Ray Jyden
Portrayed By N/A
Rank Lieutenant
Position Chief Security Officer
Station U.S.S. Redemption (NCC-80135)
Sex Male
Species Human
Age 30
Place of Birth Santa Barbara, California, Earth
Date of Birth 12 April 2350
Height 5' 11"
Weight 180 lbs.
Family Kalie Jyden (Sister), Ensign Victoria Vandermeer (Sister), Dirk Vandermeer (Brother), Patricia Vandermeer (Mother), George Jyden (Father)
Significant Other(s) None
First Appearance Regulations (Stardate 57350.7)
Last Appearance Presently Active

Lieutenant Ray Jyden is the Chief Security Officer of the U.S.S. Redemption. A Dominion War veteran and law enforcement specialist, Jyden considers his role as peace officer supierour to his role as the ship's chief tactical officer. He is no-nonsense when it comes to breaks in essential discipline or human rights, and doesn't take well to things like drunken brawls, con games, or piracy.

Character History

Birth and Adolescence

Ray Verner Jyden was born in Santa Barbara, California, Earth, on April 12th, 2350 as Ray Jyden-Vandermeer to George Gabriel Jyden, an urban planner, and Patricia Devon Vandermeer, an electronics engineer. He was the second eldest of four siblings, including one brother, Dirk Joseph Jyden-Vandermeer two years his junior, and two sisters, Kalie Helen Jyden-Vandermeer, two years his senior, and Victoria Harper, five years his junior. His family life was normal, though with two busy parents, the siblings tended to take care of themselves more then in other families. This degree of autonomy developed into all found siblings having, at least in adolescence, a tendency to be proactive, take initiative, and get into a little trouble now and again. Over the course of raising them, George and Patricia went from frustrated to nearly resigned over the cadre's somewhat well-developed ability to organize as a group, cover for one another when they got caught, and concoct elaborate schemes, usually against bullies or those who wronged other members of the family. By the time Victoria had gotten through the last of secondary school, the administrators and instructors at Dos Pueblos High School were well familiar with the family. Ray himself was about as much a part of these plots as the rest of the family, though tended to be something of a moral compass, keeping the group from doing anything particularly malicious, immoral, significantly illegal or damaging. Not that the group tended towards that, but without his input, things could have gotten out of hand at times. However, Ray was also the greatest proponent of mischief when it was to correct a perceived injustice. While the Jyden-Vandermeers were in school, bullies, antagonists, and cheaters learned to stay far, far away from them or their friends. Near the beginning of high school, Ray, after some great deliberation, shortened his name from Jyden-Vandermeer, to Jyden. This was after some discussion with his parents, and negotiations with his siblings. It was decided, that Ray and Kalie would shorten their name to Jyden, while Victoria and Dirk would use Vandermeer. The motivation to do this was simple: Jyden-Vandermeer was a mouthful, and as time went on, the siblings saw that, in a few years, they would be starting their own lives, and it would be preferable to have their own names. Because this was undertaken with an great degree of consideration and discussion with their parents, there was very little friction with the decision.

Teenage Years

Ray's childhood was interesting and full of intrigue and adolescent adventure, but he and his siblings avoided any real trouble that would have disqualified any of them for Starfeet service. He got mildly above-average marks in school, and went through several phases of thinking he knew what he wanted to do in life. He went from wanting to follow in his father's footsteps, to wanting to follow in his mother's footsteps, to finding that he didn't like math, engineering, or city planning all that much. He found himself jumping from thing to thing, even deciding he'd like to be a historian as late as his second year of secondary education. He first considered a career in Starfleet when it was proposed after the schools vocational testing battery. His ability to organize, take initiative, as well as his passion for justice and interest in seeing that there was a moral and ethical base for things that were done, led the school's counselor to recommend looking into Starfleet Academy. Examining that option, Ray found that the prospect of working for the greater good of the Federation in Starfleet, going off an meeting new people, exploring new places, and accomplishing great tasks through teamwork and perseverance appealed to him greatly. He put efforts toward getting into the Academy. With the help of his siblings, and friends, he managed to get into the Academy preparatory school, and from there, passed his entrance exams. He was in.

