, a small shower of sparks bursts from the ceiling, and the access hatch swings open. The Orion chief engineer drops from the opening, landing hard on his side with an, "Ooof!" He rolls onto his side, his back to the open door, and curses loudly in Klingon, "Dor-sho-gha!" before a hydrospanner falls from the opening, landing on his head. "Who the hell's using this lift!?!" he shouts angrily, rolling over to look and see the First Officer. He freezes, and then lowers his eyes a bit, "…Commander…" he greets.

Galatea taps panels on the Ops station, pausing briefly to respond to Reed. "Actually, Lieutenant, there are two requests waiting. I have been holding them until the position was filled. Crewman Filson, and Ensign Goeshen. Neither would elaborate as to their issue."

Smythe chuckles at Galatea and nods to Reed. "I can't argue with you there. I, too, prefer to be prepared." As Clough makes her presence known, he grins. "Alas, you've found it. We'll have to change it now." he jests, laughing. At least until Falrose comes through the ceiling.

Reed starts to respond to Smythe, but Clough's arrival gives her pause, and then the chief engineer falls through the ceiling. She visibly reacts but stifles the urge to squeal. Instead is a hushed, "Bloody hell…"

Clough does a little two-step to get out of the way of the falling Orion, and watches his landing and subsequent cursing. She manages not to grin outright, but the twitching at the corners of her lips suggests the urge is there. With a glance at the captain, she shrugs and remarks, "Maybe not. Clearly I don't have the right password. My apologies, Puck. I missed the memo suggesting that the Jeffries tubes are safer." Letting her amusement subside, she asks with a bit more sincerity, "Are you alright?"

Falrose slowly pushes himself up to his feet, picking up the hydrospanner with a bit of annoyed snatching. "Yes, ma'am," he responds, tugging his shirt straight to present himself a bit better. "Just a little… hiccup…" He forces a soft smirk, "The sparks are normal, though. No problem there…"

Smythe snickers almost to himself. "We'll get you the correct password, Commander." he says, glancing at the Chief Engineer as he gets himself to his feet. "As are people routinely falling through the ceiling of the ship." he jests, not bothering to suppress his grin as he glances at Reed. "Don't worry, Counselor. Our chief engineer was eager to get started on the job when we met the other day."

Galatea turns in her seat, grinning from ear to ear at Falrose. "You really should be more careful, Puck." she scolds jokingly. "Two more centimeters to the right and you would have taken out the primary EPS conduit and knocked out power to the bridge." Her eyes glance towards Clough. "Commander."

Reed grins a bit and rises from his seat. "Well, seeing as I do have some spots filled on my calendar, I'd better make my office presentable then. A pleasure meeting you all, looking forward to working with you all." She makes her way over to the turbolift. "Don't believe we've met," she says to Clough and Falrose. "Amanda Reed, ship's counselor."

Clough considers Falrose for a moment longer, then nods and offers a smile. "I do apologize for any jolts I caused." She offers a wink toward the captain, rolling her shoulders, "Perk of command. You're really the only person who can override my overrided. I /can/ just continue breaking in." Her gaze slips toward the AI and she tilts her head curiously. "Good evening," she returns. She may not know what to call the woman, but there is recognition in her eyes which would suggest she has at least heard rumors of her existence. Her stare doesn't linger long, though, traveling on to the newly arrived (and now apparently departing) counselor. "And good evening to you as well, Lieutenant. Welcome aboard. Callisandra Clough, or Callie by preference."

Falrose holds his hand out to the counsellor, "Counselor. I'm Lt. Commander Falrose." He looks at the AI, and smirks, with a touch of teasing flirtation, "Easy on the math, princess, you may short out the lift again. Unless you want me back inside you," he says, gesturing up at the open ceiling hatch. Then he sort of looks at Clough, and mumbles, "…okay, that sounded… yeah… not so good…"

Smythe smirks. "I don't think that'll be necessary, commander." he replies. "I'm sure we can allow a few new people to the club." His gaze drifts to Falrose for a moment. "Although I think even if we were to lock it down, our resourceful Chief Engineer there would find a way in regardless."

Galatea laughs, her eyes sparkling as they reflect some of the panels of light in the ceiling. "You've been crawling through me half the day." She pauses for a brief moment and the Master Systems Display switches to a rotating 3-D deck view with a map charting Falrose's path up until now.

