Engineering Breakfast


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Scene Title Engineering Breakfast
Synopsis Corder meets his Chief Engineer
Date May 16, 2380

Crew Lounge

The crew lounge of the Redemption is fairly sparse this time of night. It's nearly 5 am, so the morning shift hasn't arrived for breakfast. There are only a couple of crewmembers sitting at various tables around the large room. The only person sitting by himself, is an Orion. He has a half eaten plate of waffles in front of him, and a glass of milk. He's in off duty clothes, and has his head leaning on the palm of his hand, elbow on the table. His other hand twirls a fork in the syrup where he is staring, kind of blankly.

Walking in comes Corder, a PADD in hand which has his full attention for the first few moments in the door. He looks up finally, taking a glance around as he starts for a replicator. "Eggs, fried, and a glass of orange juice." Once it appears, he takes his tray, starting at first towards an empty table. On spotting the Orion, though, he makes his way over to that one instead. Unsure of the Orion's rank, he greets with a simple, "Hello. Want some company?"

Falrose looks up, a little surprised, "Hmm? Oh…" He sits up, letting his fork rest on the table. "Sorry… Um…" He shakes his head, and then gestures at the other chair, "Sure, I guess." He grins a little, "Not many wanting to sit with the pirate," he says, with a quick, annoyed glance towards a couple of security officers eating a few tables away.

Corder sits down where Falrose indicated, and shrugs a bit at that, grinning, "I doubt you'd be here if you were a pirate." Then he introduces himself, offering a hand, "Ensign Corder. Would you be Commander Falrose?"

Falrose narrows his brow just a hair, in thought, "Yeah… Corder…" He squints a moment, and then asks, as he holds out his green hand, "Were you the Matter and Energy guy, or the Warp Drive guy…?" He then quickly adds, "Sorry, I'm kind of distracted…"

Corder shakes Falrose's hand, then settles into his seat. "Warp Drive. Nice to meet you sir." Then he nods to the mention of being distracted and asks, "Anything I can help with? I'm ready to get to work whenever you need me to, sir."

Falrose nods, "Warp Drive…" he repats, quietly. "That's great." He smiles, "I was a Warp Drive Engineer, too. I mean, I guess I still am, technically, just… I do way more now instead." He laughs, "You'll prolly hate me for getting up in your space."

Corder takes a bite of eggs, shaking his head to Falrose's last comment. After swallowing he smiles, "I hope I do a good enough job that you don't have to, sir." Then, curious, he asks, "Was that your last assignment before this one?"

"It was," Falrose answers, with a proud grin. "On the Lincoln. She was… Well… Not as fast this girl."

Corder shrugs a little to that, and says, smiling, "Well, that's not saying much, sir. From the specs I've been reading, there isn't much in existance faster than the Redemption."

Falrose rolls his head back and forth for a moment, "Welll… That's what they SAY." He leans forward, and says a little softer, "Honestly? We haven't really taken her out and opened her up yet. Who knows how fast it really is?" Then he smiles, devilishly, "I'm itching to find out, though."

Corder nods to that with a grin of his own, "Yes sir." He eats a few more bites of his eggs and then asks, "Do you know, sir, if that's in the plan at all? To test out her capabilities, I mean."

Falrose grins, "Okay. First of all," he says, and he gestures at the floppy hat on his head, "If I'm off duty. If I'm wearin' the hat? You can call me Mackenzie. Or my friends call me Puck. Whatever. And secondly," he says, smiling again fully, "Captain Smythe's got a speed bug up his butt. I'd say, at some point fairly quickly, we'll see what she can do."

Corder nods to the first thing with a smile, "Alright, Puck. My friends call me Bram." Then he nods, showing more excitement, at the last statement. "Good, I can't wait to get a feel for it."

Falrose leans back in his chair, "Bram? Like, Stoker? Or is that short for something?" He tilts his head a bit, "You look like you're pretty active. You play any hockey, Bram?"

Corder nods to the first questions with a bit of a grin, "Both, actually. It's short for Abraham, and that was Bram Stoker's name too." Then to the latter question he shrugs a little, "When I was a kid. I usually just go running, or swimming when I'm not too distracted by work and there's a pool or holodeck available."

The Chief Engineer perks a bit, "Yeah? You aren't that old, so, couldn't have been that long ago. Were you any good?" He glances at the security guards, and then leans forward. Rather softly, he asks, "Floor, ice, or mag?"

Corder shrugs a bit and grins, "I did alright against the other kids on the McCoy, but dunno if that's a good measure." Then he answers, "Floor. Was only one holodeck on the McCoy, and it was usually being used. We usually just found a spot in the cargo bay or something. It was usually empty unless the ship was carrying extra medical supplies somewhere."

"Oh," Puck says, a little disappointment in the tone. "That's okay. I mean… It's not REAL hockey, but…" He shrugs. "Well, if you ever feel like learning to skate, I have a great program of the Apollo Stadium, where the New Berlin Craters play. It's fantastic."

Corder nods to that and smiles, "Thanks, sir…" He catches himself just as he's finished saying it, and gives a slightly sheepish shrug, "Sorry. Yeah, I'd like to try that, thanks."

Falrose nods, "Great!" He manuevers himself to his feet. "It was good to meet you, Bram. I pulled a double last night, and still have to meet with my Mother over subspace before I get to bed."

Corder nods to that, standing as well as he says, "Nice meeting you too, Puck. I'll talk to you soon about trying that rink out," he adds.

Falrose smiles, "That'll be great. Make sure you get one of the guys downstairs to let you tour the twin intermix chambers. You'll be impressed." He gives the Lieutenant a little slap on the shoulder as he passes, heading for the door.

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