Cadet, Forth Class

The first few days in the academy were daunting. Going from a relatively simple and autonomous home life to a rigidly structured, high-pressure academic and para-military environment can be a bit jarring. Like many other cadets, he briefly considered dropping out. This passed with the initial acclamation, and two months into his first semester, he started getting used to the way things were done. Once he did, he started to excel in taking initiative. While his academic skills were average when compared with other cadets, and his leadership skills didn't merit him thinking of a Command major, he was often the first in his squadron to volunteer for the occasional extra assignments, and seemed to always be thinking up new solutions to problems, even after some had already been accepted. He had trouble choosing his major, in his second semester, not being able to decide between Science (he had been interested in military history), Operations (he was great at organization) or Security (he couldn't think of any reason he /shouldn't/ have worked security). He hadn't taken much thought to Security initially. It didn't seem to fit. That was, until he managed to break his arm and several ribs in a cargo handling accident. Several Cadet 2/Cs majoring in Operations had made a mistake working an anti-gravity lift, and the result had been a near disastrous mistake that nearly crushed his arm. He would make a quick and speedy recovery, but the investigation by Starfleet Security led him to what major he would chose. He would be able to use his skills in organizing and executing a plan in every department, but the Starfleet Security was the organization that kept things in check. Working as a security officer would allow him to make sure things remained moral. It would allow him to protect the weak, the innocent, the falsely accused, and uphold Starfleet standards and codes of conduct.

Academy Days

His education continued with his new major, which he fit into more and more as it went on. As time went on, he obtained leadership positions within his squadron, with increasing responsibility. Although he never quite made it to Squad Leader, his position as Squadron's Master-at-Arms gave him a chance to enforce regulations and maintain discipline within his squad. In doing so, he received a reputation for being strict, fair, and a tad mischievous when it came to rooting out violations or problems. While he kept within Starfleet rules regarding personal privacy and civil liberty, his fellow squadron members were forced to be more and more creative when it came to getting away with any minor violations. Jyden's use of informants, verbal traps, stings, counter-pranks and a no-nonsense dedication to his duty to the Squadron led to a faux-war of sorts, some fairly flamboyant and elaborate pranks being set up, and dismantled just as quickly by Jyden, most of them anyway. The most well known prank was set up by the Squad Leader, and involved removing the contents of Jyden's, the squad leader's, and assistant squad leader's quarters and placing it in the courtyard, and avoiding utilizing the transporters in the attempt. He had his own possessions placed in the courtyard to remove suspicion of his involvement. The prank required the combined manpower of most of the squadron, while Jyden was away for a weekend, visiting his family. Arriving back at the Academy, he couldn't help but laugh upon seeing it, and the challenge posted on his dresser, betting he couldn't figure out who did it. Striking out by checking the transporter logs, Jyden, enlisting the assistance of the assistant squad leader (an Andorian, fellow Security major, and one of Jyden's best friends in the Academy) in questioning some of the squadmates. They all kept quiet. The incident happened near the beginning of his last semester at the Academy (before his cadet cruise). While the assistant squad leader was willing to let it go as harmless fun, Jyden kept the incident in the back of his mind, and remained patient. At the end of the semester, someone finally let go who was responsible. Jyden's retaliation was swift. At the end of the semester, the week before shipping out, over the weekend, he and the assistant squad leader moved the contents of their quarters into the squad leaders quarters, waiting until he arrived, before feigning anger and surprise, and confronting him with suspicion. This attitude was short-lived, as the squad leader, while looking around his quarters, found the same note he had placed on Jyden's dressed affixed prominently to his LCARS terminal, with a note below from Jyden, saying simply, Never tempt Justice. It was all done in good-spirits, and at his graduation, his squadmates praised his presence in the unit and credited him with assisting in the development of the squadron's original thinking.

Cadet Cruise

He started his cadet cruise on the U.S.S. Cairo (NCC-42136), shortly before the outbreak of the Dominion War. He apprenticed on the ship's tactical systems during long patrols near the Romulan neutral zone, and completed his cadet cruise aboard, receiving his commission as an Ensign and being retained by the Cairo due to logistical restraints during time of war. Around this time that Jyden's younger sister, Victoria Vandermeer, was accepted into Starfleet Academy. Jyden was proud of his sister, but was unable to see her through orientation, sending his best wishes through a sub-space message. In 2374, the Cairo was destroyed and Jyden, along with some of the crew who were lucky enough to be nearby the escape pods, survived, and were picked up by the U.S.S. Cuchulain. He was aboard that ship briefly, before being passed to the U.S.S. Arbor Hill (NCC-59212) for medical treatment and debriefing before being reassigned to the U.S.S. Tolstoy (NCC-62095), a ship belonging to a smaller fleet composed of light, faster vessels, tasked with message and courier running.

