Alethea Medes
Thea.jpgLTJG Alethea Ruth Medes
Portrayed By None
Rank Lieutenant JG
Position Structural & Environmental Engineer
Station USS Redemption
Sex Female
Species Human
Age 32
Place of Birth San Francisco
Date of Birth 11/01/2347
Height 5'0"
Weight 120 lbs.
Family Jacob Medes (father, deceased), Leah Medes (mother, deceased), Medes Nar, son
Significant Other Medes Kusto, spouse
First Appearance Fishes and Kids
Last Appearance

Character History:

Thea was born in San Francisco to Jacob and Leah Medes. When Leah and Jacob returned to active duty (as a Biosciences Officer and Core Systems Engineer, respectively) on the USS Yamaguchi, Thea remained behind in the care of Katherine Stewart, her maternal aunt. Aunt Kate was overwhelmed, taking the best care of Thea that she could, but she was not an experienced caregiver, especially for a child who is profoundly deaf from birth. It is dangerous to implant medical devices in a child so young, and so the problem was not medically addressed until her third birthday. Cochlear implants were suggested and eventually installed. Rather than put her back under the knife, it was decided to allow her to keep the implants until she is older and can decide whether or not to try to have the defect repaired.

She never had the defect repaired.

Married to Havaris Kusto (now Medes Kusto) during the Dominion War, she put her career on hold, transferring out of her beloved shuttlebay and over to Structural/Environmental when Kusto went to seminary on Bajor. Now it's his turn to step back and let her career take precedence again. He's always been the primary caregiver for their son, Nar, a fact that seems to suit both of them just fine. The odd little human and her matriarchy-raised husband seem pretty happy with the arrangement, though it does occasionally cause some confusion when talking to other humans.

Personality Profile

Dr. Mira, Station 419-Upsilon

The Ensign has a reputation for extreme honesty and dedication to her work; her loyalty to her friends and fellow officers is, as was put in one of her performance reviews, "developed to the point of hypertrophy." This bears out in her conversations with me: she feels that she was abandoned by her parents, and then later by her aunt when said aunt died during her Cadet Cruise. This makes loyalty a prime point for the Ensign, and honesty even more so. The Ensign is also extremely attracted to 'old' things, as evidenced by her attraction to old chronometers or clocks and tattooing. I questioned her at length about the tattooing process, and she has stated that she feels it is a cultural artifact which she is proud to carry forward just as the Andorians carry on with their sanctioned duels.

Memorable Quotes:

"Tact is just another way to say lying."

Trivia and Notes:

  • Due to a childhood spent learning to speak aloud, Thea speaks fluent Federation Sign Language.
  • Due to marrying a Bajoran, she also speaks fluent Bajoran.
  • She is known to 'turn off her ears' when tired, upset, or stressed.
  • Her honesty and loyalty are her two most 'famous' traits. Sometimes they're as much a curse as a blessing.
  • She is one of the few Human converts to the Bajoran religion of Prophet Worship.
  • She's got tattoos. Lots of them.
  • She shaves her head, and is not actually bald in the sense that her hair grows quite regularly.
  • Her original wedding ring was melted in an engineering accident.
  • Kusto is the only one who routinely calls her 'Alethea,' everyone else who calls her by her given name uses 'Thea.'

Starfleet Information

43580.8 FLEET SFA Cadet ENROLLED in Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth - Assigned to Gamma Engineering Squadron
47452.1 FLEET SFA Cadet GRADUATED Starfleet Academy
47452.2 FLEET SFA Ensign COMMISSIONED Ensign
47479.5 FLEET USS Habronnatus Shuttlecraft Engineer ASSIGNED USS Habronnatus, Cadet Cruise.
51413.7 FLEET Earth Defense Force Attack Wing Shuttlecraft Engineer ASSIGNED Earth Defense Force Attack Wing
51717.8 FLEET Station 419-Upsilon Shuttlecraft Engineer ASSIGNED Station 419-Upsilon
52230.4 FLEET Fimdari Shuttlecraft Engineer Stranded on Fimdari during pre-liberation mission.
52250.4 FLEET Fimdari Shuttlecraft Engineer Takes part in the Federation liberation of Fimdari.
52717.8 FLEET Station 419-U Shuttlecraft Engineer Administrative leave following Breen attacks on Earth, in which Medes' mother is killed.
52812.5 FLEET Occa Shuttlecraft Engineer Takes part in the Federation liberation of Occa.
53038.5 FLEET Station 419-U Shuttlecraft Engineer PROMOTED by Captain Balin to LTJG during regular review.
53690.4 FLEET Deep Space Nine Structural/Environmental Engineer TRANSFERRED to Deep Space Nine, transferred from Vehicle Maintenance Engineer to Structural/Environmental Engineer.
54038.4 FLEET Deep Space Nine Structural/Environmental Engineer For her efforts in procuring the information which led to the breakup of a child-smuggling ring, and in the raid itself, due to its reliance on her Engineering prowess, she is awarded the Engineering Achievement.
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