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Scene Title Bar Flies
Synopsis The Chief Science Officer and Chief Engineer meet in a bar prior to boarding the Redemption
Date May 01, 2380

San Francisco, Earth

An unidentified sports bar not far from Starfleet

Not far from the Starfleet base is a neighborhood of bars and restaurants often frequented by off duty officers. Tonight, Mackenzie Falrose has made his way to one such bar, a sports bar, filled with loud drinkers and monitors featuring sporting events from around the galaxy. While there are many different races present, the majority are wearing Starfleet uniforms. The waiter, a fat Ferengi, has just given Falrose a tall mug of a thick, viscous liquid.

Dressed in his uniform and the even his lab coat, Devon O'Toole lets out a little bit of a sigh as he walks up to the bar to place his order for a drink, managing to dodge a couple of clumsy patrons with a stiff series of dodges. He's a scientist not a dancer.

Conveniently beside Devon, Mackenzie turns and gestures with his glass at Devon's lab coat, "You're overdressed, Lieutenant." He smiles, friendly, and takes a drink.

"Only because of the fact that I just finished assisting the local science officer with an experiment that he asked for my help with because he heard I did similar experiments during a trip near a white star." Devon says laughing a little bit," What can I say? I'm a sucker for a pretty face who wants knows the difference between a neutron and a proton."

Falrose nods, and then furrows his brow. "He…?" He grins, like he finds that a bit amusing, and then leans against the bar. "Im Mackenzie." He looks up at one of the screens, checking the score on a hockey game. "My friends call me Puck."

"Pleasure to meet you Puck. I'm Devon, but most call me Dev, although my brother used to call me Devil." Devon says laughing a little bit,"Actually, it was to help his assistant, a pretty Lieutenant. She was very very friendly."

Falrose grins, "Ah," and takes another drink, sitting it down on the counter. It's a thick red liquid, and if Devon would recognize such things, he'd tell it was Klingon Blood Wine. "You see that one?" he asks, with a quick nod at a pretty young civilian blonde with fantastic curves and large breasts, sitting with several of her friends. "Impeccable hair."

"I generally prefer a more statuesque type." Devon says his eyes flickering a bit as he just orders some orange juice and takes a sip of it pleasantly. "Her hair is very well done." He says laughing softly.

Falrose grins, "Okay…" He looks around the bar, which has plenty of combadge bunnies, girls who like Starfleet fellas. "Which one? There one here?" he asks, intrigued.

"Not at first glance." Devon says shaking his head a little bit,"So are you being shipped to a new post, or just off duty?" He asks curiously.

A quick flash of a charming smile and a direct eye contact moment is passed from Mackenzie to the blonde, before he looks at Devon. "Came off the Lincoln last week. Gettin' my own engine room." He reaches to his pips, giving them a flick, "Got Lt. Cmdr., and the Chief Engineer net aboard the Redemption. You?"

"I'll be heading for the Redemption to head up their Science department as the Chief Science Officer." Devon says nodding his head a little bit,"I'm still just a Lieutenant though. " He gives just a little bit of a shrug,"Should be interesting. I've never headed up a department but my Chief Science Officer on the Endeavor thought I could do it."

Falrose smiles, and then holds out his hand, as if they are now officially introducing one another. "Well, Lieutenant, looks like we're on the same senior staff." He glances at the blonde over Devon's shoulder again, tossing her another smile, before retuning his gaze to Devon. His Orion pheremones have begun to shift from casual and comfortable to a more aroused, sensual scent. "So… What's your focus? Got a specialty?"

"I'm more of a Jack of all Trade, although I have been known for my papers that follow my father's work on the gravitational abnormalities that occur when multiple sons occur in a single solar system and the affects of life sustaining planets." Devon says trying to explain his father's work as much as some of his own. "So you're going to be making sure the ship runs smoothly then?" He asks curiously.

A proud smile crosses Mackenzie's face, "Yeah… Yeah, I suppose so." He shrugs, "You met our new Captain? Smythe? Smithie…?" He sort of shakes his head, "…or whatever?"

"Not yet. Have you?" Devon says shaking his head a little bit,"You?"

Falrose returns the head shake, "Nope. I'm not scheduled to embark until tomorow night. And…" Again, another quick glance at the blonde, "…I ain't gonna rush it." He smiles, "What about the brunette with her?" he asks.