The War

As the war progressed, and the tide turned against the allies, the fleet was tasked with breaking up into smaller task forces and conducting raids to disrupt Dominion support lines and structures, provide vessels to rescue stranded Starfleet or allied personnel before Dominion arrival. There was never a shortage of action, though hit-and-fade tactics used by the fleet tended to mean that there was a less shooting, and far more running involved. Conducting raids and capturing or disrupting vital supply lines, while never war winning, did tend to delay Dominion forces at key junctures, and the Tolstoy, with the rest of the fleet, focused more on buying time then winning battles. While frustrating for tactical crews, it was a necessity, and everyone aboard did their part. Showing initial aptitude for initiative and unit organization, Jyden was picked to join boarding teams on several occasions, where he displayed remarkable aptitude for tactical thinking and problem solving that went beyond simple tactics. During the last year of the war, Jyden was involved in a raid on a Dominion relay station, in which he was injured by a plasma mine. His wounds required more specialized care then that offered on the Tolstoy, and Jyden was moved back to the relative familiarity of the U.S.S. Arbor Hill. He was here when the attack on San Francisco occurred. Jyden, worried about his family, had to wait several days before getting word from any of them. None of them were seriously injured. In fact, many were assisting in the immediate aftermath, Victoria, a cadet at the Academy, was assisting in the relief efforts. His father was helping with keeping the city running during the emergency. His brother, Dirk, was away at the time, serving in the Federation's Diplomatic Corps. His mother and older sister, both engineers with communications experience, were assisting in the reconstruction efforts. In a rare sub-space conversation, Ray and Dirk commiserated briefly about not being there to help, before exchanging the standard words of pride at the other's work, and signing off. Everyone seemed busy. Everyone but him. At the earliest opportunity, Ray applied to be reassigned to the Tolstoy, and was shipped back to the ship with a shiny new Purple Heart, and a new black pip on his shoulder. The new Lieutenant J.G. He would serve there the remainder of the war. The Tolstoy was recognized for its perseverance and resilience as an irregular presence throughout the war, and was awarded the President's Medal, its crew being permitted to wear the ribbon associated with that award.

Advanced Training and Starbase 13

With the war over, things quieted down rather quickly on the Tolstoy. Jyden had time, during the unnatural-feeling lull, to apply for several days of leave on Earth to visit his family, as well as admission to Starfleet's Advanced Tactical School. He was surprised when he was told that Starfleet Command had approved both requests, though the letters of recommendation from both his Commanding Officer and Department Head helped quite a bit. After visiting with his family (and providing a few pointers to his sister, still in the Academy, and asking all sorts of pesky questions about a prank that occurred his senior year), he started the gruelling 12-week program, expanding his knowledge of personal, unit, and star ship combat, where, again, his skills and talents with problem-solving and organization paid off. He graduated 3rd in his class, and was awarded a Commendation Medal for his placing and superior performance in training. Surprisingly, Ray would find little use with this training, though it would help his advancement into branch officer positions later on. Upon graduation, he was assigned to Starbase 13, a facility positioned near a Federation aligned system that received heavy traffic in trading. It was a completely new experience. Used to the tactical, combat role of Starfleet Security, the switch from war-fighter with advanced training to law enforcement agent was somewhat jarring. Officers who were more experienced with life on a Starbase had to counsel him several times against being overly aggressive. It was a lesson that Jyden learned quickly, his adolescence and years at the academy playing pranks and laying traps coming back to him. While he was an above-average war-fighter, when turned towards investigation, Jyden simply excelled. As his skills developed, he was known for taking increasing amounts of initiative in halting criminal operations aboard the station. His performance did not go unnoticed. It happened in sickbay. He was being treated for a minor stab wound he received when with a federation task force assisting local police force on a nearby planet suffering from civil disorder. While order was restored, several security officers were injured, Jyden being one of them. The injury was quite minor, given the advanced medical techniques of Starfleet, but, it was serious enough that he'd gone to sickbay, where he was confronted by two men, identifying themselves as members of Starfleet Security, working with Starfleet Intelligence. They inquired as to if he'd wanted a… special assignment.

