Family Time


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Scene Title Family Time
Synopsis Settling in on the Redemption with the Medes family.
Date May 25 2380

Crew Quarters 1006

Kusto has his cowl off, though his robes are on. He's seated in a chair in the corner, next to his sewing basket. Nar is toddling around the room with daddy's PADD, poking at it as it provides him with entertaining educational distraction. Like a 24th century Leap Frog. Kusto's needle is working overtime, and he seems to be eyeing up Nar from time to time as he does so. Sewing clothes for his son, then. When Nar is convinced Kusto isn't looking, he pokes a button on the PADD that he intends to allow him access to another game. It beeps at him twice and Kusto sing songs, "What did your father do before you were born?"

Glumly, "Space spy."

"Father knows how to lock his PADD, Nar. Do your lessons."

Incoming: one Thea Medes. The doors swish-swish to let her in, shutting behind her with that second swish. She looks tired, as one does at the end of the day, but she always finds the energy to announce, "I'm home! Where are my gentlemen?" It's a routine, you see. The little muscular woman bends down and opens her arms wide in Nar's direction, apparently anticipating the inevitable Mommy-pouncing. It's not even worth it to try to take off her shoes, so she doesn't try.

"MAH-HA-MEE-HEE-HEE!" This is the sound Nar makes when shouting mommy's name and running and laughing all at the same time. Kusto's PADD is abandoned to the floor so that Nar can throw his arms around his mother and bounce up and down in place as he does so, "MOMMY!" Kusto for his part merely sets his sewing aside and rises from his seat to glide over and decorate Thea's cheek with a kiss, "Hello, wife. How was work?"

"NAR, my littlest gentleman!" And now is the part of the routine where Thea stands up and spins her son around, kissing his ridges and squeezing him tight before setting him down. "Oh, how I love you so. Have you been good for Daddy?" She turns her head to return the kiss to Kusto's cheek, brushing her nose alongside his after the fact. "Hello, Sionnach." My fox. She tenders the word in the same tone of voice that he tenders the word 'wife.' "Good! Good. Settling in at a new posting, yadda yadda." Her hand closes on one of Nar's, absently holding that hand as she talks to Kusto.

"Yyyyeeees," Nar fibs mildly, but only mildly, and so Kusto lets it slide. He was mostly good, and only a little bad, and that was already dealt with. His thumbs hook up in the sleeves of his robes, palms flat against his stomach. He smiles sedately, does Kusto. "I'll be meeting the children tomorrow. I'll start teaching next week. For now, I'm settling in and reviewing the curriculum. New posting, settling in. Yadda yadda." Kusto inquires, "Is there a temple aboard the Redemption?"

"Very good," Medes agrees with Nar, squeezing his hand. "I count on you to be good for Daddy and help him at home while I am at work," she tells Nar, "and it makes me happy to hear that you have been." The dragging-out of the 'yes' isn't lost on her, no, but she decides to just emphasize how proud the good behavior makes her in order to make her point. Thea smiles more brightly back at Kusto, reaching her other hand out to snag one of his hands and hold it. "There is! I saw it on the directory, though I'm not sure on which deck it is, but there is one. We'll have to visit it tomorrow. For now, we can pray here." A glance at the large hybrid Bajoran-Terran clock she built for Kusto years ago, and she lifts Nar up, pointing at it. "Is it time for prayers now, Nar?" He's settled on her hip comfortably. "Remember how the hands are when it is time to pray? They look like bowing arms."

Nar spends a good long span of seconds staring intently at mommy's important clock. He frowns at it. Because sometimes the hands fool him. And he gets it wrong. But this time he's sure he's right and he says very seriously— because prayer is very serious, "Mommy, father. It is time to pray." Kusto for his part smiles all the more widely at his son's studious nature and accurate reply. In answer, Kusto pulls his cowl back into place, moves over to the Mandala, and stoops to ignite a stick of incense which he places at the altar's center. He rises back up to claim his wife's hand in his own and bows his head, "Prophets, hear your servants. We thank you for the blessings of your care that have brought us here to the Redemption. We thank you for your protection during our travels, for the bounty we know within the Federation, and for the opportunity to better serve you each day than we did the last. We lift this crew up to you, Prophets, and ask you to guide each of them down the paths appointed them. See that they uphold their oaths of service as examples of their character. Guide especially the thoughts and decisions of her Captain, Prophets, and shepherd the Captain as the Captain shephers this crew. Aid us in bringing peace to the Galaxy as we do to our home. Bless my wife, protect my son, bring me wisdom and humility. Your breath to our ears." Kusto's head dips again, this time in silent prayer. All his own.

And so, with Nar affecting the Very Serious expression of a child taking matters ever-so-seriously, and Thea bowing her head in peaceful reverence, they pray. After Kusto's opening prayer, however, the little Engineer raises a hand and tugs on her right ear, just once. Her eyes remain closed.

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