Race Ferengi
PC Catagory Restricted
Homeworld Ferenginar
Federation Membership Status NonMember
Famous Ferengi Quark

Playable Race: Yes, Restricted
Federation Member: No

Personality: The typical Ferengi is a clever, whining, ingratiating, and above
all greedy person. The pursuit of material possessions and wealth dominate
his thoughts. He often seems to stick his neck out just a little too far in
his efforts to acquire profit, then tries to wheedle, sneak, bribe, and cajole
his way out of trouble. Most other species tolerate the Ferengi, at best.

Physical Description: Markedly shorter and more lightly built than Humans,
Ferengi have tannish to pumpkin-colored skin, with no head or facial hair.
They keep their pointed teeth sharp with special grooming tools. The most
notable Ferengi feature is the ears—large, prominent ones whose upper edges
merge with a distinctive brow ridge. Males have larger ears than females.
Besides allowing the Ferengi to hear extremely well, the ears are an
erogenous zone and inspire many cultural metaphors and sayings. For example,
a Ferengi with plenty of financial skill and savvy is said to "have the lobes
for business."

Homeworld: Ferenginar (Ventarus Idrilon IV), a swampy, rainy world in the
Bajor Sector, coreward of both Bajor and Cardassia Prime.

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Ferengi Culture: Business, commerce, finance, and the acquisition of profit
dominate Ferengi culture the same way they occupy the Ferengi mind. A
Ferengi's status in society depends almost entirely on how much profit he
earns. Every Ferengi male memorizes and lives by the Rules of Acquisition,
285 maxims describing good business practices and providing general advice
for a profitable existence.

In Ferengi society, women are second-class citizens. Until the reforms of
Grand Nagus Zek and Rom in the mid to late 2370's, females could not wear
clothes, conduct business, or participate in politics. They were expected to
remain subservient to men, right down to chewing the males' food to soften it
up before they ate it. Ferengi marriages were contractual affairs, with
payment based on the duration of the contract, whether the couple had
children, and similar factors.

Ferengi workers do not enjoy many more rights than women. Even in family
businesses, employers exploit their workers, forcing them to labor long hours
for low pay and no benefits whatsoever. Workers often have to provide
kickbacks, favors, and the like to their employers. Every Ferengi worker
fervently hopes to climb the "latinum stairway" and become an employer

The leader of the Ferengi Alliance, a government organized along economic
lines, holds the title "Grand Nagus". Below him many other nagi, subnagi, and
lesser officials fill the administrative ranks, each earning profit by
extorting bribes from people who need their services. The Grand Nagus employs
Grand Proxies and the Liquidators of the Ferengi Commerce Authority to keep
lesser Ferengi in line and, if necessary, take a cut of their profits for

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Language: Ferengi

Common Names: Ferengi only have given names

Male Names: Arridor, Bok, Brunt, Farek, Gaila, Keldar, Kol, Krax,
Leck, Morta, Pel, Plegg, Pol, Quark, Rom, Zek

Female Names: Ishka, Lumba, Prindora

Additional Notes:

Even the lowliest crewman on a Ferengi Marauder can identify business

Ferengi have a four-lobed brain which renders them immune to psionic skills
and psi-like abilities.

Due to both physiological and cultural reasons, Ferengi have a knack for
juggling numbers.

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