Fields Room

This is where you will fill out some basic information about you as a player, about your character, and lock your character so only you and the Wiz staff can change things.


You will need to set the following information:

You set each field by typing '+cg/set <field>=<value>'.

As example, '+cg/set Marital=Married, John Brian Doe'


The next thing you'll need to do is set up your +finger info. The following things can be set into your finger:

The first command sets the email address that is visible to all players in the 'Email:' field of the +finger. This is optional. To set it, type:
&EMAIL me=<Public Email>

The second command sets the hours that you are available for RP (if you have regular "office" hours). This is a straight text field and will accept anything you put in. Type:
&OFF-HOURS me=<Time's available>

The third command sets text into a note field which will appear in the +finger. If there is any note you want other players to read, this is where to put it. Some examples might include any RP preferences (such as no TS), any personal requests (like, "Please be patient, I'm English Second Language") or anything else you might want to share.
&note me=<Note>

The last command sets the email address that is visible only to staff members. If you do not set a public email, we ask that you PLEASE set a True Email. This allows staff to contact you if there is an issue that involves your character or if the MUSH is experiencing downtime. Etc. Type:
&TRUE_EMAIL me=<Private Email>


The following things need to be set before you can go IC. They should be automatically set up when you create your character, but in case there is an error and they are not, please set them.

Type each of the following commands, making sure you use two equal signs.

@lock me==me
@lock/use me==me
@lock/enter me==me

The following has to be set manually.

@sex me=<your character's gender>

The @sex registers Male or Female

When finished, type N to go to the next room, Timelines.

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