"That's the same as me. I'll probably spend more time tomorrow working with the Science department here." Devon says nodding his head a little bit, before shrugging,"I'm more partial to blondes, but she's definitely a looker."

Falrose laughs, and shakes his head. "Man, come on. Throw me a bone here." He looks around, "There's one, she's… No, she's with that Bolian…" He sighs, looking back at Devon. "So, Devil, huh? You a rotten egg when you were a kid?"

"I could be a little mean to Mikey, but he was a right little brat himself." Devon says laughing a little bit,"Sorry man, my head is still doing some of the mathematical computations that I've been working on."

Falrose nods, "I get that. Sometimes I lay in my quarters at night listening to the hum of the engines, just listening, trying to let the boat talk to me and tell me what's ailing her." He laughs, taking another drink of his wine. "So, I have to enjoy myself between ships. An engineer never really is off duty if the ships out of port." Sitting the mug down, he scratches his forearm. "I always wondered what it would like to have a brother. But, I figure, he'd prolly just be a pain in my butt."

"I usually have science moving around inside my head even when I am technically off duty." Devon says nodding his head a bit,"I actually have two brothers and a sister. Only my youngest brother isn't of age at this point. The youngest is let's see…. I think he just turned twelve. I hear my sister has been breaking hearts."

Falrose smiles, "Yeah? Is she hot?" And just as quickly, he waves it off. "Nevermind." He takes a drink.

"She's my sister." Devon says laughing a bit as he takes another sip of his drink,"Last I heard she was studying medicine." He says setting his glass down and stretching a little bit,"So you're an only child?"

Falrose nods, "Yeah," and then shifts his stance, "Well… I mean… Most likely." He stares at his drink a moment, and then picks it up, giving it a swirl. "I don't remember having any siblings. I was adopted pretty young. Grew up in New Berlin, on Luna. So, prolly not. Certainly no adopted ones."

"I grew up in Galway." Devon says smiling,"It's a beautiful place really if you've never been. One of the most beautiful places on Earth." He says laughing a little bit at Falrose, his eyes flickering a little bit.

Falrose grins, "Galway…" He shakes his head, "Never heard of it. Where is it? I didn't really get off Luna much."

"It's in Ireland on Earth." Devon says shrugging a bit,"Ireland has maintained a fairly rural quality and worked hard to preserve the greenery."

Falrose chuckles, "I'm greenery enough." He finishes his wine, and sits the mug down. "You miss it? Ireland, I mean? Or do you find you like the feeling of returning home after long periods away more than actually being there?"

"I miss it sometimes. I keep things from there in my quarters at all time." Devon says nodding his head a little bit,"Whenever I return home it is an experience because it doesn't really change. Some faces change and people grow older but the land itself is the same. As beautiful and magnificent as always as if to remind me that while the world is in flux and entropy exists, it is maintained and controlled."

"Mmmm," Mackenzie says, taking in his words. "Sounds like you grew up in an alright place. He looks over Devon's shoulder again, staring at the blonde. He's clearly getting her attention, from the length of time he holds her gaze. "Do you… um…" He looks back at Devon, "Do you know any of the other crew?"

"I don't think so." Devon says shaking his head a bit,"I'm not sure who all is serving onboard right now." He adds casually,"But yes, I did grow up in a pretty nice place." He says laughing softly,"And she'll probably be coming over soon enough."

Falrose grins, "Yeah…" He licks his lips in thought, and then smiles fully at Devon. "Looks like the fleet's breakin' up," he says, watching the girls with the blonde all standing to leave. "You, uh… You be alright if I make sure she gets home?" He's already very slowly starting to drift, clearly going whether Devon lets him or not, his eyes staying on the girl.

Winking a little bit, Devon says,"We cannot be having her be goin' home without a proper escort, now can we?" He uses the full brogue as he speaks, a mischievous little smile on his lips and a glint to his eyes.

Falrose reaches out and gives the Lieutenant a tap on the chest with the back of his green hand, "See ya on the boat, Dev." He smiles, and then makes his way over to the group of ladies, moving up alongside the blonde, and immediately laying on the Orion charm as they all head out the door.

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