Darren Smythe
Portrayed By Ewan McGregor
Rank Captain
Position Commanding Officer
Station USS Redemption NCC-80135
Sex M
Species Human
Age 50
Place of Birth London, Terra
Date of Birth Jun 09 2330
Height 5' 10"
Weight 140lbs
Family Cpt. Reginald Smythe (father, MIA), Cpt. Molly Smythe
Significant Other(s)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Character History:

Parents: Reginald Smythe (Father), Captain (MIA)
Prior Assignment: USS Graxton, Commanding Officer

Molly Smythe (Mother), Captain
Current Assignment: USS Horatio NCC-5931, Commanding Officer

When Darren was born, Molly was on maternity leave from her post at Starfleet Medical and Reginald was awaiting the arrival of his new assignment.

Darren started life off with hardship. He was no old than six months when his father was posted to the USS Graxton and was sent out to deep space. Molly also returned to her job about the same time, leaving Darren in the care of a local child care agency while she was at work.

Raising a child alone, while your husband is out on a mission, is something Molly knew she would have to face at some point and she did her best to provide for Darren. She was always there to help him with his homework from school, or playing games or going to the parks on weekends. They would both talk to his father every week, or even more when Darren came home with another award from school. It would soon become clear Darren was quite intelligent for his age.

But tragedy would soon strike, and when Darren arrived home from school a couple of months after his 8th birthday he knew something was wrong. His mother, crying herself and holding his sister, tried to break the news to him but couldn't seem to get the words out. In the end, the Starfleet representative told him that his father was killed in the line of duty. Though the reason given was that Reginald's ship dropped out of warp in the middle of an abandoned minefield, that was not the truth. It was a tough couple of months following the news, what with the funeral and all, but the Smythe's made it through.

When Darren entered high school, Starfleet Academy was the talk of the halls. Seemed like everyone and their brother wanted to join up. Several nights at friend houses, studying information about Starfleet, and suddenly Darren knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. So, he brought the information to his mother, who desperately tried to talk him out of it but eventually relented and agreed. Overjoyed, Darren put his full effort into his classes, and wound up graduating near the top of his high school class and three years early. He immediately applied for early admission to the Academy, tested, and achieved one of the highest scores on record.

Darren was immediately accepted to Starfleet Academy and assigned to Delta Squadron, where he jumped right into the curriculum with both feet. Opting to enter a Command-related track, he went for Flight Control. The end of Darren's first year as a cadet brought high marks. High enough to put him near the top of class. His mother was overjoyed when he returned home for the summer break, even more so when when he returned for his second year to find his application for Red Squad had been accepted. He was assigned to Red Squad, where he began to work with his teammates to practice their lessons and hone their skills even in flight. Consequently, Red Squad was asked to perform for the class of 2347's commencement. Darren's skills would shine though, when in the middle of their final maneuver Cadet Dawson's ship suffered a critical power failure and started to plummet to the ground. Darren immediately dove his ship down, and using it he managed to nudge Cadet Dawson's ship into a lesser angle of descent. Both ships hit the ground but remained intact, their pilots suffering minor scrapes and bruises. For his actions, Darren was awarded the Starfleet Pilots Cross. The first ever award to a Cadet. This also earned him his appointment as captain of the Red Squad in his third year. Fourth year brought his final chance to shine and shine he did, putting forth the effort that made him a model cadet to all the others.. When it came time for graduation, Darren's marks would earn him a graduation with honors at the top of his class.

After graduation, he was commissioned as an Ensign and assigned to the USS Grazier, a Miranda-class starship on an exploration mission to the Denebian sector. During his first cruise, Darren did everything he could to continue his trend from the Academy. His reputation as squad leader for Red Squadron had earned him a bit of respect from some of the Grazier crew, including Captain Fillius Faramour. The captain quite often had Darren on his duty shift and the young officer's service record began to fill with small praises and commendations from his captain. Eventually he was given a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Assigned as helmsman aboard the USS Agamemmnon, he wasn't on board more than six months when he received his first reprimand on his permanent record. The incident was a friendly bet between buddies that went wrong. In a rock climbing contest, Darren disabled the holodeck safety interlocks for added realism and was injured in a fall. The Agamemmnon's First Officer was summoned and a verbal reprimand was placed on Darren's service record. After that, Darren again kept himself within the lines. With the Dominion War in full swing, the Agamemmnon was assigned as a reconnaissance vessel, charged with locating Jem'Hadar bases on moons or planets. During an away mission, the team encountered hostile forces on the planets surface. With transporters malfunctioning, Darren was recruited as a pilot for a shuttlecraft rescue mission. Using the shuttle's shields as protection, he managed to position the shuttle between the away team and the hostiles and rescue the team. His Commanding Officer, Captain Joseph Avery, awarded him the Starfleet Captain's Star.

