Elisabetta Hunter
Portrayed By Chloe Agnew
Rank Lt. Commander
Position Department Head, Chief of Diplomatic Officers
Station USS Redemption
Sex Female
Species Human
Age 30
Place of Birth Earth
Date of Birth 2/23/2352
Height 5'4
Weight N/A
Family Daughter: Bethany Anne Hunter
Significant Other(s)
First Appearance
Last Appearance

Elisabetta Hunter is the Chief of the Diplomatic Branch, mother of five-year old Bethany Anne Hunter, and single woman with a tough personality and a serene, soprano voice, with a penchant for sharing for normally-hidden musical talent.

Character History:

Born to a set of Starfleet parents, Elisabetta Hunter, it seemed, was destined to go into space. Her father, Medical Officer Jonathan Hunter, and her mother, Communications Engineer Racheal Gray-Hunter, were delighted to have a daughter, and even more delighted to see that she took after them so rarely. Although her mother delighted in having her daughter with them, she knew it was time to retire and that's what she did, leaving Starfleet to raise her child. Elisabetta wasn't so pleased when a second child, this time, her brother, Matthew James. She did her best to ignore him in a diplomatic style to ont get yelled at, and it worked; she never had much to do with him, and he with her. It was along her first experiences in elementry school that Jonathan was sent out on another mission on the USS Clandestine; Elisabetta wasn't to see her father for ages afterwards, and he was always a surprise to the stolid young girl.

Along with a natural talent for agreeing to things, Elisabetta has a sweet voice, taking training on weekends on strengthening. Although she knew she never wanted to go into a musical type of background, she enjoyed it, and that's the reason she pressed on with it. Every time Rachael turned around, Elisabetta had gotten into something else, curious to see why it worked, or what it did. Finally in middle school, she was set into advanced programs to steady and strengthen her mind, which it did, indeed. Although intelligent, she was coined a little bit anti-social, a little bit shy; at least until she got onstage and performed to music, or just with words. She captivated herself with the power she had, and she knew it from day one of high school; and even though she would never use it, she decided to never give it up. Evidently strong-willed, although a bit reckless form the way she handled her cares with school - she was truely a force to be reckoned with.

At the graduation of High School, Elisabetta applies to go into the Starfleet Academy Preparation Program- SAPP. She delighted in the six weeks of preparation for the academy, and nto just with that, but with the testing to get in it as well. She forced herself to excel, forced herself to go the distance to prove that she can really do anything she puts her mind to. After the training at SAPP, she underwent the Starfleet Academy Entrance Examinations, with fingers crossed behind her back. She, luckily enough, passed all five of the academy entrance exams. Thus, began her trianing in the art of Starfleet.

At the beginning, she chose the Diplomatic branch of skill for herself, and settle din well enough with the Epsilon Squadron, her squadmates and fellow cadets. She was constantly proving herself to herself with the Academy training, and with the tests; if she didn't like what she had done, she went back, and did it again. And again. And again! At the end of her four years at the Starfleet Academy, she served her cadet cruise aboard the USS Excellen, as the Captain's Yeoman. She was enchanted with the positions, and was even more firmly entranced with Starfleet at large. She would do anything possible to be the best; as she did with the music trianing, she did now, with her beginning life as a Starfleet Officer. At her graduation from the Academy, she was commisioned to Ensign, then a short time later, assigned on her first mission to the USS Defiant, as a Diplomatic Aide.

As a Diplomatic Aide, Elisabetta got to sit back and watch; and when not activly doing anything, this is exactly what she liked the most. She sat there and watched through the Dominion War and Operation, through her life there, and shortly after some time served, received her promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade- still as a Diplomatic Aide. During her time on the Defiant, she struck up a relationship with Engineer's Mate Jonathan Gradinik, also out of her class. The short romance turned into marriage, then, when she turned up pregnant, divorce as the one though of brave and sweet man turned cowardly and ran from his duties. This didn't matter to Elisabetta though; pregnancy was just a thing to work for, with an even greater prize at the end. She continued serving on the USS Defiant throughout the beginning of the pregnancy and so forth; she even was on baord during the First Battle of Chin'toka. However, as her pregnancy progressed, she requested a transfer, out of the mroe war-strewn areas; she was transferred to the USS Explorer shortly before the USS Defiant met it's end in late 2375. At this point, she still was seemingly proving herself. With the reassigment to the Explorer, also as a Diplomatic Aide, it brough the birth of her only child, Bethany Anne Hunter. She was charmed by this bundle of joy, and some of that seeming recklessness faded as she taught the child everything she knew. Eventually, she served more time, and received an advancement to Lieutenant after the birth.

With the promotion to Lieutenant, Elisabetta just knew it was more time before something more headed her way. However, after three years of seemingly ordinary work on the Explorer, she received the Award of the Federation order of Distinction shortly after her twenty-ninth birthday. With this surprise came another year of service to her birthday; then, with that, came the latest advancement/promotion: to Lieutenant commander. Although at that point she had expressed a wish to get involved with the Redemption project, she had another few months to see it through; in May of that year, she received her orders and headed off to the USS Redemption, with Bethany, as the Chief Diplomatic Officer. Now she waits to see what this next part of her life will bring her.

Personality Profile

Lieutenant Micheal Benson - Starfleet Academy

As a beginning cadet at the Starfleet Academy, Cadet Hunter seems to be a bright, reserved, but well-spoken student. She seems to hide some talent in order to attain her goals, and seems very motivated to succeed almost no matter what the cost; what I suspect is recklessness. She has a hidden talent, it seems, for performing; although shy, when put on the spot, she seems to do truely well when put under pressure. I expect to see a lot from this cadet, and I feel that she'll be exactly what Starfleet is going to need, eventually.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Andrew Lossen - USS Explorer

As I reviewed Lieutenant Hunter's past service records and psych evaluations, it occurs to me that she still retains that bit of recklessness and hidden talent, although through her years so far on the Explorer she has grown more and more into what Starfleet really needs from a Diplomatic Officer. She is neat, and follows her duties exactly; she has a charming personality and is able to get along well with her crewmates. It is a pleasure to serve with her, and I see that she will go on and do some more great things.

Starfleet Information

Stardate Type Station Position Description
45665.8 Enrollment Starfleet Academy As Cadet Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
49326.0 Graduation Starfleet Academy Cadet Graduated from Stafleet Academy
49328.8 Cadet Cruise USS Excellen Cadet Served Cadet Cruise aboard the USS Excellen
49832.9 Commision N/A Ensign Commision to Ensign
49912.3 Assignment USS Defiant Ensign Assigned to USS Defiant as Diplomatic Aide
50832.9 Promotion USS Defiant Liuetenant, Junior Grade Promotion to Lt. Junior Grade
51276.7 General USS Defiant Lt. JG Announcement of pregnancy
52191.8 Assignement USS Explorer Lt. JG Assignment to USS Explorer as Diplomatic Aide
52969.9 General USS Explorer Lt. JG Birth to Daughter, Bethany Anne Hunter
53191.8 Promotion USS Explorer Lieutenant
56358.9 Award USS Explorer Lieuttenant Awarded the Federation Order of Distinction
57156.2 Promotion USS Explorer Lieutenant Commander Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
57372.6 Assignment USS Redemption Lt. Commander Assigned to USS Redemption as Chief Diplomatic Officer

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Trivia and Notes:

Character Actress is Chloe Agnew. Yes, she sounds exactly/looks like her. Don't ask. Thus:

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Isn't Bethany sooo cute? Dakota Fanning as Bethany:

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