Finishing Touches (Description)

In the final step of your character creation, you will set up your description and quarters request. On Redemption, we use a standard multidescer. Please make use of it to store and set a description. You can store as many description as you want, but make sure that you have at least one, so that the staff can read your description during the approvals process.

Star Trek: Redemption has an in-game multiple-description system that allows players to store and retrieve various descriptions they define. There is an extensive help file on this system in the game, if you type: 'help desc'.

Also, note that we have all of the Starfleet Uniforms you will need already set up for you (though, they will only be Command red uniforms until your character is approved). This means, for right now, you will only need to set up your basic description telling how you look.

Keep in mind during this whole descing process that you should only put in stuff that people can see about you all the time. Another sense one might consider is smell, but most people don't bother to give their characters body odor. Start with the easy stuff. Is he or she tall? Short? Skinny? Plump? Now, what color hair and eyes do they have (extremely rare genetic traits that cause speckled or mismatched eyes may or may not be approved)?

Your basic description would be sentences detailing your character's height, weight, hair, eyes, face, etc. You don't have to use actual numbers in the description. Saying the character is 'average' in terms of height and weight is perfectly fine. One thing you should be careful about is describing the character's age. Remember, someone looking at you can't tell exactly how old you are. You would be best off using words like 'he appears in his mid-thirties', rather than 'he's 34 years of age'.

Most people simply use a single long description to convey their character's desc. Others like to break it up into paragraphs using %r and/or [space(5)]. Using %t in desc isn't recommended, as some MUSHing clients don't like to properly display tabs.

However, we would like everyone, when writing their desc, to try and keep it under a screenful of text. Remember, not everyone has scrollback or 'more' capabilities and may miss it.

It is VERY important that in your basic desc, you mention your race, by name, even if you are human.

Sample Desc

The following is the desc used by the Chief Engineer on Star Trek: Redemption, Lt. Cmdr. Falrose:

  • Lt. Cmdr. Mackenzie Falrose is a ruddy Orion, with light green skin and equally light, vibrant green eyes. His charming smile is soft and contagious, and his athletic grace and confident gait are always present whenever he moves. He stands 6' tall, and appears to be in his mid to late twenties. His build is thin and lithe, with the narrow waist but toned chest and legs of an athlete specializing in running or skating. For an Orion, he's actually a touch on the small side. His thick, dark hair is always a bit tousled, and his facial hair seems to be permanently scruffy. When first approached, the soft scent of an outdoors musk can be smelled, as Orions tend to have, though most quickly get used to it and stop noticing.

Entering the Desc

For information on using the multidescer, in the game type: 'help desc'
For information on putting in a quarters request: '+cg/info quarters'
Set up the actor/actress that portrays your character: '+actor <name>'

When you are finished, type N to continue to the next room, Submit.

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