When the USS Agamemmnon was decommissioned in 2353, Darren received a promotion to Lieutenant, and new orders to report to the USS Stargazer, a Constellation-class vessel, as the Chief CONN Officer. During his two short years he served aboard her, Darren followed every order to the letter. As his talent at the helm became more and more apparent, he began to start making friends with most of the senior staff, including Captain Picard. During the Battle of Maxia, Darren was at the helm and executed the order for a maneuver which would eventually become known as the 'Picard Maneuver'. But the ship was too badly damaged following the victory and Darren, along with the rest of the crew abandoned her. Leaving her adrift in space. Watching through the shuttlecraft window as she grew distant.

Following the abandonment of the Stargazer, Darren was order to report Starbase 417 for Branch Officer Training and Bridge Certification Training. After that it was on to the USS Vhal Shir, an Ambassador-class starship as their Chief Operations Officer. A decidedly new experience for Darren as it gave him his first taste of the center seat. On a mission to evacuate a human colony from a planet that was no longer suitable for life, Captain MacGregor and his First Officer beamed down to the surface, leaving Darren in charge until they returned. It was a short stint, but over the course of the course of his ten year tour on the Vhal Shir he would be in that seat countless more times, eventually earning a promotion to Lieutenant Commander for his dedication to duty. Shortly after he was promoted, he received a secured subspace communiqué from Admiral S'varrin, one of the most respected Vulcans in Starfleet Command. The message was Darren's invitation to Command School, which he immediately accepted.

He poured his heart and soul into the training, taking meticulous notes in class and running battle scenarios in the simulator after classes and on weekends, and even taking the line training course. When the time came for them to take the traditional Kobiyashi Maru test, Darren lasted closest to the longest. Having opted to enter the Neutral Zone to rescue the ship, he managed to take out half a dozen enemy vessels before his ship was destroyed. Upon graduation, he ranked at the top of his class and awarded the Starfleet Commendation Medal for his performance in the Kobayashi Maru simulation. (exceeding his father's ranking of 80%) Afterwards, he returned to the Val Shir to finish his tour there.

In 2364, Darren received a transfer to the USS Phoenix along with a promotion to Commander. He was transferred from the Operations department into the Command department and assigned as the Phoenix's First Officer. It was this stage of his career where he would distinguish himself above his fellow First Officers. During the Dominion War, the Phoenix was pulled to the frontline of several hot zones, sustained multiple rounds of damage and injuring their commanding officer at one point. Darren assumed command and managed to salvage the Phoenix despite his own injuries. For his actions, he was awarded the Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross, and Nebula Star. After the war, the Phoenix spent almost a year in drydock being refitted. Darren stayed with her through her refit, and remain her First Officer for two more years. Until Starfleet Command pulled out the big chair for him.

In the spring of 2377, Darren was promoted to Captain, becoming the second youngest officer in Starfleet history to make Captain. He was assigned to the Akira-class starship, the USS Archer. Darren soon became known among the crew as an outstanding captain, and also a more sociable one at that. He wasn't afraid to social with his crew, but he also knew when to buckle down. Among those he interacted with was an Andorian CONN Officer named Taila Birev. In his three year time on the Archer, Darren initiated first contact with over 15 alien races, served as arbitrator in several planetary disputes on behalf of the Federation, and discovered countless new spatial phenomenon.

When the USS Redemption completed her trial run, Starfleet started to consider the candidates for it's future Captain. Naturally there were only a handful that made it past the checks. Among them, one of Darren's former CO's, Captain Picard. But Picard was reluctant to leave the Enterprise but did put in a sparkling recommendation for his former CONN Officer and fellow Captain. As such, Darren's record came to the top of the stack and after heavy discussion, he was chosen for the job. Given notification, the Archer returned to Utopia Planitia where, in addition to a formal welcome, Darren was notified that he would be receiving the Legion of Merit for his service in Starfleet to date. All that was left was for him to review the personnel files of those assigned to the ship and await their arrival.

Personality Profile

Lt. Cmdr Triel /USS Agamemmnon/ Initiall Profile - My initial impression of Lieutenant Smythe was an officer who felt very strongly in the founding principles of Starfleet and a dedication to his duties. He seems very goal-oriented and highly motivated to succeed. Amongst all that I do detect a bit of recklessness. In reviewing logs of his time with Academy Flight Team Bravo, it does become more clear that he tends to push the envelope when the situation calls for it. It is my opinion that Lieutenant Smythe might one day prove himself a valuable asset to the crew of the Agamemmnon.

