Breakfast Conversations


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Scene Title Breakfast Conversations
Synopsis Smythe, Neschen, and Taila converse over breakfast.
Date May 10, 2380

Ten Forward

The Ten-Forward Lounge is a quiet, subdued space, perfect for relaxing and socializing. The doors are ribbed mahogany, inlaid with circular windows, each with the Starfleet Delta etched in its center. They are placed to starboard and port of the room, at the aft end. Between the doors is a long bar, swirled black marble supporting a white top rimmed with mahogany. The bar curves slightly at either end to enclose the area behind, where twin replicators serve the mundane orders. There is space under the bar for exotic liquors from many parts of the galaxy, and a Denebian ash sculpture is placed on the wall for decoration. Seven low stools, each made of dark metal with navy blue cushions, sit before the bar for use by the patrons. There is an open space fore of the bar that extends for a few feet until a step up to a raised platform. Just before the steps are two tables, each a white quarter-wedge with two dark chairs. The room's starboard and port walls widen a bit at the platform to create a large seating area. Four square white tables, each ringed by four dark chairs, are the main seating. Couches built against the starboard and port walls provide more, each with a half-wedge white table before it. Three more small white tables complete the arrangement, each set in front of one of the windows, two dark chairs complementing every one. The central table of these three has a 3-D chess set upon it for use by the lounge's patrons. The windows themselves look out onto the black of space, providing an excellent view whether the ship is moving or stationary. The carpeting is a deep blue, the walls paneled in a light gray that almost looks maroon under some lights. Soft mood lighting is provided by panels on the steps, decorative lights at the doors and behind the bar, and by hidden panels in the ceiling.

It's morning in Ten-Forward, and the ship's almost-CMO is seated at a table, out of uniform, eating breakfast. She's wearing comfortable civilian clothes - a loose tunic, long-sleeved and a pair of matching tunic pants.

Taila makes her way on into the lounge with a swaying gait, and makes for a replicator, saying, "Terran style steak and eggs breakfast, with, Ktarian egg over easy, and a hot tlina broth."

The doors to Ten-Forward swish lightly open, allowing Smythe access to the lounge, and then swish close behind the captain. Generally, he'd eat breakfast in his quarters, but what's life without a little adventure. Heading for the replicator himself, he is probably stopped at least three times by other officers with questions, each one answered with professionalism and courtesy until he finally makes it to a replicator. "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Rye toast, light butter." he orders, waiting only a moment before the food materializes and he picks it up. Now, to find a seat.

At hearing voices, the Betazoid looks up from her breakfast, curiosity in her eyes and a pleasant, polite smile on her lips. For a moment, her eyes move over Taila and then Smythe as they enter. Ah-ha! There's a spot of recognition that seems to spark, however briefly. The hesitation lasts only a second before she calls out, quietly, "Good morning, Captain, Lieutenant. The eggs are delightful this morning."

Taila gives a smile toward Neschen, as she steps aside for Smythe, and begins to make her way over "Good morning, Captain. Doctor." She motions a bit to besure it's all right to join the Doctor before taking a seat, and says, with a smile. "Eggs. I'm something of a fan of what the galaxy has to offer in this regard."

"Commander." Smythe grins, nodding towards Neschen and heading that way. "And Lieutenant." he adds, giving Taila the same nod. "May I?" he asks, motioning towards an empty seat at Neschen's table. "So I've heard that, about the eggs."

Neschen gestures to the empty seats at her table, smile warming. "Please, join me," she invites the other two, voice low and quiet. There's something gentle to her tone, a practiced, though likely unconscious timbre. "It is…certainly an experience," she says with a quiet laugh. "I never fail to enjoy the opportunity to try something new, though…" Here's where she looks just a tiny bit sheepish. "It's sometimes been with quite mixed results. I learned my lesson with Ferengi and their, ah, delicacies."

Taila settles in, "Now there's something not to be mentioned at the table," she smiles, though her antennae narrow a bit, ..gross stuff. "I've …brought a few patterns I've picked up along the way."

Smythe settles down at the table, his teacup and saucer with toast set lightly on the surface. "I agree. Ferengi food never set well with me either." he agrees, lifting and taking a sip of the tea. "Then again, neither did Klingon food at first. But over time, and many diplomatic functions, you grow to like some things."

