Hockey Check-ing In


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Scene Title Hockey Check-ing In
Synopsis Lt. Lazlo checks in and meets his new Chief Engineer on the holodeck, in a hockey rink.
Date May 08, 2380

Holodeck 10

The holodeck is running program Falrose 23, a Terran ice hockey rink.

The doors to the holodeck swish open to reveal a giant, indoor ice hockey rink. There is a full crowd, filling the venue, and the two teams zip across the ice in a violent flurry of speed, slung ice chips, and hard slams into one another and the plexi boards. The puck zips across the rink through the air, straight at the doorway, which has opened right in the center of the rink, and the players all race at high speed straight towards the opening. Just as the begin to get close, the crowd is cheering so loudly that only the computer hears Lt. Cdr. Falrose say, "Freeze program," from under his helmet. The entire scene freezes, pieces of ice in mid air, the approaching players' faces scrunched in grimaces of energy. Everything freezes, that is, but one player, an Orion, who whizzes to the door, sliding the skates to a stop, flinging some ice at the entrance.

Standing in the doorway is a tall, tired-looking human. He silently looks down at his shins. His once pressed and cleaned uniform now has what might be millions of individual frozen water molecules, each of them more sinister than the last. The man takes a long, deep breath and then looks up at the skater. He clears his throat, flinches slightly, and then stands at attention. "Lieutenant Commander," he greets.

Falrose reaches up to his helmet, and unbuckles it, lifting it off his head. His sweaty, moppy hair sits all crazy when he does so, and now that the helmet's off, Lazlo can see he has a bit of blood at the corner of his mouth, with a bit of a cut there. Falrose sniffs, wiping his mouth with the back of his hockey glove, and furrows his brow. "In or out, Lieutenant. You're melting my ice," he says, with a serious look from him, to the still open door. "Lasslo, right?" he asks, saying it a little wrong, trying to remember. "The AI tech?"'

Lazlo glances at the doorway for a moment. Normally, under the circumstances, the answer would be 'out' but he'd like to make a nice impression. Lazlo nods his head and takes a step through the doorway, which closes and vanishes behind him. "Indeed. Lieutenant Spencer Lazlo, reporting for duty, sir," he says with a nod. He takes the liberty of moving out of attention, given the fact that he's in the middle of an ice rink. "Lieutenant Commander Falrose, I presume?"

Falrose smirks, "Yeah. Lazlo," he repeats, getting it right. "Sorry," he says, genuinely. "Computer, two square meters of titanium flooring beneath Lt. Lazlo's feet." A section of ice around Lazlo becomes the less slippery titanium. "Relax," he says, with a smile, as he begins to remove the giant gloves. "You've done a fine piece of work with Galatea."

"I appreciate that, but I can't take all of the credit. It was quite the project over in Research & Design," he replies with a forming smile. "I wanted to call her Janice, but Galatea won out." He nods his head and motions to the padding. "What is this game? I'm not familiar."

Getting the glove off, he holds out his green hand to shake the new arrival's. "Seriously?" he asks, a mix of surprise and insult. "Hockey. The GREATEST sport in the universe! Hell, even the Ferengi make a profit from a version of it."

"You're surprised the Ferengi can make a profit from something?" he replies with a smirk. Lazlo takes the hand and gives it a firm shake. As he retract his hand, he sticks it into the phaser pouch of his uniform, in a discrete effort to wipe his palm off. "I'm sure you read my service record — this is my first voyage," he says with a slight twitch. "Forgive the question, but in addition to my duties related to Galatea, what is expected of me?"

Falrose nods, "Well, they did adapt it to add some… flash to it, but, yeah. It's a great sport," he says, his breath making a little cloud in front of his face in the chill of the rink. "I did read it. Welcome aboard, by the way," he says, with a grin. "I've gotten instructions from Starfleet R&D that your primary function will be monitoring the AI, and making sure it continues to function as intended. There are still some brass who are concerned the smarter it gets, the more independent it may… think." He licks his lips, and continues. "Personally, I think you'll also need to act a bit as an advisor and counsellor to crew as they get used to using her—," He corrects himself, "-it. I know, for me… Well, Chief Engineers have a long history of personifying their boats. But… this is… extreme. It's odd to me to worry about my EPS conduit's /feelings…/"

Lazlo nods his head. "Yes. I've been thinking that my presence might serve as a reminder to her exactly what she is and where she came from," he replies. "I expect that the crew will adjust in time. Do you have any day-to-day requirements of me, related to the ship's mission? I know that we're in uncharted territory with the Redemption's computer systems, but perhaps there are other ways I might be able to help the engineering department?" "I find it, er, beneficial to stay busy," he adds, vaguely.

