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Scene Title Doctor's New Bed
Synopsis The Chief Engineer finishes installing the new beds in Sickbay, much to the Chief Medical Officers delight. Lt. JG Crayn gets to be the guinea pig.
Date May 11, 2380


Main Sickbay is relatively quiet - for a sickbay. There appears to be a skeleton crew working, going about the normal duties. The only strange thing might be the uniformed legs sticking over the side of one of the brand new biobeds. That's all that's visible - legs. Knees down.

Falrose enters sickbay, in uniform, carrying a small toolcase. He looks around, and spots the legs at the bed, and sighs, walking that direction. "They're bolted down, but not fully hardwired into the system yet. You're probably getting bad readings…" he says, with a smirk.

Crayn follows behind Falrose. He spies the legs and tilts his head, examingin them for a second. "I did not know we stocked spare parts… " He doesn't continue with is train of thought.

Crayn and Falrose have just walked into the main medical bay to find a pair of legs sticking out over the side of one of the new biobeds, knees down. There's the sound of a mumbled voice, whatever was mumbled is a bit indistinct - which is probably all for the best. The legs shift for a moment - apparently she's draped herself crossways over the bed. When she speaks again, her voice is a little more distinct. "I KNOW that. Just because they're bolted down but not fully hardwired in yet doesn't mean I can't take five minutes to just -look-." She sounds almost…guilty?

Falrose smiles, "Who am I to argue with a woman that wants to play doctor with me…" He steps over to the bed, and kneels next to it, pulling out a tool. He begins to unfasten the access panel on the bed's side. "You like them so far?" He glances at Crayn, and nods a greeting.

Crayn raises an eyebrow to Falrose. "The beds? I didn't believe that they were something to be enjoyed.. However, after spending some time in them in the past, I do not recall a pleasant sensation." He says, with a smirk, knowing what the Orion man meant, but not allowing himself to go down that path.

As the doors to the sickbay swish open lightly, Galatea makes her way through them and into the room. Her auburn hair sways as she walks, green eyes glancing around the room. "Hello." she greets, taking a good glance at the new biobeds being installed.

Elia's position means that she really can't see Crayn, but she CAN see Falrose. She's somewhat dangled, hanging upside down while braced on the bed's flat surface. Her ankles cross neatly as she shifts for better balance. "I LOVE them," she tells Falrose, twisting her head so she's not looking upside down at him. Apparently she's been at this for a little bit, given the smudge of grease on one cheek and the hair that's uncoiled from her attempt at bonds. "Now, I AM having a hard time with figuring out how this conduit really helps the bed's functionality. It seems…out of place. What am I missing?" It's not "why is it here," but more "teach me why this is here." At the new voice, well, there's not a whole lot the CMO can do except call, quietly, "Good morning. Someone will be right with you." That and pray one of her staff comes to her rescue.

Falrose leans up on the bed, looking at the conduit she's referring to. "It is out of place," he offers. "That's the bypass they were using to make sure the beds powered on okay for when we finished the hard install today." He smiles, "It'll be gone before you get sick people on it."

Crayn nods quietly as Neschen calls out to him. He looks as Galatea makes her way in, and smiles. "Hello." He says..

Galatea smiles at Crayn as she passes him, headed towards the bed where Falrose and Neschen seem to be working. "That is, unless the Commander here forgets to remove it." she states, tilting her head slightly as she observes the Chief Engineer working. "So, that explains the power fluctuations I was reading."

Elia's nose crinkles as she blinks at Falrose, then Galatea. "Oh," she murmurs after a moment. "And here I was getting excited about the Commander teaching me something new. I thought I found something new and different and it turns out to be a temporary plug in. I guess it's back to the engineering manuals for me, hmmm?" With a very careful, as ladylike as possible wriggle, she slides off the bed and straightens. Yep, she's been at this awhile, given the way the blood drains back out of her face and her hair settles back around her face. "It seems as though we have a full house this afternoon," comes the wry comment as she turns to Crayn. "How may I help you?"

Falrose gives Galatea an annoyed look, "I'm not gonna forget it. That's five for fighting, go…" he waves his tool at her, like get lost, "…find a penalty box somewhere to idle in." He turns back to Elia, and says, "No worries, Commander. It'll only take a few minutes a bed. I will need you to help with the calibration process, though. Maybe we can use Lt. Crayn?"

Crayn looks to Neschen. "Good afternoon, Doctor. I'm here to report for my initial physical. If now is not a convenient time I can come back." He looks to Falrose with a raise of brow. "Use me, Commander?"

"The closest thing to a penalty box would be your office." Galatea pokes back, smirking at the waving tool before moving towards one of the wall panels. "While you're working on that…" she starts, kneeling down and removing one of the panels to reveal a conduit. "…I'll just fix this." The conduit is labels ODN-1241. "It's off by seventy five microns." she adds, tapping a nearby small control panel.

Neschen glances between Crayn and Falrose for a moment, then smiles broadly. "Excellent idea, Commander," she tells the Engineer with a decisive not. "Lieutenant Crayn, we're testing the new biobeds today. You're going to be our first official officer going through a physical with them in operation." Her brow furrows as she looks at Galatea for a moment, but then she smiles. "If that's the penalty box," she says softly. "I get the feeling he'd never be coming out of his office again."

Falrose messes around for a moment inside the access panel of the bed, and says, without looking away from his work, "My office is NOT that messy…" After a moment, there is the whir of power flooding into the bed, and the lights on it's controls all flicker to life. The holographic image of the Stafleet emblem appears above the bed, with rapidly changing numbers beneath it as the system boots. Then, the image fades away, and Falrose closes the panel. He pushes himself up to a standing position, and walks around to the head of the bed, begining to disengage the conduit Neschen had asked about. He looks at Galatea, "You fix yourself, now, too? Great."

