Lieutenant JG Mia
Mia Sara Essa
Rank Lieutenant JG
Position Security Officer
Station USS Redemption
Sex Female
Species Bajoran
Age 32
Place of Birth Jalanda City, Bajor
Date of Birth March 13th, 2348
Height 5'9"
Weight 127 lbs.
Family Roana Ren (Mother) Solis Essa (Father)
Significant Other(s) None
Time in Service 14 years
First Appearance N/A
Last Appearance N/A

Lieutenant JG is one of the Security officers aboard the USS Redemption.


Mia is a young female Bajoran who stands five feet, nine inches tall and has an athletic build. She has thick red hair, shoulder length, which frames her angular face. She has a lean and athletic build. Her eyes are a light blue color that look stare out with a hint of sadness in them. Above her eyes are two thin eyebrows. She has a short and narrow nose which has a series of five horizontal creases across the bridge of her nose, and a mouth that is well shaped, which can look very mean or extremely generous, but always looks sensual and seems to always be turned up into a slight smirk. An ample pair of breasts rests on her chest. She wears an earring on her right ear that is common among the Bajoran people.

She wears a Starfleet duty uniform. The jacket is black, with long sleeves and a zippered front. It sports a gray yoke and covers most of a Starburst Gold turtleneck shirt. Near the cuffs of the sleeves is a thin Starburst Gold stripe. Attached to the right side of the turtleneck's collar are o*. A Starfleet compin rests on the left breast of the jacket, just under the yoke. The elasticized waist meets a pair of black slacks that fall straight and well-pressed to a pair of well-shined black boots.

Character History

My name is Mia Sara Essa and I was born March 13th, 2348 in Jalanda City on the planet of Bajor. The only child of Roana Ren and Solis Essa. My parents were hard working and cared for me greatly. They taught me much of the culture and religion of our people as well as the time before the Cardassian Occupation. When I had learned of the Occupation, I had then decided that I wanted to join the Bajoran Military Academy. I had told my parents of this and they were very disappointed. They had wanted me to become a Prylar of the Prophet. They felt that I could do more good by serving the Prophet instead of becoming a soldier. That was not the life that I wanted, my parents did not feel that it was proper for their daughter to live such a life. So, I left my home and boarded a transport vessel to Earth at the disapproval of my family. I didn't care. I had my sights on my dream.

I joined Starfleet Academy and began my studies. When I joined, I had no idea what I wanted to do while I was in service. I spent many of my first years trying to figure out what my Majors would be. My parents had finally come to accept the fact that I had joined Starfleet during my second year at the Academy. They realized that in my service in Starfleet that I was serving the Prophets in my own way. By the time my third year rolled around, I had to pick my majors and I still had no idea what I wanted to do. I finally decided to major in Conn, Counseling, Operations and Security. While I was learning my majors, I had come to like the Security and Counseling side of things. So, when it was time for me to report for my cadet cruise aboard the USS Thermopylae, NCC-74703, I had decided on Security.

I served aboard the Thermopylae for little over a year as a member of the security team. There, I learned the ropes of serving aboard a Starfleet vessel and practicing the duties that I had trained for in the Academy. After my time aboard the Thermopylae, I was transferred to the USS Vanguard, NCC-82217 where I served as Security Officer. Not long into my service aboard the Vanguard, the Dominion War broke out and we were at war. We helped support various combat operations all over the Alpha Quadrant, but nothing scared me more than the battle we engaged in near Betazed. We were taking heavy fire and our ship was damaged very badly.

As we took fire, the console I was working at exploded and I was thrown across the room. I don't remember what happened after that, but I had awakened a day later in Sickbay. I had sustained shrapnel damage, burns and a broken leg. I tried to return to my duties as soon as I awoke as the battle was still being waged, but the Doctor ordered me to rest.

At the end of the War, I was given the Dominion Conflict Service Medal and assigned to the USS Journey, NCC-74365. My service aboard the Journey was nowhere nearly as eventful as my time aboard the Vanguard, but I had managed to be promoted to Lieutenant JG. I made some great friends there and I became close with our ship's Counselor, Layadorma Cinyd. I served aboard the Journey until 2380 when I was assigned to one of the newest ships in the fleet, the USS Redemption, NCC-80135.

Personality Profile

Cadet Mia seems to be of sound body and mind, though she does feel shame for joining Starfleet against her parents wishes. She wishes to continue with the Academy and looks forward to her Starfleet career.
[Lt. Nicole Thomas, Starfleet Academy]

Ensign Mia seems to be excited about her first deployment out of the Academy. She shows an eagerness to learn and to participate with those in her field. I feel she is destined for a brilliant career in Starfleet. Cleared for duty.
[Lt. William Frost, USS Thermopylae]

Ensign Mia seems to have a social insecurities when it comes to the new crew. She has requested sessions to help her with these insecurities. Cleared for duty with counseling sessions.

Addendum: Ensign Mia's progress is moving swiftly. She is already showing signs of improvement, but our sessions have been placed on hold due to our orders to support combat in the Dominion War.
[Lt Cmdr. James L'Anse, USS Vanguard]

The mandatory psychological evaluation of Ensign Mia due to service in the Dominion War. Ensign Mia shows no signs of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) or psychological illnesses from the injuries that she had sustained in battle near Betazed. Ensign Mia does not seem to have changed much psychologically due to the War. Cleared for duty.
[Lt Cmdr. James L'Anse, USS Vanguard]

Ensign Mia is of sound mind and body. She seems to be confident in her abilities as far as her assignment is concerned. Her prior guilt of joining Starfleet has been removed from herself and has come to accept her position within the fleet. Her previously stated insecurities have seem to have diminished, but the eagerness still remains. She shows no sign of Post Traumatic Stress from her duties during the Dominion War. Cleared for duty.
[Lt. Layadorma Cinyd, USS Journey]

Starfleet Information

Service Record

Stardate Entry
43375.3 ENROLLED in Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
47726.0 GRADUATED Starfleet Academy
47726.1 COMMISSIONED Ensign
47731.5 ASSIGNED to USS Thermopylae, NCC-74703 - Security Officer, Cadet Cruise
48709.6 ASSIGNED to USS Vanguard, NCC-82217 - Security Officer
52953.4 AWARD: Dominion Conflict Service Medal
55821.9 ASSIGNED to USS Journey, NCC-74365 - Security Officer
56197.3 AWARD: Starfleet Commendation Medal
56517.8 PROMOTION: Lieutenant JG
57797.3 ASSIGNED to USS Redemption, NCC-80135 - Security Officer

Medical Record

Stardate Entry Surgeon/Nurse
51852.1 Shrapnel wounds in left eye and upper torso sustained in battle at Betazed, second degree burns to face, right arm and hands, broken left leg. Dermal regenerator applied to facial and burn wounds, left leg set and regenerated. Lt. Brian Jansen, USS Vanguard


Ribbon Award Name Reason
StarFleet-Commed.jpg Starfleet Commendation Medal For outstanding dedication to duty and recognition of achievement by peers.
DomConflictServMedal.jpg Dominion Conflict Service For service to Starfleet and the Federation during the Dominion conflict.

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