And a lift opens again, out steps the ship's Andorian chief navigator, who carries a small case, such as optical chips are carried in, and has a glance about the place, pausing to see what she may be interrupting. "Sirs," she greets, if she isn't, and adds, "Galatea."

Reed smiles to Callie. "A pleasure, Commander." She then accepts the handshake from Falrose, just as the slip of the tongue escapes his lips. "Classic Freudian slip, Commander. Happens to the best of us. Well, if you'll excuse me, I've some unpacking to do. Sirs." She smiles and pulls her crimson ponytail from over her shoulder to behind her head, but her path to the lift is paused by Taila's arrival. "Oh, so sorry, didn't spot you there…"

Clough keeps her gaze on Reed, nodding with a smile to the redhead. "Very nice to meet you, Counselor. I hope you'll find the ship to your liking. Professionally and personally." She tries, but her eyes slide over to Falrose and she can't quite stop a flash of an immpish grin. She remarks to Reed again, though, "You're not going to have any shortage of business, I'm certain." Chuckling, she nods to Smythe. "Problem with the engineers is they always have access to the blueprints. It's impossible to sneak around them." She nods to Taila, her smile still wide for the Andorian. "Nice to see you again, Lieutenant Taila."

Falrose steps over to the display of his path, ignoring the Counselor's Freudian observation. He gives it a discerning look, and cocks his head, looking at Galatea. With a touch of annoyance, he says to her, "You've been stalking me?" He looks at the Captain, "THAT'S not in her programming." He looks back at her, "You watching us shower, too?"

"Lieutenant." Smythe says, acknowledging Taila as she appears from the lift and then grins at Clough. "This is true." he answerings, now turning to Falrose. "What did you expect, Commander? She's wired into all the systems."

"Hardly, Commander." Galatea responds, smirking. "I can't help it that I'm connected to the internal sensors. If it makes you feel any better I am currently tracking all 536 personnel that are aboard the ship." The display changes to a mass of colored dots. "And no, I don't spy on you in the shower. My ethical subroutines see to that."

Taila nods, as she's greeted by Reed and Clough, and she smiles, seeming in a pleasant-enough mood. "Likewise, Commander." She offers a hand to Reed. "Doctor?" she guesses. "Taila Birev, Flight Control."

Reed smiles accepts Taila's handshake. "Close. Amanda Reed, ship's counselor. A pleasure."

Clough almost responds to the title of Doctor, and the habitual urge to do so is very obvious. She catches herself, though, and smiles. She turns her attention to Falrose for the moment, her lips twitching again. "Are you doing something in the shower that you wouldn't /want/ watched, Puck?" She /is/ Betazoid, so just being seen nude doesn't really affect her much.

Taila smirks a little, at that. Andorians may not have a great deal in common, but amusement at some other cultures' modesty, perhaps. She glances to the first officer, and then back to Reed.

Falrose looks up at Clough, and smiles, with a flirtatious smirk, "Nothing my ethical subroutine has trouble with, Commander." Then he remembers the Captain is here, and he glances at the superior, clearing his throat, and standing a little less at ease. "Sorry, sir.

Leaning against the Ops/CONN consoles, Smythe crosses his arms over his chest and stands there with one can only interpret as an amused look on his face. "I would say be careful what you say, Commander. The XO is Betazoid. You know how they are about things like that." A playful wink is shot at Clough. This is sure turning out to be the most interesting start to any command he's had so far.

Galatea wakes the exchange with equal amusement. "Perhaps if the Chief Engineer doesn't perform the recommended maintenance when I notify him of it, then we can talk about blackmail." You can tell by her tone she's joking. Since when do AI's have humor subroutines?

Clough spreads her hands and affects a hurt expression - though the glint in her eyes rather ruins it. "But of course, we /only/ use our powers for good, Captain," she responds with enough sincerity that it practically drips on each word. To Falrose, she offers a shrug, one corner of her mouth ticking toward a smile she tries to hold back with very limited success, "Then why worry about being watched?" She considers Galatea again, her head tilted and her lips quirked. "I suppose it's a good lesson to remember, for Engineers and the rest of us alike, the brain of the ship is /not/ someone to have on our bad side."

Reed smiles and brushes a stray strand of hair off her forehead. "Well, I should be heading off before it gets too late. A pleasure meeting you all." Taila gets a nod of farewell, as do the rest, before she heads into the lift.

