Amanda Reed
Portrayed By Raelee Hill
Rank Lieutenant
Position Ship's Counselor
Station USS Redemption
Sex Female
Species Human
Age 27
Place of Birth Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Earth
Date of Birth April 16, 2353
Height 5'7" (1.7 meters)
Weight 140 lbs. (63.5 kg)
Family Forrest Reed (father), Joanna Fields-Reed (mother)
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Lt. Amanda Reed is a Starfleet officer assigned to the position of ship's counselor aboard the starship USS Redemption.

Character History:

Amanda Jacqueline Reed was born April 16, 2353, in Brisbane, Australia. Her mother, Dr. Joanna Fields-Reed, was a renowned child psychiatrist and her father, Forrest Reed, was a professional Parisses Squares player.

Amanda experienced a relatively normal childhood and adolescence, her interests split between her mother's line of work and the martial arts, which her father studied for conditioning purposes. Amanda took her martial arts training a step further and began competing in mixed martial arts tournaments at the age of fourteen. While she came in second in her first tournament due to an arm fracture in the final bout, she returned and captured the next two annual championships in her weight division.

Amanda began looking into Starfleet as a career shortly following her last tournament, and spent much of her senior year of high school interning at the New Zealand Penal Settlement, helping to counsel inmates.

Personality Profile

Cadet Reed is a bright, open-minded, and friendly young woman who has a promising future as a Starfleet counselor. I have some concern about her interest and participation in combat sports, but I believe that article the Academy newsfeed provided a bit of embarrassment sufficient enough to dissuade her from further participation, at least on the competitive level. Cadet Reed commented that she hoped that this "Deadliest Counselor" reputation is something that doesn't precede her further into her career. Despite that, I believe Cadet Reed is a level-headed and well-balanced individual who should serve with distinction as a counselor.
[Assessment by Lt. Commander Shezeri Kalas, Starfleet Academy staff counselor, stardate 52366.9.]

Starfleet Information

Amanda entered Starfleet Academy in 2371 as a medical student with a focus on psychology. Her Academy training was fairly uneventful until her second year, when her Academy roommate discovered a recording of one of her MMA tournament fights and urged her to compete in the Academy's martial arts tournament. Amanda indeed entered and competed to a decisive championship victory, defeating even fourth-year Security cadets.

She opted to end her participation in martial arts competition after an article on her in the Academy newsfeed branded her "Starfleet's Deadliest Counselor," a reputation she strived from then on to shrug off up until her 2375 graduation.

Amanda spent her cadet cruise aboard the Nova-class USS Hawking, a research vessel assigned to a year-long survey of the Arachnid Nebula. Throughout that year, she counseled many of the crew due to the isolation and tedium of the assignment in light of the Dominion War erupting throughout most of the Alpha Quadrant at the time. Her workload lightened once the war ended, and her cruise ended in 2376 with her transfer to the Akira-class USS Thunderchild as a junior counselor and a promotion in rank to lieutenant (junior grade).

Amanda found herself with a bittersweet moment of advancement when her supervisor was gravely injured during a 2377 attack on the Thunderchild. Though her supervisor survived, the injury resulted in a miscarriage of her unborn child, leading her into a deep depression and her eventual resignation from Starfleet. As the Thunderchild was on deep-space duty at the time which made a personnel transfer difficult, the ship's captain field-promoted Amanda to her supervisor's position.

Amanda's tour on the Thunderchild took a chilling turn in 2379 when, while the ship was in orbit of the Federation colony Essex Prime, she was asked to aid local authorities in the investigation of a series of murders of young men. Her findings led to the discovery of the wife of a high-level advisor to the Federation Council, who was arrested and imprisoned at the Tantalus Colony. The killer's husband, still in disbelief, convinced high-level Federation associates to seal the investigation's records and put a gag order on the officers involved, including Amanda.

Less than a year since the investigation, Amanda accepted an offered promotion and transfer to the USS Redemption in 2380.


Stardate 30287.7: Born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Stardate 45854.7: Competed in the 2368 All-Australia Mixed Martial Arts Tournament in the female featherweight division. Lost in the finals due to doctor stoppage (forearm fracture).

Stardate 46852.2: Won the female featherweight championship in the 2369 All-Australia Mixed Martial Arts Tournament.

Stardate 47860.5: Won the female featherweight championship in the 2370 All-Australia Mixed Martial Arts Tournament.

Stardate 47967.1: Began internship at New Zealand Penal Settlement.

Stardate 48580.8: Enrolled in Starfleet Academy in the medical track, focusing on psychology.

Stardate 49912.3: Won the championship at the 2373 Academy Martial Arts Tournament.

Stardate 49914.1: Became the focus of an Academy newsfeed article labeling her as "Starfleet's Deadliest Counselor.

Stardate 52452.1: Graduated Starfleet Academy as part of the class of 2375.

Stardate 52479.5: Assigned to the USS Hawking (NCC-71437) as a counselor for her cadet cruise.

Stardate 53452.2: Transferred to a counseling position to the USS Thunderchild (NCC-63549) with accompanying promotion to the rank of lieutenant (junior grade).

Stardate 56178.4 (ETA CLEARANCE REQUIRED): Asked to aid in investigation of serial murders on Essex Prime. Culprit revealed to be wife of a high-level advisor to the Federation Council. Investigation records sealed at order of Starfleet Command.

Stardate 57337.1: Transferred to a counseling position to the USS Redemption (NCC-80135) with accompanying promotion to the rank of lieutenant.

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