Locations by Deck

This is a listing of each deck of the USS Redemption, and what is located on them.

The list of locations is also viewable Alphabetically, or by Department.

Deck Locations
One Bridge, Ready Room, Observation Lounge
Two Junior Crew Quarters
Three Junior Crew Quarters, Upper Main Shuttlebay (Shuttlebay Control Room, Flight Lounge, CConn's Office)
Four Main Shuttlebay, Junior Crew Quarters, Phaser Range, Armory
Five Junior/Senior/VIP Quarters, Shuttle Maintenance Bay, Science Lab One, CSci's Office, Main Computer Core Access
Six Junior/Senior Crew Quarters, Atmospheric Physics Lab, Main Security, Brigs, CSec's Office
Seven Junior/Senior/Family Quarters, Environmental Systems Contral, Arboretum, Botanical Lab
Eight Senior/Family/VIP Quarters, Battle Bridge, Secondary Ready Room/Conference Room, Phaser Maintenance, Counselor's Office
Nine Senior/Family Quarters, Stellar Cartography, Saucer Impulse Engine Maintenance, Barber Shop
Ten Senior/Family Quarters, Ten-Forward Lounge, Holodecks, School Room
Eleven Senior/Family Quarters, Holodecks, Gymnasiums, Banquet Hall, Engineering Support Offices, Tactical Planning
Twelve Sickbay (and all the myriad rooms that go with it), CMO's Office, Holodecks, Gymnasiums, Junior/Senior Quarters, Aux. Fusion Reactors
Thirteen Cetacean Ops, Junior/Senior Quarters, Shuttlebays 2/3, Cargo Bays
Fourteen Junior Quarters, Saucer Torp. Launcher, Cargo Bays, Torpedo Storage
Fifteen Dorsal Phaser Array Maintenance, Cargo Ops, Junior Quarters
Sixteen Phaser Cannon Maintenace, Junior Quarters
Seventeen Junior Eng/Ops Quarters, Banquet Room, Crew Lounge
Eighteen Junior Eng/Ops Quarters, Secondary Security Office, Brigs
Nineteen Junior/Senior/VIP Quarters, Consumables Storage
Twenty Junior/Senior/Eng VIP Quarters, EPS Support
Twenty-One Junior/Senior Quarters, Systems Management, COps Office
Twenty-Two Junior/Senior Quarters, Main Impulse Engines, Eng Systems Programming Office
Twenty-Three Junior/Senior Quarters, Sensor Management
Twenty-Four Engineering Support Offices
Twenty-Five Senior Quarters, Photon Torpedo Launcher, Docking Port
Twenty-Six Lower Reactant Loader
Twenty-Seven Deuterium Tank Support
Twenty-Eight Deuterium Tank Support
Twenty-Nine Deuterium Tank Support
Thirty Emergency Response Teams, Tactical Planning, Matter Injector, Structural Integrity Field Systems, Junior/Senior Quarters
Thirty-One Cryogenics Lab, Computer Power Monitoring, Replicator Subsystems, Junior/Senior Quarters
Thirty-Two Deuteriem Flow Conduit, EPS Node Monitoring, Junior/Senior Quarters
Thirty-Three Fire Suppression Systems, Bulk Consumables Storage, Secondary Sickbay
Thirty-Four Bulk Consumables Storage, Navigational Signal Processors, Deflector Signal Processors, Upper Reactant Loader, Junior/Senior/Eng VIP Quarters
Thirty-Five Main Deflector Dish/Field Emitter/Power Conditioner, Systems Monitoring, Consumables Storage, Aft Photon Torpedo Launcher, Temporary Crygenic Storage, Defensive Shield Systems
Thirty-Six Main Engineering, Engineering Support Offices, Phaser Maintenance, Reaction Control System Thrusters, Computer Cooling Fluids, Chief Engineer's Office, Transporter Systems
Thirty-Seven Junior Quarters, High Energy Biophysics, EPS Node Monitoring, Computer Power Monitoring, Ventral Phaser Array, Sensor Maintenance, Cargo Processing Bays
Thirty-Eight Cargo Ops, Junior Quarters
Thirty-Nine Deuterium Flow Control Conduit, Forward Cargo Bays, Aft Cargo Bays
Forty EPS Support, Cargo Loading Doors
Forty-One Antimatter Storage, Antimatter Supply Manifold, Ventral Phaser Array
Forty-Two Tractor Beam Emitter, Antimatter Generator, Antimatter Loading Hatch, Antimatter/Warp Core Jettison Hatches
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