Operation Red Forest

Ray had shown special aptitude in setting up schemes and traps, and they needed his assistance in a counter-intelligence operation. Through careful analysis of data compiled by agents, they had come to the conclusion that there was an leak at a Starbase conducting top-secret research on new ship-designs. This leak, as it happened, was going straight to Romulan field agents. While Starfleet Security could pounce on the Romulan's receiving the information, such an act would lead to the leak itself going to ground, and activating somewhere else. Jyden, along with two other operatives were pulled off of duty, trained, and inserted under false names as new Operations crew aboard the facility, working with the top-secret research post. Jyden used the assumed name Paul Cole Alexander. The operation was titled Operation Red Forest. It took several months, but the leak was identified as a new Science Officer. Further research showed this Science Officer to be a Romulan spy. Jyden's team presented its findings to the Counter-Intelligence section of Starfleet Security, where they were passed on to Starfleet Intelligence. The matter was then dealt with under the cloak of spycraft and diplomacy. The incident was not released to the press, and an international incident was avoided, with the U.F.P. receiving substantial leverage in the closeted negotiations due to the information provided by Jyden and his group. A letter of commendation was added to Jyden's service jacket, though this letter was sealed due to the sensitive nature of its contents. No medals were awarded, though Jyden was given an overdue promotion to Lieutenant upon returning to his previous station.


Returning to Starbase 13, Jyden placed his new found intelligence skills to use, and things continued until he was contacted by Starfleet Security directly, two months later. His performance on the previous counter-intelligence mission, and his tactical expertise had led to his recruitment for another operation, this one in his backyard. A criminal syndicate run by an Orion named Rictile had been running a smuggling operation through Starbase 13's assigned space. Jyden was asked to go undercover, and add to the network of covert Starfleet Security agents already in place, and assist in the eventual dismantling of the criminal enterprise. He was provided the proper training, and, utilizing his knowledge of criminal operations, was able to deal with the autonomy of the position well, entering the organization under the name Marcus Wyatt Blake, on the good word of one of Security's inside men. Information was gathered, and the months ticked by. Things went well, until the boss of the operation got wind of Security's involvement, becoming paranoid and suspicious. The informant disclosed to Ray that he was worried for his life, and wanted to end the sting now, rather then continuing. Jyden insisted he continue, as Starfleet Security was just a few days from being able to bring him in on nearly ironclad charges. The informant was killed after syndicate enforcers found evidence he was working with Security. Jyden found out just in time, and was able to quickly organize another officer and set up a trap when the enforcers came for him, getting the drop on them, before contacting the agent in charge and having the rest of Security move in on the Syndicate's leaders. Ironically, the murder of the informant led to a strong racketeering charge. Jyden was officially reprimanded, however, for the death and failure to consider the safety of an important asset who had put his life on the line. It would likely effect any possibility of future promotion. Psychologically, the end of the operation was more then a little unsettling to Jyden, a present reminder of how easy it was to slip into a different psyche, and put a personal objective over the lives of others. The whole thing would give him a greater respect for Starfleet philosophy, and far less respect for anyone who would deign to break from it to accomplish some minor goal.

Finding his Stride

Upon having his appearance changed to its original form by Starfleet Medical, Ray was reassigned to Starbase 47, a station next to a lucrative shipping lane. The lieutenant was quick to redeem himself, volunteering to lead a team in an investigation and subsequent arrest of a group of independent ships that were committing piracy along the shipping lane. Glad to be out of the perilous, high pressure world of undercover, Jyden was none-the-less able to put the information he learned about criminal enterprises to use, locating and interrogating several fences, regulars to the station who arrived via a ship that was found to be illegally registered, which led him to an approximate hunting ground used by the pirates, near a small formation of ferrous asteroids, where a ship would often sit behind to hide from sensors or visual sweeps. Jyden and a small crew requisitioned from the station, waited aboard a slow cargo ship, seized from the fence and reregistered and painted. The crew feigned surrender when a pirate ship arrived, but quickly captured the freebooters when they transported in, runabouts revealing themselves and cornering the lightly armored pirate vessel. Using information garnered from the pirate crew, the rest of the ring was quickly shut down. His efficient and quick action in removing a pirate ring from a rather wealthy trading route earned him the Captain's Star, and enough good will that he was considered, and soon after promoted, to the recently vacant Assistant Chief Security Officer position. Requisite to the position, he was sent back to Earth for Branch Officer Training. After the six week course was complete, he returned to Starbase 47 to take his assigned role.

