Race Klingons
PC Catagory Restricted
Homeworld Qo'Nos
Federation Membership Status Allies
Famous Klingons Gowron, Worf

Playable Race: Yes, Restricted
Federation Member: Unknown

Personality: Klingons are aggressive, brutal, blunt, and tough. They say
what's on their minds, approach problems directly, do not back down from
confrontation, and ten to resolve differences with violence. Most subscribe
to a code of personal honor.

Physical Description: The typical Klingon is taller, broader-shouldered,
stronger, and tougher than the average Human. Klingons have dark brown skin
and dark eyes. A set of bony ridges, distinctive to each Klingon, adorns
their high foreheads and sometimes descends down to the bridge of the nose.
Both sexes wear their black hair long and flowing (or, occasionally, tied back
in a ponytail).

Homeworld: Qo'Nos (pronounced "KRO-nos"), a dark and stormy world, capital of
the Klingon Empire.

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Klingon Culture: Klingon culture focuses on a warrior ethos and military
matters. Every Klingon thinks of himself as a warrior and stands ready to
prove it through competition or combat at the drop of a hat. The Klingons'
belligerant approach to life colors their social life, politics, starship
life, and relations with other species. More than a few Klingon politicians
and ship captains have earned their positions by killing (in honorable combat)
those who held them originally.

Klingons live according to a complex system of social customs that place an
individual's honor above all other considerations. Running from battle,
killing prisoners, using poisons, breaking one's sworn word, and disloyalty to
family, House, and superiors are considered to be dishonorable acts. A
Klingon's honor reflects not only on himself, but also his immediate family
and fellow House members. A Klingon who rejects or violates this code suffers
the scorn and approbation of his fellows.

For a brief period, following their first contact with Starfleet, the Klingons
abandoned their traditional way of life. Instead, they adhered to a
totalitarian, centralized authority that transcended both honor and House.
The primary consideration was to serve the Empire, expand its borders, and
prove the Klingon way as superior. With the explosion of Qo'noS's moon,
Praxis, the Klingons could no longer maintain an expensive centralized
government and returned to their traditional way of life.

(continued in 'cg race klingon3')


Language: Klingon

Common Names: Klingons go by their given names only, though most of them
belong to or serve a house.

Male Names: Chang, Duras, Gorkon, Gowron, H'Ta, Huraga, Ja'rod,
Kahless, Kang, K'mper, K'mtar, K'nera, K'Ratak, K'Tal,
K'Temang, K'Temoc, K'Vada, Koloth, Konmel, Kor, Korris,
Kozak, Kurn, L'Kor, Lorgh, Martok, Mogh, Noggra, Nu'Daq,
Rodek, T'Vis, Telok, Toq, Toral, Torin, Tumek, Worf

Female Names: B'Elanna, B'Etor, Grilka, Huss, Kahmar, K'ehleyr,
Karana, Kurak, Linkasa, Lukara, Lursa, Shenara, Sirella

Additional notes;

Klingon life is hard, and they typically train themselves to ignore pain.

Klingons possess duplicates of many of their organs—they have an eight-
chambered heart, two livers, and twenty-three rib pairs. This redundancy,
called /brak'lul/, makes it much harder to kill them. This also makes them
harder to incapacitate with a weapon's stun settings.

Klingons have a short temper and are quick to fight. This is especially true
when their honor is called into question, they witness another Klingon
engaging in dishonorable behavior, or someone (anyone) pushes them beyond
their breaking point.

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