30328.8=Cmdr O'Reilly /USS Stargazer/ Initial Profile - Mandatory assignment profile. I pulled Lieutenant Smythe's service record upon his posting to the Stargazer. After reviewing it, he reported as ordered for his appointment. Lieutenant Smythe struck me as being a model officer (save for the one small incident on his record). He was on time and very professional. His uniform was always on correct and never out of place. His attitude is always professional when on-duty, and when he's off-duty he does still maintain a bit of that professionalism. On a personal level, he seems to be getting along with the crew quite well for just being posted. I think Lieutenant Smythe will make a fine addition to the Stargazer crew.

Starfleet Information

Stardate Type Station Position Description
22580.8 ENROLLMENT Starfleet Academy Cadet Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
23580.8 ASSIGNMENT SFA: Delta Squadron Cadet Pilot Joined Academy Delta Squadron
24580.8 ASSIGNMENT SFA: Red Squad Cadet Pilot Assigned Academy Red Squad (prestigious)
25452.1 AWARD SFA Cadet Awarded Starfleet Pilot's Cross for saving the life of a fellow teammate through excellent piloting skills and avoiding disaster.
25580.8 ASSIGNMENT SFA: Red Squad Team Captain Appointed Captain of Red Squad
26452.1 GRADUATION SFA Cadet Graduated Starfleet Academy
26452.2 COMMISSION NONE NONE Commissoned Ensign
26479.5 ASSIGNMENT USS Grazier NCC-4491 / Miranda class Helm Officer Assigned USS Grazier as Helm Officer
27747.9 PROMOTION USS Grazier NCC-4991 / Miranda class Lieutenant Junior Grade Promotion to Lieutenant JG
28470.5 ASSIGNMENT USS Agamemmnon NCC-29041 / Miranda class Helm Officer Assigned USS Agamemmmnon as Helm Officer
28871.2 REPRIMAND USS Agamemmnon NCC-29041 / Miranda class Helm Officer Disabling of holodeck safety protocols
30328.7 PROMOTION USS Agamemmnon NCC-29041 / Miranda class Helm Officer Promotion to Lieutenant
30328.8 ASSIGNMENT USS Stargazer NCC-2893 / Constellation class Chief CONN Officer Assigned USS Stargazer as Chief CONN Officer
32591.8 DETACHMENT USS Stargazer NCc-2893 / Constellation class Chief CONN Officer USS Stargazer destroyed at Battle of Maxia
32745.2 TRAINING Starbase 417 Trainee Branch Officer Training
32871.2 TRAINING Starbase 417 Trainee Bridge Officer Certification
32876.7 ASSIGNMENT USS Vhal Shir NCC-91543 / Nova class Chief Operations Officer Assigned USS Vhal Shir as Chief Operations Officer
35328.8 PROMOTION USS Vhal Shir NCC-91543 / Nova class Chief Operations Officer Promotion to Lieutenant Commander
35413.7 TRAINING Starfleet Command Starfleet Command School Accepted invitation to Stafleet Command School
35704.1 AWARD Starfleet Command Starfleet Command School Starfleet Commendation Medal for performance in Kobayashi Maru simulation
41328.8 ASSIGNMENT USS Phoenix NCC-75418 / Ambassador class Executive Officer Assigned USS Phoenix as Executive Officer
41328.9 PROMOTION USS Phoenix NCC-75418 / Ambassador class Executive Officer Promotion to Commander
52871.2 AWARD USS Phoenix NCC-75418 / Ambassador class Executive Officer Dominion Conflict Service awarded for service during the Dominion Conflict
52871.3 AWARD USS Phoenix NCC-75418 / Ambassador class Executive Officer Purple Heart awarded for injuries received during Dominion Conflict
52871.4 AWARD USS Phoenix NCC-75418 / Ambassador class Executive Officer Distinguished Service Cross awarded for gallantry and dedication in battle during the Dominion Conflict
52871.5 AWARD USS Phoenix NCC-75418 / Ambassador class Executive Officer Nebula Star awarded for courage under fire and heroism during the Dominion Conflict
54213.7 ASSIGNMENT USS Archer NCC-44278 / Akira class Commanding Officer Assigned USS Archer as Commanding Officer
54213.8 PROMOTION USS Archer NCC-44278 / Akira class Commanding Officer Promotion to Captain
57326.1 AWARD USS Archer NCC-44278 / Akira class Commanding Officer Legion of Merit awarded for more than 20 years of meritorious service to the Federation and Starfleet
57328.8 ASSIGNMENT USS Redemption NCC-80135 / Redemption class Commanding Officer Assigned USS Redemption as Commanding Officer

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