Taila chuckles a little under her breath at that. And nods to Reed."Counsellor." She holds up the case, slightly. "Oh, there's some data for you, Captain. Holodecks and such. Also, reporting we've got our full complement of auxiliary craft assigned and accounted for."

Falrose gives Reed a nod farewell, and then looks at Galatea, "Trust me, I perform my recommended maintenance." Then he looks at Commander Clough, and laughs, "I don't worry about it." He gestures with his thumb over his shoulder at the AI, "She may be the brain, but I'm the good lookin' one." He looks back at Galatea and smiles, "Besides, I can turn you off as fast as I turned you on."

Smythe chuckles and winks at Clough. "Right. Exactly. Good uses only." He's teasing, knowing full well the sincerity of the statement. "And you're right. Best not to get on Galatea's bad side. She does, after all, run the ship. I think we're all just here for decoration." Another wink is given towards the AI this time.

Galatea grins widely. She knows well enough how to not let crew put her in situations that could turn out bad. "WE shall see, Commander." she replies, waggling a finger at his turn off comment. "You can try, but to turn my program off requires approval from the Captain, First Officer, and Second Officer. And somehow, I think you might be on the short end of that stick."

Taila glances between Galatea and the Engineer. Pilotsand starships, and all, to have one's ship so ….personified, seems to be something Taila takes in stride, though there's a little narrowing of the antennae at the thought of the Engineer turning her off in that way, despite the good humor.

Clough offers a pseudo-solemn bow of her head toward her captain, intoning, "So good you understand, Captain." She smirks, utterly ruining the effect, and shakes her head. "Well then, don't be so quick to voice concern at being watched. Thinking of it will only assure that you don't miss any spots in your ablutions." And, like a good girl, she doesn't once comment on the ship (or anything else) being turned off or on. She grins, then, and turns that grin onto the AI. "Galatea, it's been a delight to meet you finally. I'll do my best not to let the good-looking one distract me enough to give my approval to shut you down." She winks at the computer - strange though it might seem. "But for now, I think I should follow my trail of breadcrumbs back to quarters for the evening." She focuses on Falrose again, asking with a grin, "Should I climb down the tubes back to my deck, Puck? I'd hate to damage your work."

Falrose smiles when Clough admits he's the good looking one, and seems pleased she's giving him attention. "Please," he dismisses, "Having you in my work makes me look good. I'll get the lift for you, Commander." He pushes the button, and leans coyly against the nearest console.

Smythe watches the exchange between Falrose and Clough with mild amusement. "Indeed I do Commander." he replies, as the lift is called. Galatea nods towards Clough. "The pleasure was mine, Commander. Do let me know if you need anything." she replies, before tilting her head. "Captain, I have an incoming message from Admiral Terak at Starfleet Command. Request FYEO." Smythe rolls his eyes. "Probably wants me to update him on the status of the crew. I'll take it in my ready room." As he moves towards the room, Taila, Falrose, and Clough all get nods.

Clough chuckles quietly, though she does glance briefly toward the Captain to assure herself he doesn't need her to wait. Apparently deciding it's safe to leave, she relaxes. "You're an one who's easy enough to please, then. I'll be happy to short circuit any work you point out. It's one of the few engineering tricks I'm fairly reliable at." This is said to Falrose, obviously, as she turns to watch him summon the lift. "Thank you," she adds when the doors hiss open and he affects a roguish lean. Heading toward the lift, she looks back over her shoulder at the remaining two ladies. "Lieutenant. Galatea. Good evening to you both." And thus, she beats her retreat.

Falrose smiles at the closed doors, and then looks at the Captain, raising his brow, and teasing "Well, only tell him good things. I'd just assume be outta dry dock before I get in trouble, Captain." He looks at Taila, and says, "She's somethin', ain't she?" Maybe about Clough, maybe about Galatea.

Taila nods, her duty there discharged, "So, indeed. Quite a ship… I suppose we've all had occasions when we wish one could tell us how she, ah, …feels." There's a pause. "Near finished up with that? I was going to see if I could fit in a break before I head back to quarters."

Falrose smiles, "I don't know. It wigs me out a bit, too. It adds pressure to the job now that EPS conduits have FEELINGS." He sighs, "Great image, though." He glances at Galatea, then back at Taila. "I'm trying to trace back this faulty signal echo that's running through one of the on board security channels. I'll probably be crawling around all night." His smile widens a bit, warmly, "I really do appreciate the offer, though."

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