Race Humans
PC Catagory General
Homeworld Earth
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Humans James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard

Playable Race: Yes
Federation Member: Founding Race

Personality: In the 23rd and 24th centuries, Humans are outgoing, inquisitive,
courageous, kindhearted, and filled with seemingly boundless energy.
Ironically, their every good quality seems to have a negative counterbalance—
they can be self-centered, violent, rebellious, and short-sighted. In many
ways they represent the best, and worst, of what a sentient species can be.

Physical Description: Humans form the baseline from which most demographers
describe other species. They stand from about 1.5 to 2 meters tall, with skin
colors ranking from dark brown to pale pink. Their hair and eye colors
likewise span the spectrum. They dress in a wide variety of fashions, ranging
from clothing patterned after various alien outfits to garb distinctly Human.

Homeworld: Earth, the third planet orbiting the star Sol in Sector 001. The
capital world of the United Federation of Planets, Earth is a lush paradise, a
utopia with almost no crime or want. Adaptable and adventurous, Humans have
also colonized and settled many other worlds.

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Human Culture: Humans have no one particular culture. They celebrate
diversity, developed over millennia. Many cultural groups establish their own
colonies as a way of preserving their ancient traditions, and many Humans
remain aware of, and in their own way devoted to, their culturally balkanized
past. The general Human culture and perspective have influenced the broader
Federation culture, causing some observers to complain, incorrectly, that the
Federation is a "homo sapiens-only club."

Compared to many other spacefaring peoples, Human culture is very young,
having developed over only the last 25,000 years. Humans, however, have not
one particular culture, but many, the result of dividing their homeworld
among hundreds of nation-states. France, Great Britain, Japan, the United
States—each had it's own cultural mores and practices. It would not be until
after a disastrous world war (the third and final in their history) that
Humanity would learn to embrace their differences, put them aside, and learn
from each other. Humans celebrate their diversity.

For over three centuries, Humans have exerted a profound influence on the
Alpha Quadrant. The Federation, in which they are the primary participant,
has brought their concepts of individual determination, personal freedoms, and
democracy to hundreds of alien worlds. Profoundly adaptable to a variety of
environments and circumstances, they journey to the ends of the galaxy in
search of knowledge and understandingjust because it's there. Through their
drive and ingenuity, they have conquered harsh environments, befriended many
disparate species, and forged a future of peace in a chaotic universe. Though
some observers complain of cultural imperialism
a "homo sapien-only club"—
nothing could be further from the truth. Humanity's experiences with their
own diverse cultures has only led them to appreciate the many cultures found
throughout space.

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Language: Federation Standard

Common Names: Human names typically feature a given name followed by a family
name. A few Human cultures maintain ancient traditions of placing the family
name first.

Family Names: Corbin, Costa, Dalgy, Decker, DeSoto, Dobrevis, Finney, Garrett,
Harriman, Johnson, Jones, Juarez, Komananov, Krajensky, Kyle, M'Benga, McCoy,
O'Brien, Pierce, Ramirez, Sulu, Wu, Zimmerman

Male Names: Benjamin, Christian, David, Donald, Edward, George, Harold,
Hikaru, James, Jean-Luc, Joachim, John, Kenneth, Lawrence, Leonard, Luther,
Mark, Matthew, Own, Paul, Robert, Roger, Ross, Steven, Thomas, William

Female Names: Alloryn, Ariana, Autumn, Beverly, Carrie, Carol, Donna,
Elizabeth, Holly, Janice, Jennifer, Kathryn, Keiko, Kelly, Laura, Leah, Lisa,
Linda, Marta, Mary, Nancy, Natalie, Nichole, Rachel, Sheila, Susanna

Additional Notes:

Adaptable: From their earliest days, Humans spread across their world and
flung themselves out into space, and always seem to thrive in even the
harshest conditions.

Skilled: Humans seem to have a broad range of experiences which they can draw

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