"You either grow to like some things, become utterly adept at feigning the enjoyment, or you discover the very fine art of sleight of hand. Flat breads can cover a multitude of culinary sins," the CMO quips, humor a touch dry. "I've brought along a few things as well, old favorites, comfort foods. I dare say our Engineering and Ops departments have uploaded just about everything else we'd need." She appears to have almost finished her breakfast of fresh fruit and tea. There are bits of colorful berries and melon to one side of her plate.

Taila smiles, and nods,cradling her broth before taking a sip. "Klingon food is… A matter of chance for me. They like strong flavors, and whether a particular thing agrees with me is for anyone to guess."

The toast. It is crunchy. As is evident by the noise made when Smythe delves into said food. Mixing it with a sip from his tea, he waits until he finishes to continue. "I've learned to become more adept at feigning the enjoyment. Especially when negotiations are riding on how you react to a culture's food." the cup is set down, next to the remaining piece of toast and he gives Taila a nod. "There was a short period of adjustment for me, but I've actually learned to like some of the Klingon dishes."

Elia tilts her head to the side as she listens, nibbling at what's left of her fruit. For now, she's simply content to study the pair with her.

Taila nods, "Food is important to nearly everyone, one way or another. Klingon hospitality has… Interesting aspects to it. If you could not find something palatable at an Andorian banquet, that wouldn't reflect well on the hosts."

Smythe grins as he sips the tea, which has now cool off considerably since he first ordered it. "I've had the honor of attending one Andorian banquet for the Andorian Ambassador to the Federation when he was at Starfleet Command. It was, interesting." The last small piece of toast is consumed a moment later. "However, if you want an interesting dining experience, I suggest a home-cooked meal with my mother. Trust me, you will not leave hungry."

Neschen chuckles softly as she listens and nods to Smythe. "Mine is…similar," she says quietly. "And my husband was the same way. He was a firm believer that much could be conveyed through food. It is, after all, integral to pretty much every single society. They may not have politics or fighting in common, but each one has food."

Taila smiles, "You keep saying that, Captain. I'd be honored, of course. Pima's not really famed for exotic cuisine, such as you'd find at diplomatic occasions. Some of the best chipped grashek in the riding, though, our lodge. Chaani's family, though… That's another matter. You do realize they'll all be wanting to throw a wedding feast, if we find ourselves anywhere near Andoria or Cimera?"

"My mother believes the same." Smythe nods, setting the tea back on the table. "I still get messages from her about the latest banquet or meal she's hosted aboard her ship. Sometimes she'll send me video feeds from the events." Tai's comment gets a grin. "Remind me to not set a course near there, if that's the case."

Elia tilts her head ever so slightly to one side, giving Taila a curious look at the mention of a wedding feast, but she doesn't ask. "Food is love," she says finally, chuckling as she pushes her plate to the side.

Taila smiles, "You do realize who actually sets the courses, Captain? My aunt's stews could induce unavoidable navigational errors."

Smythe smirks in Taila's direction. "I could also give Galatea orders not to allow any courses that take us near there too." he jokes, settling back in his chair a bit and nodding to Neschen. "Indeed it is. In many cultures. Sometimes especially in human culture I think." A quick glance between the two officers, and then a change of topic. "I trust you two are settling in ok?"

Neschen dips her head to the Captain, smiling a bit. "I am, thank you. I've had the chance to informally talk with some of the other officers aboard. Ten Forward seems…a good place to do that. Usually over food, or drink." The smile turns a touch impish. "Everyone seems ready to get going, wanting to get checked in and to work."

Taila nods. "I've been getting a lot of sim time in, where I can, with all that's going on. New lodge and all that entails, of course, but Chaani knows better than to trust my decorating sense, so I'm mostly in the way, there."

"That it is." Smythe nods at Neschen in agreement. "When I was XO on the Val Shir, I had a habit of holding informal meetings in the lounge. Seems to put people at ease when it's less formal." His eyes dart towards the windows briefly at mention of getting underway. Outside the windows, Earth provides a serene background to the stars and space. "We'll be breaking orbit within the week. Hopefully that should get everyone settling into a routine."

Elia follows Smythe's gaze to the windows, but hers linger for a long moment. There's a brief flash of emotion on her face. Who knew, a Betazoid who is somewhat unguarded with her expressions? "By the way," she says finally, turning back with a smile firmly in place. "Commander Elia Neschen," she says to Taila, offering a hand. "All of this talk about food and I completely forgot my manners."