"Well, first thing, is you can keep Galatea's eyes outta my shower," Falrose says, with a slight smirk, though it's hard to tell how serious he means that. "Beyond that, I'd like to utilize you in our System's Engineering work. A lot of our new hardware is either hotwired into existing old software, or just routed through longways and slowing down the works. I'd like to see if we can't either reprogram the systems to speak better and more direct, or at least cut down the code involved to get things to work."

Lazlo nods. "I'm sure we'll be able to work through it in no time," he replies. After a moment's pause, Lazlo looks around at the Holodeck, remembering something. "I've brought on board a diagnostics program for Galatea that I recommend we run at regular intervals — every few months or so. The program feeds her sensors false data to trick her, if you will, into believing the crew has been killed off. This is similar to the testing we did prior to her installation, but much easier to administer. I fear that her feelings regarding self-termination might change as she does."

Falrose nods, "Very well. Drop me a report before we disembark, bring me up to speed on that program," he says, casually. "We aren't going to trick her into self destructing are we? I've heard about her foul up with the airlocks when they turned her on…"

"Well, it wouldn't be her self-destruction, but rather the destruction of the ship. A simulation, of course. Safety protocols would be in place to safeguard us from the same problems experienced at her, er, birth," he replies. "Starfleet's main concern for Galatea is her willingness to destroy the ship — and herself, I suppose — in the event of a biological outbreak. If she continues to grow, she might develop a desire for self-preservation."

"This was tested in the beginning phases, and she passed, of course, but with how rapidly she's developing, I fear that her reactions to a catastrophic event might change as she does. If the ship became infected with something, we can't risk allowing that to be carried aboard our derelict ship."

Lazlo sighs and takes a deep breath. "I apologize, Lieutenant Commander. I can get carried away, sometimes. This is hardly the conversation to have at an introduction."

Falrose shakes his head, "No, not at all. Trust me, it's important." He smiles, "There's SO much new on this boat, I don't know where to begin sometimes. It's a pleasure to have you aboard, Lieutenant. Listen," he says, taking a half skate closer, "If you need anything, you know… As far as you never bein' outbound and all? Lemme know. I've read your psychological profile," He holds his hands up, "And don't worry, I won't pry. I'm not a Counselor." He smiles, "Just, I understand being aboard a ship may be hard for you. Let me know if I can help."

Lazlo clears his throat. "Er," he begins. Lazlo glances at the ice for a moment. And then the ice on his pants. Oh, right, his condition. He almost zoned it out. Lazlo snaps his attention back to Falrose. "Well, I appreciate that. I imagine that eventually the crew will do their own inquiries and become curious — I don't mind. I'd be curious, myself. I just don't want any special treatment. I'm just any other member of the crew," he says with a nod. Lazlo clears his throat and gestures to the frozen holograms. Heh, pun. "If you'd like, I'll leave you to your game. I'm sure there's something in my quarters that needs straightening up," he says with a slight smile. A joke? Probably. Then again, probably not.

Falrose nods, "Sure. Oh, and hey, Spencer? Listen, when I'm off duty? Call me Mackenzie." He pauses, and then adds, "Or, my friends call me Puck. Either or." He smiles, and says, "Computer, Arch." Then he lifts his helmet up and begins to buckle it as the door appears once more.

"Very well. Puck it is," he says with a nod. As the door opens, Lazlo takes a step towards it. "Oh, and, er, Spenny is what some call me." With a final nod, Lazlo steps through the door and back into deck ten.

Smiling, Falrose calls, "Computer? Remove titanium, resume program." The floor plating vanishes, and the action begins again.

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