The Murder of Vedek Truzhi

The security chief had a leadership style that was more concerned with governing the vision and direction of the security department, leaving his deputy, Jyden, to be very hands on with law enforcement aboard the station. Ray received a reputation as a proactive leader and shrewd investigator. This reputation put him in a position for another assignment, though, this one was a little more high profile. A wealthy and influential Bajoran entrepreneur, aboard Starbase 47, was found in bed, deceased. An autopsy conducted by Starfleet Medical determined that the cause of death was a rare designer toxin. No forensic evidence was found, and there were no computer entries that could directly identify his murderer. Jyden was assigned with the task, told to relieve himself from all other duties until the case was solved (or deemed unsolvable). Such a man as that being murdered on a Federation Starbase wasn't good for public relations. Ray didn't have any forensic evidence, and the , going with what he had, the chemical make up of the poison. His previous experience with the Orion's criminal syndicate had given him some insight into the modes and methods of crime family assassinations, and this didn't fit that modus operandi at all. Doing some digging, Ray cross-referenced a list of individuals who were known economic rivals. After painstaking research, he found that a ship that had once belonged to one of them, before being sold twice, had docked on the station a mere day before Vedek Truzhi was killed. Jyden followed that lead, which led him to Deep Space 9, over Bajor. Working with that station's security team, he tracked down the owner of that ship, a female Bajoran named Kai Erto and, with the help of the station's security team, obtained a warrant to search her ship. Inside, he found evidence of a large sum of credits being transferred to Kai though the sender was not identified. Trace amounts of the designer toxin were found near a work bench in Kai's personal quarters. The toxin being rather rare, Ray confronted Erto and had her arrested on suspicion of the murder of Vedek Truzhi. After an interrogation, the nervous Kai confessed, but insisted that she had been paid a handsome sum to do the job. Politics as they are, Jyden held off on questioning the Bajoran national further until he could contact Starfleet's JAG Corps to work with the Bajoran government. Kai was removed to Bajor to stand trial, but her shuttle, crewed by Bajoran militia, mysteriously crashed upon reentry, with all hands being lost. The Bajoran government took control of the investigation, and Starfleet Security deemed the matter closed, since a confession had been procured.

Arrival on the Redemption

Returning to Starbase 47, Jyden was awarded the Starfleet Commendation Medal for his through investigation, but approached the Executive Officer in private to turn the award down, citing his belief that the case was not truly closed. A commendation was entered into his record in lieu of the award. Things continued normally until Ray was tapped to crew the U.S.S. Redemption, as its Assistant Chief Security Officer. Prior to his arrival, the original Chief Security Officer selectee was reassigned to an important post at Starfleet Command. After some deliberation, Command designated Lieutenant Ray Jyden as his replacement.

Personality Profile

Lieutenant Jyden seems to be both mentally and emotionally sound, with no major or notable defects in his character or psychological make-up. His demeanor, outwardly, is professional, and his answers to my questions have generally ended up being curt and to the point. Interviews with his shipmates correlate with this, indicating that, while not humorless, he takes himself very seriously, and doesn't tolerate foolish actions. Experience seems to have bolstered his self-confidence as well. Professionally, he has socialized to his chosen occupation predictably, having a slightly authoritarian working style, and, from the interviews I've conducted, tends to be more suspicious then trusting when approaching unknown persons, though his faith in Starfleet and its values allows him to interact well with crew. I've noticed that his stalwart exterior breaks visibly when planning, or recalling schemes or plots he's placed into action in the past, becoming very animated and joyfully explaining stories of tricks and guile. I see nothing that would preclude him from a posting as Chief Security Officer aboard a Starship, and believe that he would make an excellent candidate for such a position.

