El Aurian
Race El-Aurian
PC Catagory Restricted
Homeworld None
Federation Membership Status Allies
Famous El-Aurians Guinan

Playable Race: Yes, Restricted
Federation Member: Unknown, Friendly

El-Aurian are a race of listeners who have scattered throughout the galaxy
since the destruction of their homeworld in the late 23rd century. This
mysterious species is well known for their awareness of distortions in the
space-time continuum, and their ability to draw out and comfort others. El-
Aurian feel any disruptions in reality deeply, and while they may not be able
to focus in on such disruptions, they receive a constant nagging sensation
that may get stronger or weaker in proximity to these events. It is not
understood why the Borg sought to destroy rather than assimilate this race,
but it may be related to this ability. Some believe that the El-Aurian do not
often gather together due to a fear of extinction should something happen to
any gathered survivors. The long-lived El-Aurian instead choose to build lives
among other species. Their wisdom and innate sense of fairness make them
valued advisors and trusted friends in the Federation.

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