Crayn raises a brow to neschen. "Well, lucky me. I hope I'm not so lucky when it comes to using the transporters." He says, then looks over at the interaction between the Orion and the redhead, a bit admonishing in his look at the unprofessionalism.

Galatea taps the panel one more time, tilting her head as she does. "Almost there." she says, pausing for a moment until she grins. "There." The panel is restored and she stands up, nodding at Falrose in the process. "If you had read the file on my programming, you should know that I'm fully self-sufficient. Connected to all ship's systems, constantly monitoring. Generally I can respond faster than an engineering crew can. However, Starfleet feels that I should be here to supplement the crew. I just happened to be investigating the power fluctuations in Sickbay, and figured I'd fix this while I was here."

Neschen glances at Falrose, smiling a bit wryly. "I think, Commander," she comments with a hint of teasing in her voice. "That's her way of gently putting you on notice that she has utterly no need of you." With a grin, she gestures Crayn toward the biobed just vacated by Falrose' work. "If you would, Lieutenant?"

Falrose pulls the plug from the bed, and nods at Neschen, "I know." He glares a quick glance at Galatea, "That's what worries me." He sighs, and steps to the control panel of the bed. "Most of this interface should be the same for you Doc. The primary differences you'll find are in the display, not the functionality." He taps a couple of buttons, and the holoimage reappears. Several monitor numbers float before them, ready to give readings of heartbeats, blood pressure, etc, but no one is in the bed. "You'll get your readouts here, instead of on the displays along the wall. It will let you rotate and view Crayn's innards right here above him." He steps away, gesturing for the doctor to have at it. "Obviously, if it's something you'd rather the patient not be aware of, you can still use those displays and disengage the holoimager."

Crayn walks over and gently takes a seat on the bed. He turns and lays down flat. He glances at Galatea at the mention of 'programming' and shrugs to himself.. Dem's the breaks, they say. He swallows and nods.. "Of all the things I fear, my 'innards' are low on the list." he says, preparing himself for the, hopefully, non-invasive procedure.

Galatea tosses Neschen a smile, before turning back to Falrose. "Actually, I do depend on the crew to an extent." she explains, taking a lean against the wall. "For instance, when I'm using the mobile emitter, I can't project myself anywhere else on the ship. And even without the emitter, I can only holo-project to one location at a time. The only way for me to be everywhere at once is to remain inside the core."

Neschen dips her head to Falrose, but can't QUITE get past the little-girl-at-Christmas-standing-in-front-of-the-ribbon-wrapped-pony look she's got on her face. "If you don't object Lieutenant," she tells Crayn quietly. "We'll go ahead with the physical while Commander Falrose observes. This way we can test out the systems while he's here to calibrate."

Falrose glances back at Galatea, with a nod. "You still wig me out." He looks back at Crayn then, and smiles, "I won't be offended if you'd prefer a more private session with Doctor Neschen."

Crayn shrugs. "I do not mind, Doctor.. However, I cannot be held liable if the good Commander experiences feelings of inadequacy." He says, straight-faced.

"I think I wig everyone out at some point." Galatea grins. "Except the Captain. He seemed to be quite interested in my specs and design and among one of the more open people to accept me as I am." She watches as the people debate the proper method to do a physical.

Elia starts the process of getting used to the bed's bells and whistles while Crayn gets settled. "I'm looking forward to getting to know the Captain's style," she says conversationally.

Falrose stands a few feet back to give the Doctor room to handle Crayn. He smiles at Crayn's comment, "I think I'll manage, Lieutenant." He looks at the AI, "I accept you for what you are. It just makes me nervous. Have you spoken with Lt. Lazlo yet? Your old friend is aboard to keep an eye on you." He turns to the Doc, "Me too. He's… well, Captain's are often enigmatic."

Crayn shrugs. "Captains are captains. In my prior experience, I've only met with the Captain of my previous posts when I was promoted… And that was all of one time." he says, staying still.

"Matter of fact, I'm due to meet him in a few." Galatea nods, pushing herself up from the wall. "Do call me if you need anything." She heads for, and out of the sickbay doors.

Neschen starts work on the scans, nodding to Galatea as she goes past. Ahhh, the wonderful scans of Cray's inside pop up on the holemitter.

Falrose just watches. He furrows his brow a bit, and then steps to a panel at the end of the bed, and taps a few keys. The image focuses a little clearer. "Better.

Crayn looks up, watching the display of a perfectly healthy human male in his late 20's. A brief note pops up of damage to his right shoulder done ten years ago, due to being hit by a blast from a Jem'hadar rifle, however all systems check out. Crayn looks to Falrose. "Quite a personality on her, for an android." He says.. Crayn, not being the tech-head, does not quite get the differences between Android and AI…

Elia watches Falrose with a little smile, then goes back to studying the information newly presented. "This image is amazing," she murmurs, clearly pleased. "Everything looks good from this end. Let me…" She then starts playing with layers.

Falrose smiles when the Doctor likes the new equipment. "The bed's great, I agree." He turns to Crayn then, "She's not an android," he explains, in a friendly tone. "The computer's artificial intelligence subroutines are manifested through holo emitters around the ship. So, she's really just a holographic representation of the main computer."

Crayn smirks to Neschen. "Thank you, Doctor. i do pride myself on my conditioning." he says, playfully. He then looks to Falrose and nods. "Interesting." Is all he says…

"Mmmm," is all Elia responds to Crayn and Falrose. She, apparently, is quite busy with the new toy - and loving it.

Falrose nods then, "Well, the calibrations for the medical readings will work the same as the old beds, Doc. So, since this is good, I'll start wiring in the others." He turns, and resumes his engineering work, leaving the doctor and patient finish their own work.

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