Taila reaches over an takes the hand, "Oh, think nothing of it, …Taila Birev. There've been so many introductions that it's easy to lose track." From context, it's clear to a Betazoid that the Lieutenant is a newlywed, happy about it if not entirely used to the idea.

Smythe watches the introductions with a grin. "I don't think there's a need to introduce myself." he says with a quirky grin. "Indeed, Lieutenant. Far too many introductions. But that's fine with me. Gives me a chance to get to know the crew I'll be working with."

Neschen laughs softly and dips her head. "I think this must be the way with new crews," she admits quietly. "The get to know you phase of things is always fascinating. Right now, we're tiptoeing around, familiarizing ourselves." She glances to Smythe. "Is there anything else that needs to be gathered, supplywise, before we launch?"

Taila smirks. "Terran lobsters. They are almost too cute to eat, but not enough so." She does glance to the Captain, though.

"Always a challenge of a new crew, yes." Smythe replies, nodding at the question of supplies. "We're just holding on a few things. The last shipment of dueterium to top off the dueterium holding tanks. Also, and this may interest you, Commander…" he says, glancing at Neschen, "…new biodbed. Starfleet Medical certified the new biobeds last week and Command put a rush on the production to get us some. I hear they're a lot more advanced than the old ones."

Elia grins at Taila and shakes her head. "I dare say we'd have half the crew wanting to save them from dinner plates and the other half melting the butter." But then Smythe says the magic words and Neschen's eyes light up, just a little. "Oh, that's wonderful! I've read the specs on the proposal, but haven't had a chance to interact with one yet."

Taila nods, there, still finishing her breakfast. "Transport concerns, sir, or will they deliver?"

Smythe can't help but grin at Neschen's reaction to the biobed news. "The USS Horatio's had one installed since they went into testing. My mother swears she'll never go back to the old ones. But they'll be installed in the next few days, so don't worry if you see a crew of engineers tearing Sickbay apart." The last is said with a sly grin before glancing at Taila. "They're bringing it to us. I talked to the captain of the transport and they expect to be here sometime tonight."

"Mmmmm," the Betazoid says with a satisfied smile. "In other words, I'd best get my nap in this afternoon, since I'll be up for quite some time tonight meeting the transport, then sweet talking engineers into installing the biobeds." She glances down at her cup for a moment then takes a sip of her mostly cold tea. "Thank you, Captain. That's amazing news. I do have one quick question, though - when would you like for me to start clearing officers?"

Taila nods to the Captain. That makes it routine as far as her department is concerned. "I can be sure you're notified when they arrive, Doctor. "

"Oh, there won't be any sweet talking necessary, Commander." Smythe says, giving Neschen a wide grin. "They already have orders to start installing them the moment they arrive. Command's orders. Not mine. As for clearing officers, prior to your arrival we had an interim CMO assigned by Starfleet Medical. He's cleared most of the crew that is currently on board. The new ones though, are all yours."

Taila nods. "Actually, Captain, I think we could dock the transport right to the starboard gangway, if haste is in order, and just shift the things right in."

Neschen mmms and nods, dipping her head. "I talked with the XO the other night, and she wasn't one hundred percent. I'll have a chat with the interim, then get started. I just wanted to make sure everything was clear."

"It's slightly large than your normal transport, Lieutenant. Especially considering it's dual cargo." Smythe grins. "I think they anticipate beaming the biobeds over and then using umbilicals to transfer the dueterium to our main storage tank." Neschen's concern is noted. "If you need to contact him, you'd be looking for Commander Julian O'Keefe. Chances are he's back on post at Starfleet Medical. Though I'm sure you can reach him for consultation."

Taila ahs, antennules arching down a bit. "I see, I'd have expected one of the yard's tenders to bring the deut." She glances to the Doctor, "Not to worry, though, it won't add up to much of a difference."

Elia's lips quirk slightly at one corner and she nods. "All part of the job of making sure the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed," she explains, smile relaxed. "Thank you both, though. I'm looking forward to getting started. On that note, I'm going for a nap - I'll be up all night."

Smythe chuckles at Taila and nods. "That's what I was expecting as well, but given that our storage tank is larger than your typical starship's tank…we're getting a special delivery." he comments, turning to give Neschen a smile and a nod. "I should get going myself. The bridge crew is probably wondering where their CO is right now. It was a pleasure." he says, standing up and tugging his jacket back into place.

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