Lt. Commander William Conner,
Station's Counselor, Starbase 47

Starfleet Information

Stardate Type Station Position Record Entry
45580.5 ENROLLMENT Starfleet Academy Cadet Forth Class Enrolled in Starfleet Academy, Security Track.
45690.4 ASSIGNMENT SFA: Delta Squadron Cadet Forth Class Joined the Academy's Delta Squadron.
46605.5 ASSIGNMENT SFA: Delta Squadron Master-at-Arms Appointed as Master-at-Arms of Delta Squadron.
49452.1 GRADUATION Starfleet Academy Cadet First Class Graduated from Starfleet Academy, class of 2372.
49452.2 COMMISSION Starfleet Officer Commissioned Ensign.
49479.5 ASSIGNMENT USS Cairo (NCC-42136) Security Officer Assigned USS Cairo, NCC-42136, Oberth-Class, Security Officer, Cadet Cruise.
50452.2 PROMOTION USS Cairo (NCC-42136) Security Officer Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.
50479.5 ASSIGNMENT USS Cairo (NCC-42136) Tactical Officer Assigned USS Cairo, NCC-42136, Oberth-Class, Tactical Officer.
51706.8 DETACHMENT USS Cuchulain (NCC-51123) Rescued Detached from USS Cairo after destruction, USS Cuchulain (NCC-51123) nearby to assist survivors.
51715.1 ASSIGNMENT USS Tolstoy (NCC-62095-A) Tactical Officer Assigned to USS Tolstoy, NCC-62095-A, Tactical Officer.
51975.3 SEPERATION USS Arbor Hill (NCC-59212) Wounded Separated from the U.S.S. Tolstoy (NCC-62095) due to wounds received during a raid on an orbital relay station, and moved to the U.S.S. Arbor Hill (NCC-59212) for treatment and rehabilitation.
51975.4 AWARD USS Arbor Hill (NCC-59212) Wounded Awarded Purple Heart for wounds suffered during the raid of an Dominion held orbital relay.
52964.4 AWARD USS Tolstoy (NCC-62095-A) Tactical Officer Awarded Dominion Conflict Service Medal for active participation in the Dominion War.
52964.5 AWARD USS Tolstoy (NCC-62095-A) Tactical Officer President's Medal awarded to the U.S.S. Tolstoy (NCC-62095-A) for exemplary service during the Dominion War.
53002.7 TRAINING Starfleet Academy Student Assigned Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training Program.
53235.6 AWARD Starfleet Academy Student Awarded Starfleet Commendation Medal for superior performance in Advanced Tactical Training Program.
53241.1 ASSIGNMENT Starbase 13 Security Officer Assigned to Starbase 13, Security Officer.
53380.8 REASSIGNMENT Starfleet Intelligence Operative Reassigned Starfleet Intelligence, Operation Red Forest.
53657.5 COMMENDATION Starfleet Intelligence Operative Commendation entered into record in recognition of extraordinary performance of duties while on special assignment. Details of commendation classified.
53668.5 PROMOTION Starfleet Intelligence Operative Promoted to Lieutenant.
53668.6 REASSIGNMENT Starbase 13 Security Officer Reassigned Starbase 13, Security Officer.
55912.3 REPRIMAND Starbase 13 Security Officer Reprimand entered into record for recklessness and conduct unbecoming a Starfleet Officer. Details of reprimand are classified.
55917.8 ASSIGNMENT Starbase 47 Security Officer Assigned to Starbase 47, Security Officer.
56052.1 AWARD Starbase 47 Security Officer Awarded Starfleet Captain's Star for outstanding performance and display of initiative in the capture of several pirate vessels.
56109.6 TRAINING Starbase 47 Student Assigned to Starbase 47, Branch Officer Training School.
56219.2 TRAINING Starbase 47 Student Graduated Branch Officer Training School.
56219.3 ASSIGNMENT Starbase 47 Assistant Chief Security Officer Assigned to Starbase 47, Assistant Chief Security Officer.
56863.0 COMMENDATION Starbase 47 Assistant Chief Security Officer Refused Starfleet Commendation Medal that was to be awarded due to exceptional performance in investigating the murder of Vedek Truzhi. Commendation entered into record in lieu of award.
57342.5 ASSIGNMENT USS Redemption (NCC-80135) Chief Security Officer Assigned to USS Redemption, NCC-80135, Chief Security Officer.

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Trivia and Notes

  • The middle names of Ray's sisters were taken from another game where another Jyden was played.
  • Ray's aliases were names drawn randomly from the Box 13 episode "Insurance Fraud".
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