Race Deltans
PC Catagory General
Homeworld Delta IV
Federation Membership Status Member
Famous Deltans Alia

Playable Race: Yes
Federation Member: Yes

Personality: Among themselves, Deltans are relaxed, comfortable, sensual and
receptive to each others' interests, needs, and emotional states. Non-Deltans
do not always react well or predictably to a constant bath of physical and
emotional support; among outworlders, Deltans can be stiffly formal until they
form close friendships.

Physical Description: Deltans have no surface hair except for eyebrows,
lashes, and (occasionally) a very thin layer of soft down along arms and legs.
Other than this, they closely resemble Humans or Betazoids. Deltans are, on
the average, slightly slimmer than Humans, and their cheekbones, eye shapes,
and jawline are slightly more symmetrical. Humans (and many other humanoid
species) often find Deltans quite attractive.

Homeworld: Delta IV orbits a small blue-white star in the Beta Quadrant. A
world of small, forested continents and lush tropical islands evenly spaced in
a warm ocean, its three large moons create complex, unstable tides.

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Delta IV's unpredictable tides and otherwise hospitable ecology combined to
create a culture at once polyglot and unified; although many microcultures
evolved on the planet's myriad islands, they could never remain isolated long
enough to develop either xenophobia or devastating cultural advantages. To
avoid inbreeding, the island-bound Deltans also adopted a very open sexual
culture; stranded mariners were often adopted into large group amours to
blend genes more effectively. Brought together by ties of sex and geography,
Deltans learned to get along with each other by necessity; with a nurturing
planet and low species birthrate, wars over resources were almost unknown.

Deltans were also pushed in the direction of cultural unity by their genetic
predsposition toards empathy and other psionic abilities; their ability to
feel each others' pain soon made war, and even serious emotionally-scarring
argument, unthinkably impolite. Unlike other psionic races, Deltans' strong
pheromones made them physically unable to hide their emotions; the smell gave
them away every time. Their culture evolved towards a global ideal of
supportive, nurturing behavior based on time-honored Deltan sexual openness and
a deep-rooted sense of species and personal security that not even their
encounters with the Andorians (and eventually other starfaring cultures of the
Beta Quadrant) could shake. Their sole concession to a dangerous galaxy was
the adoption of an Oath of Celibacy out of necessity (and simple politeness)
when dealing with less sexually-mature species and culture.

Languages: Deltan, Federation Standard

Common Names: Deltans use a single name, telling individuals apart by context
, if necessary.

Male Names: Dro, Gemkon, Kili, Lona, Muren, Niro, Raen, Rro

Female Names: Alia, Elen, Eren, Ilia, Inaia, Ogron, Oona, Umia

Favored Profession: Starship counselor, medical officer, or flight control
officer. Deltans also make excellent diplomats or scientists (especially in
linguistics, biology, or planetology). The major Deltan religion has a strong
mystical component, often tied to sexual meditation, empathy, or healing.
Deltans have a knack for navigating, especially by stars and tides.

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