Medes Kusto
Kusto2Prylar Medes Kusto
Portrayed By Sean Bean
Rank LT of Starfleet (Ret.), Prylar
Position Teacher
Sex Male
Species Bajoran
Age 34
Place of Birth Shanlaya Dahkur, Bajor
Date of Birth 06 03 2347
Height 5'8"
Weight 160lbs.
Family Havaris Ko (Mother) Havaris Pol (Father, Deceased) Havaris Nara (Sister, Deceased) Havaris Jiasha (Sister) Medes Nar (Son)
Significant Other(s) LTJG Alethea Medes (Spouse)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Medes Kusto was born Havaris Kusto, in a remote village far in the agrarian valleys of Bajor's Dahkur Province. He was a boy soldier, a victim of his planet's brutal occupation by the Cardassian Union. His young life was spent in constant conflict, and when he left Bajor at the age of 18 for life in the Federation, it was as an exile. His service to the Federation throughout the Dominion war was checkered at times. Early in his career each step forward was hindered by personality conflicts or observed anti-social tendencies. Not until an actual mental collapse during the Liberation of Betazed did the truth make itself known. Kusto has been living with PTSD and anxiety disorders ever since.

He was able, through the aid of Starfleet counselors, to turn his life around in startling ways. He applied himself with dedication to his career and to his recovery. He won promotions, impressive billets, medals to pin to his chest, and eventually the invitation of Bajor to reopen the matter of his exile.

After nearly two decades of constant war, Havaris Kusto was welcomed home once again, and his greatest wish had finally come true: he had earned the right to put down his weapons and take up the robes and mantle of the Bajoran clergy. He could raise a family, devote himself to peaceful ways, and live each day a little better than he had the last.

There are some who have known him that will say Kusto will never quite rid himself of the rifle, nor forget the skills taught to him during his time in Starfleet Intelligence— that he will become little more than an agent of the Vedek Assembly. A soldier in a new uniform fighting entirely new wars in new ways. The question then becomes: how deeply did his redemption reach?

Prophets only know.

Character History:

Personality Profile

Kusto is a complex individual. He's polite, duty minded, loyal, competent, and humble. His demeanor is one of quiet confidence, edged with a certain humility likely born of his experiences during the Occupation. He's a believer in the Prophets. He battles with the demons of his past in many ways, not only with the very real mental issues he is forced to deal with as a result of his PTSD and anxiety disorders, but due to the facts of his past actions; the things he's done, the prices he's paid for having done them. Since his marriage, he's become unfailingly family oriented. His devotion to his wife is evident, and it seems he's determined to build a new life for himself with her in ways he couldn't with his career alone. I wish him the best in his new endeavors.
-Dr. Gellan, Chief Counselor s419u

Trivia and Notes:

  • Kusto means 'He who Follows' in Ancient Bajoran.
  • Havaris means 'Worker of Cloth' in Ancient Bajoran.
  • Kusto's family were, historically, members of the Shirshin D'Jarra, a caste that dealt with weaving and sewing fabric.
  • Kusto's nickname amongst his war buddies is 'The Fox', a name coined by his now wife LTJG Medes.
  • Kusto's old rifle, bereft of its focus crystal and power pack, now hangs in his quarters as an ornament.
  • Kusto's an adept tailor. He takes requests, and has hand sewn many of his wife's off duty garments.
  • Kusto is a stickler for Bajoran manners. Given names are a no-no in polite conversation, and hospitality is king.
  • The only exception to this rule are the children he teaches, whom he insists call him Mr. Kusto.
  • Kusto tends the meditation chamber aboard the Redemption. Despite his clerical order, he maintains a non-denominational quiet space for seekers of all faiths and races.

Starfleet Information

Stardate Type Station Position Description
46580.8 Academy SFA Earth Accepted to SFA as part of an amnesty arrangement.
49465.8 Academy SFA Earth Serves his cadet cruise aboard a repair and refit vessel servicing subspace relays in the Federation Core as a Signals Intelligence Officer.
50452.1 Academy SFA Earth Graduates from SFA. Is commissioned as a Command Ensign of Starfleet Intelligence.
50886.2 General USS Antietam Bajor Sector Transferred to Norway Class USS Antietam patrolling the Cardassian border.
51265.2 General USS Antietem Bajor Sector Promoted to LTJG, retains billet as Tactical Intelligence Officer.
51300.2 General S419u Dulcais Sector Transferred to Station 419 Upsilon in preparation for the battle to reclaim Betazed. Assumes post as Sector Intelligence Officer.
51450.0 General S419u Dulcais Sector Takes part in the spearhead operation to liberate Betazed. Exceeds the Starfleet rules of engagement in executing Jem'hadar prisoners. Is gravely wounded during the assault. Is relieved from duty for a period of six months as a result of his actions on Betazed and is remanded to mandatory counseling.
51560.1 General S419u Dulcais Sector LTJG Havaris is awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received on Betazed.
51950.0 General S419u Dulcais Sector Returns to administrative duty after mandatory medical leave.
52212.0 General S419u Dulcais Sector Returns to full duty. Resumes role as Sector Intelligence Officer.
52250.4 General USS Thomas Paine Dulcais Sector Takes part in the Federation liberation of Fimdari. Serves with distinction.
52250.6 General S419u Dulcais Sector LTJG Havaris is awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.
52650.2 General S419u Dulcais Sector Marries Alethea Medes. Takes the name Havaris Medes Kusto as a professional distinction.
52812.5 General S419u Dulcais Sector Takes part in the Federation liberation of Occa.
52980.8 General S419u Dulcais Sector Promoted to full Lieutenant. Treaty of Bajor signed.
53050.1 General S419u Dulcais Sector LT Havaris is awarded the Dominion Conflict Ribbon for service during conflict of same name.
53101.8 General S419u Dulcais Sector Assumes post as Strategic Operations Officer of s419u.
53600.2 General S419u Dulcais Sector Citing the birth of his son, LT Havaris tenders his resignation from Starfleet. His name is officially changed to Medes Kusto. His resignation is accepted and he is honorably discharged from service to the Federation effective this stardate.

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